Renekton Build Guide

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Renekton: Rage to Victory

written by Kaycube

Renekton Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello and welcome to my Renekton guide. Before you read anything on this page, please make sure anyone who is home is not gonna hate you for screaming at your screen like the unreal tournament kid. This is my first guide, and i am not a fucking HotshotGG or whatever, so please do not expect too much. Let me know if you think i should add something. And now, go ahead and dive into the world of RAGE!

  • Abilities

    Reign of Anger
    Your RAGE ability
    this is not only the ability to use the fury system, but will actually increase your total fury gain by 50% when under 40% HP. This means:
    Shitloads of Fury to spend to wreck havoc upon your enemies!

    Cull the Meek
    Words cannot express how much i love this skill. Its high damage AND high range will often catch enemies unprepared. When harrasing and farming, keep in mind that its healing is capped and the healing depends on the damage dealt. This is also very good for taking kills from your allies if they don't deserve them ;) . Its Range increases when your ultimate, Dominus, is active.
    While this Skill shines most early and midgame, do not expect too much healing before lvl 4. I choose to max this first due to its massive damage and sustain.

    Empowering this skill with fury is almost always a good idea.

    Ruthless Predator
    Trying to help teammates? Let your enemies taste a FRIGGIN BLADE TO THEIR FACE! I have no idea how you could stun someone by slashing them, but in League of Legends it seems to work. Good for us! When harrasing in the early game, this skill will be needed for good damage. If you are picking a fight with someone, activate it right after a basic attack to do 3/4 Attacks in one!!
    This skill also triggers on-hit effects, meaning that The Black Cleaver can completly fuck your enemies Armor. It also has a very good AD scaling.

    Empower this skill with fury when you need a longer stun and/or if you are leveling it up 2nd or 1st priority

    Slice and Dice
    Aww this skill tastes like Ownage. Getting ganked? Slice and Dice through a minion or even the ganker himself to get as much distance as you would by flashing! Not being able to farm properly? Give this skill some points and show these minions who is tha BAUWS!
    This also needs Practice, though. If you are NOT sure if you can make a dash through terrain, DON'T TRY!
    Improving this Skill with Fury adds some damage and shreds the targets armor. In the early game, do NOT empower it! The little bonus damage is NOT worth 50 Fury!

    Press R to enter Beast Mode. Many people underestimate the AoE magical damage, and the bonus health plus Fury allows you to use your skill the OWNAGE way without worrying about wasting fury. When having CDR maxed out, people will wonder why your ultimate is up already, after you fucked them before. If you are getting towerdived use the bonus Fury to heal for more, stun longer and then slice and Dice out of the danger zone.
    IMPORTANT: This skill grants bonus Range on your abilities and basic attacks. It also has a short Channel time before granting its bonuses. DO NOT use Dominus the last second possible like fuckin tryndamere, you deal massive magic dmg while this is active. DO NOT use Dominus too early in a fight. When is too early? well play some renekton, then you might get some feeling for it ;)

  • Masteries + Runes

    this will be dmg;

    and this will be offtank, tank

    NOTE: The masteries builder on leaguecraft is broken, please enjoy those sexy links instead

  • Items

    Doran's Shield Ionian Boots of Lucidity The Brutalizer Frozen Mallet Sunfire Cape Atma's Impaler [item=force of Nature]
    This is my standart build

  • Skilling Order

    External Image

  • Summoner Abilities

    Exhaust/ Ignite

    i like this most, it will fuck anyone.

    Flash and Ghost are viable choices too

    What you better not take:

  • Skins

    This Section is actually very important. Skins can fuck the minds of your enemies, forcing them into submission

    The basic skin is ok, nothing to do here if you 1. dont have money 2. like it 3.  don't play renekton often

    Galactic Renekton is my favorite skin because the little spikes on his back are cool and he looks like a white alligator. Also his Eyes are Red, the colour of blood and Fury.

    Outback Renekton is actually pretty fucking nice, but i think the hat kinda makes him look like a pet. And do YOU, butcher of the sands, want to be a goddamn pet? i don't think so. The weapon looks cool too.

    Bloodfury Renekton: *sigh* his Weapon looks tiny and poor, his helmet his waaaay too big, and also the tounge looks dumb. If you want to play this guide, DO NOT buy this skin.

  • Laning

    -lvling Cull the Meek at lvl 1 is a very secure way to deal damage. Please notice, that without any spells used, it will take you 10 basic attacks to reach 50 fury.
    -lvling Ruthless Predator first gives you crazy burst upon reaching 50 fury.
    -You obviously shouldn't start with Slice and Dice. Its damage is waaay too low.
    -If your enemy tries to lasthit, let them feel your anger by using your spells on them.
    -Do not pick a direct 1v1 fight at lvl 1, you will lose.
    -If your enemy is not aggressive nor tries to lasthit, just chill and take that free farm.
    -DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES push the lane too early.
    -Upon being 5 kills ahead of your enemy, you can easily get a double kill if the enemy ganks you. Only try this when your ultimate and summoners are up, though.
    -When your mid calls for a gank, push the lane with Cull the Meek and then retreat though the bushes.

  • Creep Jungling


    Have i made myself clear?

  • Working in the team

    Dash trough their tank to their squishies, help your team by tanking and engaging, avoid open-field fights. Dominate high-cs dependant Champions (=nasus) Solo Top, and you will have helped your team more than you can imagine. The AoE magic dmg your ultimate does will also help in teamfights.

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