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Fizzing Fizzer, Fizzed on Fizz wich Fizzes Fish

written by Heliom

Fizz Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Nimble Fighter
    Finnaly u will not be nervouse cause of some creeps blocking your way

    Urchin Strike
    There are 2 options how u can use it. ( Offensive ) U just jump on your enemy when u chase him or u just on any mob wich is close to him if range on champ is too big and he is running or ( defensive) if your E is on cooldown u can jump back on some of enemy mobs ..... But turn on brain when using this ... if u are agains kassadin dont use Q before he teleport :)

    Seastone Trident
    Really cool alone but if u got sheen or lich bane its turbo cool :)

    Playful / Trickster
    Same as Urchin Strike u have to use this cleaver whit this u can easily run after harrasing undertower or yump trough walls, but if u use it offensively u have to be sure u have some place to run :)

    Chum the Waters
    Your best skill :)Dont forgot even if u miss and i target someone close to champ u wanted to hit, they will both get dmg..

  • Introduction

    Ciao, my nick name is Heliom. Am 21 years old guy from small country named Czech Republic.... I tryed to do my second Guide cause i think this Hero is best. So enjoy it and dont be angry for my bad english.

    PS. I love receiving your feedback but please dont start whit ,, omg such a lame guide " i am not making u use this build i just want to share it :)


    Okey so here is the main thing. All u have to do is just use your W then u jump whit Q on your enemy Attack once whit your Sheen or Lich Bane ( allready ) then u get fast away whit your E, Or if u allready got ultimate u just R him then W for bleeding and u jump him whit your Q again .. then using E for chase or Run. Nothink really hard or special.

  • Screens

  • Masteries


  • Runes

    3x       9x                 9x               9x                      OR                  9x      

  • Items

    1.  Doran's Ring - Like to start whit this cause of HP,MP REG and AP 
    2. First back take Boots of Speed 
    3.Second back Sheen it really makes u annoying
    4.  Blasting Wand
    5.  Lich Bane now u are allready OP

  • Skilling Order

  • Summoner Abilities

    Ignite  or  Teleport











  • Hybrid AP+AD - NOT TESTED


  • U have to hate !!!!

    Started as awesomly awesome game when i was on mid agains kassadin, after few mins i got 7/0/0 but my team really like to feed Bear on Bot ..... So in late game we lost on teamfights i was only one focusing theyr carry and my team full damaged bear wich was unkilable :P U really have to hate this bear guy

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