Shaco Build Guide

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[AP] Shaco: The Demon Jester.

written by Xeltic

Shaco Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This is my very first attempt at a guide, ever.I have used only my personal builds, masteries, etc, as I put at the end of this, if you think it's bad, let me know, but tell me why, and also how to make it better.  If you give me a reason to fix something, I most certainly will fix it!
    There will be an AD and Jungling part added later on, I will also improve the already published sections as soon as possible.Remember, this is my first try, it won't be perfect from the start.

    Please note, the actual in-game guides, are currently being written, and will be added in the second they are finished!

  • Abilities

    This a great passive, when you use his Q with this, it's truly an amazing thing. Even as AP Shaco, this extra little boost in damage will go a long way.
    20% bonus damage when you attack from behind.

    This is Shaco's best skill, not for damage, but simply for it's uses. It's a blink and temporary stealth, why run in to gank, when you can just magically appear behind your enemy?

    Getting ganked? You can pause for a moment to type "/all LOLNOPE" to your opponent, because you just jumped right over his head and he has no idea where you are.
    Blink with a 3.5 second stealth. You will leave stealth upon attacking or using a skill.

    Jack In The Box
    Early game, these are devastating, late game, it usually won't get you a kill, but it's fear, most definitely will.
    Use them as wards, if you're ganked the fear will give you time to either escape or kill your attacker, these boxes ruin ganks!
    A box is placed, a short delay and it will stealth. When an enemy walks in range it unstealths, fear them for a short time, and attacks with magic damage.

    Two-Shiv Poison
    "Kill Button"

    How about a magic trick? Let's make their health bar disappear!
    Passive: Your attacks slow enemies, and give minions a chance to miss.
    Active: You throw your dagger at the target, dealing quite a lot of damage.

    You can control this by using Alt+Right click. It has almost limitless uses due to this.
    Create a clone of Shaco that explodes upon death (or time limit), it has less health than the real Shaco, deals less damage as well. The damage when it dies however, can exceed 1000 rather easily.
    Clone lasts 18 seconds, and can be controlled by the player (Alt+Right click)

  • Masteries

    Please note that the icons are displaying the old masteries, to see the real ones hover your mouse over them, to view the tooltip, which has the correct information on it.

    In Utility:

    [mastery=Expanded Mind] x3
    Summoner's Insight x1
    Meditation x3
    Swiftness x1
    Runic Affinity x1

    In Offense: 

    Mental Force x4
    [mastery=Summoner's Wrath] x1
    Sorcery x4
    [mastery=Arcane Knowledge] x1
    Havoc x2
    [mastery=Blast] x4
    Archmage x4
    Executioner x1

  • Example build

    TL;DR Verion.
    Boots of Mobility Deathfire Grasp Lich Bane Rabadon's Deathcap Hextech Gunblade


    Starting off with a  Amplifying Tome, and a  Health Potion

    On your first back, if you have the gold, you'll want to pick up [item=Kage's Lucky Pick] and Boots of Speed, if you can only get one, make it the boots. 

    Next, you'll want to get [item=Kage's Lucky Pick] if you haven't already picked it up, followed by finishing your boots into Boots of Mobility

    Pick up a [item=Meki Pendant] and another Amplifying Tome, to build into Fiendish Codex

    Finish it all into the Deathfire Grasp

    Now you'll want to grab a Sheen, and build it into a Lich Bane

    From here, you can build whatever you need more of, some good choices would be:

    Rabadon's Deathcap Hextech Gunblade Rylai's Crystal Scepter, and  Zhonya's Hourglass

  • Summoner Spells

    Ignite and Flash
    I play Shaco as an AP Assassin, so I find Flash and Ignite to be the best choices on Shaco, Flash for it's gap closer, in combination with your Q, and Ignite to just really pile on the damage.
    Some other spells that work nicely on Shaco:
    Cleanse  Let's face it, Shaco is no tank, he drops quickly.  This just helps you drop all CC and Q out when you're in trouble.
    Exhaust  Great for when you're being chased, you can also use it to turn around any 1v1.

  • Skilling Order

    TL;DR Version:
    Then, R>W>E>Q


    Start with your Jack In The Box, you want to be stacking boxes in the bush at level 1.
    By level 2, you'll want to grab your Two-Shiv Poison unless you are already having trouble, in which case you'll want your Deceive now.
    Level 3, take either Two-Shiv Poison or Deceive, whichever you didn't take before.
    After this, rank your Hallucinate whenever you can, your Jack In The Box will be maxed first, then  Two-Shiv Poison, and last, you'll do your  Deceive.

  • Gameplay Tips and Random Information

    Your boxes can be used as wards, stick one in the river bush, you will have sight of this area, and if someone gets close, they are feared and take damage, giving you either the chance to escape, or kill him.

    Your Q will go over walls, you can use this to your advantage by either escaping over a wall, or jump in behind an enemy turret, and pick up a kill while they recall.

    You can control your clone by holding alt and right clicking, you can use your clone now, to lure people away, bait people, tank turret shots, tower dive, block skillshots, or just be the most annoying thing ever.

    Your E has a passive on it, each attack will slow the enemy, once you use the active, the passive is removed until the skill comes off cooldown, so don't always throw it right away.

    If being chased, instead of using your Q to make some distance, jump right over their head and go around, often they won't expect you to go behind them and will keep pushing forward for you, not realizing you just casually walked off another direction and got away.  You can make Rammus players rage at you for this, just jump him while he spins!

    If you're unsure if you can get a kill, place a box a bit behind the enemy just out of their site, then Q towards them and attack from the front, most of the time they will run back down the lane and onto that box, grabbing you that kill.

  • Update Log

    27/11/2011 - Published guide with basics.  Planned AD sections and jungle sections, and more detail all around.

  • Notes

    If you don't like something, feel free to comment about it.  This is my own personal build, mastery, spells, etc.  If you think it's bad, tell what's wrong with it, how it should be done, and then why.  I'll gladly change it up if you give me the reason to do so.

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