Volibear Build Guide

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VoliOPbear: oh, you thought you could 1v1 me? Silly summoner ^^!

written by Faladir

Volibear Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi, my name is Faladir,

    this is actually not my first guide, since I've already written a (pretty succesfull) Garenguide, here on Leaguecraft. (Look at the bottom of the intro for a link to my garen guide).
    The reason I'm writing this guide in the first place is, because I see very few people on LoL (use their brains and) build Volibear good, and it isn't even all that hard....
    And besides the fact he is OP when built and played correctly (but shhhh, don't tell anyone, otherwise they'll nerf him), he's also very fun to play with ^^.

    Sure I admit, I'm not saying I'm an expert with him (yet), but neither is anyone else, because he's new to all of us, but since I've won 11/13 games with him, I guess I have to be doing something right :P.

    (Garen guide: http://leaguecraft.com/strategies/guide/12463-oh-noes-new-patch-almost-killed-garen-o-then-lifesteal-back-to-fullhealth-updated.xhtml )

  • Patch Updates

    Ahri patch: Well that was actually a  pretty rough patch for Volibear, the nerfs are as followed:
    - Frenzy: 90/140/190/240/290 + 20% bonus HP  ---> 80/125/170/215/260 + 18% bonus HP (acceptable nerf, I'm just glad
      they didn't overnerf it, even now it does a fair amount of dmg, which is okay since his RT and MR, don't do that much
    - Warmog's: 100 less HP and 5 less hp/5sec: NOOOOOOOOOO, I hate this one most of all :(
    - Perseverance: mastery removed and replaced by a mastery, utterly useless to volibear

  • Abilities

    Chosen of the Storm
    WOW, I mean just WOW! (no, I don't mean World of Warcraft -.-) This is just an amazing passive, who needs sustainability in lane when you got this baby right here :P. But no seriously, healing 5% max HP each second for 6 seconds long, this practically makes sure that you can 1v1 anyone if you're passive is up, and it will make sure a lot of people will underestimate you when you're just above 30% hp (also great for surviving a turretdive ^^).

    NOTE: If the cooldown has reset while being below 30% health, it will not activate till you receive any form of damage

    Rolling Thunder
    Our carry chasing flinger, it's prety nice, since it also procs on turrets for a little extra damage, it also resets the auto attack timer and gives a stack on your , and it'll be the first step on our 'RAPE' combo :P.

    - flinging towerhuggers and runners back in your team
    - chasing those easy kills ^^
    - harrassing turrets
    NOTE: this range is smaller than Signed's fling and Signed's fling also flings the target further back
    NOTE: also be sure to fling your opponent towards
    NOTE: you will get no movement speed bonus when you're not running TOWARDS an opponent, so don't use it to run away from someone that chases you

    MOST... OP... ABILTY... EVER!
    Seriously Riot? A spell that does dmg the tankier you get? Well you don't hear me complaining :3
    This is Volibear his signature move and main dmg, it's kinda like garen's ult Demacian Justice, only stronger and a lower cooldown :P. It is very likely that this ability is gonna get nerfed on the next patch, but I just hope they won't overnerf it :(
    Now, about using this spell, this spell not only gives you extra AS, but also has a nuke you can activate once every 18 sec when having 3 Frenzystacks, the trick of winning a duel vs your opponent is harassing him with this spell, maybe do a few more hits on him if he runs, but then back away and wait till the CD is over, because, without this, you will get raped, since your Q and E don't do that much dmg :s.
    This spell is part of each Volibear spellcombo, which we'll come to later.
    Late game this will be a nuke that can do around 900-1500 dmg (without armor mitigation) and will thus be used to rape/finish of carries.

    - bringing down the carries fast
    - laneharassment
    - genrally finishing of low hp champs
    NOTE: the frenzy stacks reset if you don't attack before the timer runs out (about 4 sec)
    NOTE: Don't try to KS too much from the carry, only when there's an uncertainty if the target might survive, or when you're in teamfights
    NOTE: this skill is also great for 'I ult/passive when I'm low champs', champs like leblanc, tryndamere, mundo,....
    NOTE: the tooltip is wrong, it seems as if we can get more than 8% AS per stack, but this increases per level, 8/11/14/17/20, so 60% AS with 3 stacks on lvl 5
    NOTE: just to clarify: if your target has 50% hp, then the whole attack is 50% stronger, not just the bonus from your health
    NOTE: set this skill on smartcast! It'll save you a lot of harassment and it can net you an extra kill in a game!

    Majestic Roar
    Our AoE slow, it's okay, although the base damage of this skill really sucks, and the AP scaling is just sad. Use it to save your turret from harrassment, catch your enemies and slow anyone that's following you, also pretty handy for jungling with the fear.

    - slowing so we can catch someone (durrrrrrr)
    - slowing so people can't catch us
    - lasthitting a group of minions
    - saving turrets by fearing the gigantic minion wave
    NOTE: Fear does not work on dragon and baron (obv)
    NOTE: be cautious when popping this in a minion wave trying to harass the enemy champ, because, feared minions will attack the closest target after being feared, so if that happens to be you, that can give quite and advantage to your opponent
    NOTE: the range on this ability is okay, and is perfect to slow that udyr that wants to stun you :P
    NOTE!!!!: this is extremely usefull against champs like yorick, mordekaiser, shaco and leblanc, because this ability also fears clones (shaco, morde and leblanc) and thus revealing the fake one, and it is usefull againt champions that rely on their pets to do some dmg, like yorick (I suspect it'll also work on yorick his ult, but not sure yet),malzahar,...

    Thunder Claws
    This skill will make sure that if you don't get focused in teamfights, their team will be in for a shocking experience...literally, since this ult is not only good in a 1v1, it's even better in teamfights, and the cooldown is fairly low so it'll be up for practically every teamfight, it can even turn a gank into a double kill.

    - doing the epic teamdamage
    - killing low health (fleeing) champs by attacking a nearby champion or minion
    NOTE: those 12 seconds will be over before you realise it :P
    NOTE: can be used to harrass an enemy champion that's towerhugging, by attacking the minions between you two (just don't do it in turretrange ofc :P)


    Well, here's what can make a difference in you winning or losing, knowing how to use your skills together.
    AA = auto-attack
    RT = Rolling Thunder = Q
    Frenzy = Frenzy       = W
    MR = Majestic Roar   = E
    TC = Thunder Claws  = R

    1. the most basic combo, the RAPEcombo
    Q(chasing+fling), E (slow), (R(ult) + Surge,) 1-2 auto-attacks, W (the RAPE part ^^), return, if he has his skills up or some extra auto-attacks

    The great thing about this combo, is the fact that you don't necessarily need frenzy stacks to launch it, cuz you'll get them with your RT and those 2 auto-attacks. The reason why we slow after the fling and not before, is cuz we have a speedboost anyway and so they can't run away after they've been flinged and they'll have to walk (extra slowly) around you, which gives you 2 free auto-attacks and the chance to pop Frenzy (W) ^^
    NOTE: you can pop you slow before the fling if you can't catch your enemy otherwise
    NOTE: we always auto-attack 1-2 times before using Frenzy (W), because they'll have lower HP, and your Frenzy will thus do more dmg

    2. Bite-and-run combo
    Q(only chasing!), W (little rape), return

    When you see you have 3 Frenzystacks, you can use RT to run faster, but you don't fling them, just use your Frenzy when you're in range and then go back and wait for CD. You'll have done a nice bit of harrassment, while taking no damage your self (normally :P).

    3. Flash-Frenzy combo
    Flash, W(,E)  (surprising, right?)

    This is our turret dive combo, you know when champs are low HP (and thus also killable with your frenzy), they'll just towerhug and play safe, cuz they're afraid of your Frenzy (as they should be :P). Just push your minions to his turret (make sure you have almost a full wave with you), he'll expect you'll dive him immediately so he'll back off or he'll be ready to use flash or exhaust or w/e means to give you as many turrethits as possible. But instead of just chasing his ass while he's expecting it, attack his turret, till you have your 3 Frenzystacks. Then keep harassing till he comes in flash range and then use Flash-Frenzy (and MR if he has like 20 HP left) and he'll be dead before he can use any skill to disable you or to flee, since he'll expect you to come charging at him like a wild bear, but insted you'll be like *flash "knockknock - who's there? -SIRRAPESALOT, MWAHAHAHAHAH' * kill. see a nice and happy end ^^

  • Masteries + Runes


    So as you can see a 0 23 7 set.
    It used to be 0 9 21, but since the Ahri patch, they removed Perseverance which was so awesome with our passive en HP regen :(
    So now, we have a lil less utility, but it's okay since we added, some CDR, less dmg, extra armor and MR, while still keeping the the mana regen ^^
    junglers: drop the 3 points in Vigor and one in MR, so you can take the improved armor, the reduced dmg from minions and monsters while returning 6 dmg

    QUINTS: 3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude, This is THE ONLY viable option for Volibear, if you disagree, then GTFO! (or boobs)
    NOTE: why not Greater Quintessence of Endurance?, it'll give us around 35 Health less at level 1, and we will only surpass the flat HP quints till we have warmogs, which is normally at lvl 11-12, and it'll add but 130 extra Health, so I prefer the extra 35 health early game
    MARKS: 6x Greater Mark of Desolation, which will give us 10 armor pen, which will help our W and AA; 3x[rune=Greater Marks of Alacrity], which will give us 5.1% AS to help us reach 1.5 AS endgame and give us 29% AS with 3 frenzy stacks on level one, which makes last hitting minions a lot easier, and sure ,you can also go full armorpen ^^, but I'd advise against full AS
    SEALS: 9x Greater Seal of Resilience this will makes sure we can take a few hits in lane and makes sure we can put off buying armor till endgame (since we'll have around 95 armor on lvl 18)
    GLYPHS: 9x Greater Glyph of Shielding MR is more valuable endgame and we'll alrdy have some flat MR with the mercs we'll be buying

  • Summoner Abilities


    Well, even though I've seen a lot of Volibears use Heal, I myself am not a big fan, I prefer the Flash Surge combo. Why these two? well Flash is the best escape spell for volibear, since volibear has no real escape skill, and Flash is more effective to avoid those jungle ganks than Ghost, because ghost is useless anyway if the jungler has red buff and another slow/stun, and Surgewill give us endgame 1.5 AS without any AS items, and that can be devastating when we ult, also considering it'll make our ult do 20 extra dmg per hit endgame.

    if you really must, you can take as second spell Ghost/ Exhaust/ Ignite, but i'd still prefer Surge ^^


    Flash Smite, 'nuff said


    Flash Clairvoyance/ Surge (depends if you want the certainty of map awareness, or the endgame tankability/damage)

    Personally I don't see any better options, but hey, feel free to experiment for yourselves ^^.

  • Items

    SOLOTOP LANE (RECOMMENDED) (= also 3v3 items)

    Okay, here it is, the itemizing, which apparently is the hardest part about volibear, because I've seen a lot of crappy builds, and I really mean A LOT! I know it's tempting to build him as a tanky DPS with a shitload of AS to proc with his ult, but NO, BAD SUMMONER! A tank with ridiculous dmg > a tanky DPS anytime! AS only helps his ult, while being a tank, procs with his passive and his Frenzy, btw try staying alive for those 12 ult second, when they start focussing cuz you're DPS :P, so that's why Nuketank is the way to go!
    (btw AP Volibear would just be silly ^^, I mean look at that AP scaling, 0.6 and 0.3, hahahah)

    So generally we will be starting with a Doran's Shield, this will give us some lane sustainability (which we kinda lack) and some extra dammage on our , which will be doing 135+ dammage at level 1.

    Next up we'll try to stay in lane as long as possible, without endangering ourselves, be sure to atleast try to stay in lane till you have enough for Boots of Speed, a ward vs jungler and a few potions. If you've got enough to buy a Giant's Belt then please do so, because it'll give 80 extra dmg to Frenzy and als improve your passive, but don't forget a ward in that case, because you'll be extra slow and thus an easy for their jungler.
    You can buy a [item=Health Crystal] if you have to go back a lot and don't have enough for a Giant's Belt.

    If your opponent is giving you a hard time with slows or if you really need the mobility, you can finish your boots in to Mercury's Treads. If you've got a few kills alrdy, you can rush your Warmog's Armor which will make you a nuke tank, with a Frenzy that has 600+ dmg

    Here we have 2 options: both of them proc really well with Volibear, either you buy the Hextech Gunblade or you buy the much cheaper [item=Ionic Spark]
    Hextech Gunblade is obviously better, but then again it's 1.3k more expensive, so I'd suggest that if you're really fed and overlevelled you go with Hextech Gunblade, if the other team actually manages to kill you, then I suggest going for [item=Ionic Spark], after which you can spend that extra 1.3 k on the much needed armor/MR.

    This is our corebuild, after this most games tend to end really soon.

    Most games will have ended by now, but if the game does persist, start buying your Negatron Cloak and finish it into a [item=Force of Nature], with this you'll be able to catch everyone with the extra MS and your [spel_text=Rolling Thunder], your health regen will go through the roof and thus give you the power to take on focus of 5 guys and be like 'meh, is that all you got? My grandma does more dmg than that with her pimpslap and she's been dead for over 10 years! (w00t for zombiebears)'.

    In any case we'll need armor next, so we'll look at what champion they got, they got atleast 2 heavy autattackers like ashe and tryn and another AD jungler, then buy a simple Thornmail to shut them down. Are their champs more like champs that rely on skills with AD (garen,...) or AS with on-hit-effects (ww, vayne, kog, ...), then I suggest you go for a Frozen Heart to help your team with reducing all the enemies' AS, and I just LOOOOVE the 20% CD. This will bring the CD from Frenzy to 14.4 sec from 18 sec, which brings it to 12.6sec with a blue elixir, or 10.8sec if you got blue buff, making sure you can almost certainly use your nuke twice in a teamfight.
    NOTE: A Randuin's Omen would also fit here pretty well because of the nice active, but most of the time i tend to go with one of the other 2 items, but feel free to experiment with this one aswell ^^.

    Then we've come to that last item, which is kinda tricky, but it can also make your game that much more fun ^^.
    NOTE: I do suggest buying an item that has an extra slow like [item=Hextech Gunblade] or Rylai's Crystal Scepter

    Moar tankiness:

    1. Warmog's Armor: Hehehehe, having 5k health, 200 armor and MR, 37.15 health regen/sec AND a nuke that deals 800+ base damage what more do you want?

    2. Leviathan: You're alrdy a pain to kill and you're a tank that gets a lot of kills, so why not try this, whith 20 stacks, they'll all focus you cause of the stacks, which will make your team be able to rape them completely (only buy this if you're 15/2/10 or smth).

    3. Thornmail/ Frozen Heart/ Randuin's Omen: If their ADness does still hurt you and your teammates.

    4. Banshee's Veil: If their mages have a lot of disables or just do a lot of damage which prevent you from raping their carries or protecting your team.

    5. Guardian Angel: In theory this should work, but I'm afraid this will make them target you even less, and you are the tank afterall, but I guess they'll shit their pants when they see you coming back from the dead after they probably alrdy used everything to kill you in the first place :P (I repeat: W00t for Zombiebears!)

    6. [item=Soul Shroud]: Health and global CDR, I see no harm in this item ^^.

    7. Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Health and AP, seems legit, but I personally rarely get this item, unless i really need the slow to catch otherwise uncatchable ppl (which is rare in the first place :P).

    8. Quicksilver Sash: The most underrated item in all of (normal/low elo) LoL, but then again, this item is mostly only needed if you have a really good enemy team that knows how to work in team and know when to use their CC on who :P.

    More offensive items:

    1.[item=Hextech Gunblade]: I JUST LOVE THIS ITEM, I mean come on, extra damag AND insane tankiness? This item is definitely my favorite last item. The combination with your lifesteal and your ult and spellvamp will give you an insane tankabilty in teamfights, not to forget the heavy active slow, which allows you to catch and fling even the fastest champs back in to your team!
    Anyway, here's the math:
    15% lifesteal and 20% spellvamp, how much health would we regain by using our ult in a teamfight: considering we have 1.5 AS:
    - lifesteal: (113 AD + 40 bonus AD)*1.5*0.15 = 34,425 health/sec
    - spellvamp:(155 + (72 AP + 70 AP)* 0.3)*5(targets)*0.25/3(AoE spellvamp) = 82,333 health/sec
    which results in best case scenario 116,75 health/sec, and now we're not even adding the health regen (27.75 hp/sec)!

    2. Nashor's Tooth: Only consider this if you haven't bought Frozen Heart, because the main reason we'd buy this is the CDR, the AS and AP are just a nice bonus, in any still an item worth considering if you're not having any big trouble tanking (btw, this will also give a little bit of tankability, because it'll give more lifesteal and spellvamp and makes our skills insanely more spammable :P).
    NOTE: actually a pretty decent item since the sejuana-patch ^^

    3. Deathfire Grasp: Same condition as above, here's the bonus that we can buy an early [item=Lucky Kage's Pick] for the extra gold, has a pretty nice active and again, we love the CDR ^^ (I wonder if we used this and then RAPEcombo an Ashe, if we'd kill her, hmmm, interesting thought ^^).

    4. Wit's End: It's hard not to like this item, MR, AS, extra magic damage.

    5. [item=Tiamat]: I know it's a little bit crazy, but if they're all together in a pile, they'll just melt away when you ult.

    6. Youmuu's Ghostblade: just a great item, great extra chasing ability and 50% extra AS, 15% CDR is always nice, some crit chance doesn't hurt anyone (well except for your opponents :D) and the armor pen will skyrocket your W like baws, I mean bear :P


    Well it's pretty much the same, but instead we'll be beginning with a Vampiric Scepter instead of the Doran's Shield, after that, the build is pretty much the same as in the solotop version...

    SUPPORT (In case of emergencies)

    We'll be starting with our Boots of Speed, a red potion, and a ward against the jungler, try holding out till you have atleast 900g, (if necessary take 5-8 kills (certainly not more!) so you can buy yourself a [item=Heart of Gold]. After that buy a Philosopher's Stone, now you'll have enough gold to still buy your main items without farming everywhere, our Mercury's Treads are next and then we'll folow the solotop build with Warmog's Armor and Hextech Gunblade ^^.

  • Build example


    Fuck them Mages:
    we take FH not only for the CDR, but also against possible on-hit-effect auto-attackers, their 1 source of AD dmg and tanking turrets

    FoN for epic regen, MS and those pesky on-hit-effect auto-attackers or that mage that keeps nuking you to hell otherwise

    Oh, you thought you could damage me, how cute:
    5k Health, 200MR and 200 armor and a frenzy that does 900+ dmg every 14 seconds...

    Did someone order a rapetrain?:
    insane AS, 40%CD (with blue elixir), this will really hurt in teamfights, they'll have to focus or you'll keep making pentakills

    (Last but not least) TROLLIBEAR:
    7650 health, 150 armor, 100MR, 267 AD, and frenzy that does 1400+ dmg every 18 sec
    (Credits to my friend Larsupilami who came up with the name ^^)

  • Skilling Order

    Importance of skills: Thunder Claws > Frenzy > Majestic Roar > Rolling Thunder
    The first two are kinda obvious, but why MR > RT? Well, MR is our only ability that also has a defensive aspect, so we level it so we not only do more dmg with it, but also because it'll slow harder, which helps both offense as defense.


    RT at lvl 2 so we can do our Bite-and-run Combo.


    Obviously we take MR because of the AoE dmg, but most of all the fear, which can be a real lifesaver in the jungle.


    We won't be starting with our frenzy, because we need the fling to help the AD carry in case of emergencies, we'll take it at level 2 though so we can still do a nice bit of dmg ^^, but at lvl 3 we again go first with the slow instead of another frenzy, because we have to protect our carry at all costs so he can last hit and make the kills.

  • Pros / Cons

    An important part of learning how to play with a new champ is to know and understand it's strengths and weaknesses.

    - decent CC possibilities
    - insanely tanky with the right build and thanks your passive
    - has a strong carry-rape-nuke
    - nice dmg output in temfights
    - can 1v1 most champs, especially in lane
    - very strong midgame
    - good turretdiver

    - no real lane sustainability (especially when they ignite when your passive activates -.-)
    - very vulnerable for ganks, do to no real escapeability except for flash
    - needs decent farm to be successful
    - pretty vulnerable (low dmg output) for a while after using frenzy if ult is on CD
    - aggressive playstyle (makes it hard not to push, which can lead to a free kill if they have a good jungler)
    - not best champ in a 1v2 lane, especially if they sustainability
    - can ks a little bit too much
    - is likely to get overnerfed soon
    - no ranged ability (hextech compensates this)
    - vulnerable for percentage dmg (kog, vayne, madred)
    - pretty useless if he can't AA in teamfights

  • laning/jungle path

    Solotop 5v5:
    Volibear is a very good solotop champ due to his enormous burst on his frenzy. If you get solotop vs a champ without any decent sustainablity (ganplank, pantheon, ...), then it won't be hard to win the lane, the hard part however is not pushing too hard and thus being vulnerable to ganks from the jungler.
    Try to keep the minions in the center of the lane, giving you the opportunity to harass him bit by bit, till he's low health, then try to zone him a bit and keep him at Flash-Frenzy killable health. Now you've just got to wait till the jungler dies or ganks anywhere but top, preferably bot. When we know that the jungler can't come to save his buddy, it's time to push and go in for the kill, but not if it's to risky ofcourse, he has got to be an easy kill, either with Flash-Frenzy or a simple QEW.

    Having an opponent with a good sustain or a lot of kite/escape abilities (cho'gath, irelia, riven) is 10 times harder.
    You've got 2 options here: either you have your jungler help you to take the kill, or you set a trap: we know that we can kill a halfhealth champ with our RAPE-combo so that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna try to prevent the enemy from regaining their life. First we'll act as if they have lane dominance, this will result in them becoming cocky and if we're lucky cause them to push bit by bit while taking small bits of harassment, confident they can lifesteal/heal it whenever they want, but when your minions are standing under the turret or when they run out of mana, they won't be able to heal anymore while you wait for your cooldowns, plus they have the disadvantage of having to run quite bit if they want to get to the safety of their turret when we engage.
    This works most of the times, but even if this doesn't work, wait till you have your ult, I have yet to come across a champ that could beat me when we're around same health and I hace my passive ready: I ult, use surge and use frenzy to execute the basterd. Most summoners aren't used to Volibear's insande dps when surge ulting, so be sure to take advantage of that

    Bot 5v5:
    You have to find a balance between harrassing and taking focus while your carry does most damage, however you have 1 big advantage vs real supports: you've got an insane burst which, can allow you to burst their carry to death before their healer can spam his heals. Use this to your advantage!

    Top 3v3: You won't find an easier laning place, not having to worry about suprise ganks (well atleast not when you have teammates that can say 'ss'). Just rape their cocky top, and push like crazy, so you'll be 3-4 and your opponent 1-2 and halfhealth. Next just go in for the kill or atleast make him recall and thus lose exp.... Congratulations, you've just won toplane!

    Bot 3v3: Either burst an enemy to death, or just slowly harass them and zone them, it's rly not that hard if you've got a teammate with a brain (or a stun :P).

    We'll start with Blue (we need a good pull though) and use smite and then frenzy when the ancient golem has around 800hp left, after that we follow the classic jungle route, wolves, wraiths, lizard and golems, after that wait about 10 seconds, because your passive will have recharged by then. Next we go for another wraith camp and thus becoming lvl4, having double buff and 2/3 hp. Normally I then go gank mid, or top/bottom if the enemy is pushing really hard

  • Buddies and Baddies (in progress)

    Well since volibear is best on solotop we obviously have champions that are incredibly easy for us, and champs that are just a fucking nightmare in lane (oh grandma, why do you keep taunting me :( -> no w00t for zombiebears :( )

    Buddies (people we rape ^^ (if we use our brain)
    champs without sustain, we outdmg

    - Tryndamere: oh how tryndameres hate us, why? because of our frenzy burst ofc, tryndamere is a decent champ and will be harassable thanks to the nerfs to his heal, and tryndameres tend to think, 'hey I'm tryndamere and lvl 6, noone can stop me!' and that's where they're wrong, because tryndamere's will either use their ult too soon, or too late. Too soon means you can rape him on the next time or just try evading him till his ult is over. when he ults too late, well, then he's dead obviously. I tend to win every first duel with a tryndamere lvl 6, because they ALWAYS underestimate the dmg of our frenzy :3

    - Yorick: yorick's main dmg and sustain is from his ghoulls attacking you, but since you'll be fearing them, you'll be able to just chase him down and outharass his ass, yorick will also run out of mana much faster than you


    Baddies: (people that rape us (when they they atleast have something that even remotely resembles a brain)
    Volibear's weaknesses are champs with dashes, sustainchamps, silences and stuns

    - Riven: Q,Q,Q,stun, run back and dash away when you chase..., not much you can do against a riven,  especially becasue they tend to start with armor cloth and 5 pots, which builds into wriggles, which gives her an insane advantage in lane, because she'll have armor, a ward, lifesteal and AD, things we do not like :(

    - Renekton: dash, stun, cull of the meek, dash away..., you'll be losing the damage exchange with him, especially since he has everything we hate :s

    - Garen: silence, speedboost and slowremoving spin, no way we'll be getting away from this guy :(

    - Malphite: so...much...armor..., and especially if he's smart he'll avoid dmg till he's passive is back on, malph is a good counter vs burst champs like us

  • Working in the team

    Volibear is the tank, what does this mean? It means you TANK, which is perfect since you're also a great initiater, because you'll be rushing to their team and be flinging some unlucky sap right back into your team and be taking everything the enemy team throws at you, and be like 'Meh ^^'.
    It's also okay to just stay in the teamfight till you die, because with your passive, you'll be seemingly low health, while you're pretty much indestructible for 6 seconds :P, most of the times they'll be so frustrated you're so low hp, they'll focus you even more which will lead to your team being able to finish them off
    It's not that rare, that I sacrifice myself if it means my team gets 3 more kills that way :P

  • Farming

    Farming on Volibear is very important, especially when you've got your brand new Warmog's Armor, our main farming tools are just our auto attacks, because using our Frenzy to farm is just plain stupid, unless you're 200% sure you won't be needing it in the next 18 seconds and you really need that siege minion.
    Our ult isn't a farming tool either! Sure, if the enemy has ran away and you still have a few second left, feel free to farm a bit, but don't ever use this ult solely to farm a big minion wave, because this ult can make the difference between an ace for your team or an ace for the enemy team!
    Same goes for our RT.
    The only skill I'd use myself for easy farming is MR. At level 5 it does about half of the total health damage of melee minions, which turns them into easy 2 hit kills, and this is also the skill with the lowest cooldown.

  • Hall of Fame:

    Everyone that manages to get (a) good score(s) with this build, can make a screenshot and send me a link in a comment or a PM, and I'll then put it in here so everyone can behold your Awesomeness ^^
    I'll be uploading a few screenshots aswell ^^

  • Credits

    First of all I want to have a minute of silence for all the noobs that'll die by the claws of VoliOPbear

    Finally I want to thank my friends for helping me with testing my guide and giving me a few ideas:
    Thanks to Larsupilami, MrStormboy007, Upondegration, Mathroy and Noldaru ^^

    and ty MrStormboy007 again for the spellingcheck ^^, since I rather LoL than do some boring spellingcheck ^^

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