Volibear Build Guide

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I'm exercising my right to bear arms!

written by TheMonacleSpy

Volibear Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Are ready for some bear puns? Kung-fu bear flipping techniques? Never dying in a teamfight? Always going to the front-lines and shoving your girth in everyone's face?

    This is all the work of Volibear. He is no ordinary bear, he is a 7-ton mammoth sized polar bear clad in bear tank armor. Right now Volibear is suing PETA for their "no bears in armor" petition because **** PETA. They're so dumb they still think polar bears can climb trees. Polar bears don't climb trees they snap them in half with their mighty bear chops.

    Polar bears only know how to do two things: Kill and sleep, and Volibear will not rest until he has his dinner. A full serving of ass-whupping with the blood of his enemies as the sweet sweet gravy. Get ready to delve into the mind of the newest tanky initiator.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Take these runes. Trust me they ****ing work.
    Greater Mark of Desolation
    Greater Seal of Vitality
    Greater Glyph of Shielding
    Greater Quintessence of Resilience

    And take these materies too. I use them to play Rammus and they work so well with Volibear that I may as well say the two mastery trees are conjoint twins.

  • Summoner Abilities

    These: ,

    Cleanse and Ghost for that sweet initiation. If the enemy team has a Fizz or some other champion with a 3 second disable this will ensure your initiation is bear to the bone. Much like Singed, Volibear needs to prepare himself for the longest yard and chase the **** out of whoever he is going to pull into the team, so movement speed and CC reduction become a priority.

    If you're feeling professional take but don't try to show off because to us we'll all think you're compensating for poor impulse control.

    If you want to take Flash I won't blame you for it. Its great against a team of 5 nukers or 5 chasers who won't give up until you are dead. Otherwise you don't care because you already have so much tankiness that you can shrug off a lot of punishment all by your damn self. No butts.

  • Abilities

    Chosen of the Storm
    Such a nice passive. I often get complaints that this is OP. Reality check: its not OP if you can halve it with an ignite or some healing reduction. Though Riot will nerf it, its inevitable because its such a noob trap.

    Its like Mundo's ultimate and only activates when you take an unbearable amount of damage. However this passive has double the cooldown of Mundo's ult (120 > 60) plus it only heals 30% of your total health compared to Mundo's 40/55/70%

    Anyway, very nice passive for a tanky champion like Volibear. Bear this in mind and don't QQ please.

    Rolling Thunder
    Here's how this skill is used:

    1. You go into all wheel drive for 4 seconds so you move really fast when running at champions
    2. Pick the saddest, skinniest little champion on the enemy team and try to catch them in your bear paws
    3. Use cleanse if the enemy tries to stop your initiation.
    4. BEARFLIP!!!

    In many cases this works a whole lot better when you have a stunner or someone who can put an enemy in timeout for a while (Morgana and Fiddlesticks come to mind). Level it second.

    You want this skill, its everything a bear could ever want in his skill set. Hell, even Udyr is green with turtle rage envy. Did I mention the damage scales with 1/5 of your bonus health? Or that it increases in power for every 1% of health the enemy is missing?

    This makes it incredibly easy to hyper nuke whoever has the least health, rinse, and repeat 20 seconds later (12 if you have full CDR). Not to mention the amount of RAPE it can output on champions with low armor. That Caitlyn is going to be whimpering in the ER after you tear off her arms and use her skull as a dribble cup.

    You need to attack 3 times to get the stacks up first before using the monster nuke. This can get tricky at times but bear with me, you will have enough for every teamfight if you stick from one target to the next. You want to level this first.

    Majestic Roar
    It fears minions and monsters for 3 full seconds? I hate to say it but Volibear just became the safest jungler ever. Not that jungling is any better since the patch but I have my doubts. This skill comes last because its flat damage is the only attribute that changes and the AP ratio doesn't scale with anything we're buying. The amount of slow doesn't scale with level and the 3 second duration stays the same.

    Its average in the lane with the minion aggro drop but with 3 full seconds of fearing minions and that regen passive you may just be the perfect jungler Volibear. I may just have to give you an award for that. Sadly, just take one point in at level 4 and max it last.

    Thunder Claws
    I don't see the point of this ultimate. Its supposed to deal AoE damage for each auto-attack but Volibear has no need to auto-attack except to bring up the passive on frenzy. The damage is above average in terms of ultimates though so I'd take all 3 points up until level 16 just to be sure I'm actually contributing to my teammate's success.

  • Items

    To start you will need health, armor, and passive sustain. Doran's Shield gives you all of these. Your health at level 1 should be in the 700 range when you leave the spawn which is quite impressive.

    Wait til you get enough gold for a Ruby Crystal, Regrowth Pendant, and Boots of Speed. And if your lanemate is paranoid get that bitch a Sight Ward. Bitches love Sight Wards.

    If you feel like you're the one getting fed don't be afraid to exchange Ruby Crystal for a Leviathan. If you somehow get to full stacks build for CDR. If you do this not even jesus will be able to save their team.

    Boots of Mobility should be your priority boots. Volibear moves fast but you want to haul ass, trust me they work wonders in teamfights. If someone is out of position they will either waste a spell or get bearflipped and that is what you want as a tanky initiator.

    Warmog's Armor is the obvious choice for a starting item. Nothing works better to give you massive health for frenzy. Your second and third items should be focused on the defensive side. So far I've found [item=Force of Nature] and Sunfire Cape are the best options for Volibear. Thornmail is also good if you want to bear wrestle some melee carries. Frozen Heart is ideal if they have 3 or more auto-attack champions. Banshee's Veil if their Karthus rick-rolls every time you are at your last bar of health.

    After getting your two defensive items the game should either be over by now or still going. For this we remedy our offense. Atma's Impaler is amazing for the amount of damage you get out of a single item for being tanky. [item=Stark's Fervor] can be built if no one else has it to allow your team to stay in the fight longer and push harder. Whatever you do don't take Trinity Force. It may look really ****ing good on the outside but I have lost tons of games with this item. Get Frozen Mallet in its place. The more health and initiation helper, the better.

    And always remember: You build tanky early game, and then build to counter the enemy late game. Don't do it in reverse or you'll end up screwing yourself over.

  • Working in the team

    You are the tanky initiator, the fat guy on your team that sits in a corner and eats twinkies packed with armor/mr buffs. Your goal is to dive into the fight against unaware enemies, pick up the little pipsqueak that stole your honey, and throw them into that angry linch mob you call a team.

    All the time you will be getting attacked because you are too goddamn hard to kill. Players will realize this and attempt to gangbang you all at once, maybe even throw in an early gank or two from mid lane. You don't care once you get your full set of items as none of them have the power to finish you unless they get fed Madreds, Phantom x Infinity Edge, or +400 AP.

    You also have another goal which is to nuke the champion who makes the mistake of picking you as their target. Like any good initiator, this should be the carry or a wounded champion who hasn't picked up their guts off the floor. You will make it your mission to eat them up! Keep doing this and you should cause whoever your team is focusing to waste their summoner spells more often. You want to look intimidating in the eyes of the enemy team.

    Do all of the above and you will be a great Volibear. If not I feel sorry please call back and let me know if that attack speed Volibear build is successful or not. Or just don't call at all and delete my number.

  • My guide is complete

    So you've read my whole guide on Volibear. Gratz. Send me a comment and give an upvote to this guide. I will not be held accountable for noob rage. If something is wrong with my guide let me know first before you put your sticky fingers all over the dislike button.

    I'll continue to play games and updating as I go along. Whats that? Just look at the time! Get out there and try my guide out!

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