Wukong Build Guide

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Wukong: annoying monkey(tanky DPS+great initiation)

written by whattokingu

Wukong Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Stone Skin
    it is probably significant, but it is not like knowing it would allow you to make a better decision, so it doesn't affect gameplay much.

    Crushing Blow
    this has quite high damage early on and it's AD ratio is good. Use this after nimbus strike and an auto attack, to maximise damage output. It also has quite a short cooldown

    quite a good escape. I used this to juke successfully quite often. In the heat of a team fight, sometimes they will foolishly target your clone and spam their spells on it.

    Nimbus Strike
    your 'gap-closer' good chasing and damage output. good for farming as well.
    One thing to note: if you are chasing, use this and crushing blow immediately after. If you auto-attack after this, the opponent might get out of range of your crushing blow. If you got frozen mallet or trinity force, then it shouldnt be a problem.

    your initiation and your damage output. the AD ratio is INSANE and it comes with a knock up. Normally in team fight I would nimbus strike on their tanks(infront then activate cyclone and chase after their carries at the back. This forces their carries to back away and break their formation. Normally their team would disperse and we would focus down 1 by 1. Works quite well in the fights so far.

  • Introduction

    Wukong is a great champ. He got good chasing, good damage output, good escape and good CC. His value in teamfight is immense and can initiate well with his ulti. I have seen alot of other wukong build DPS for him, but frankly speaking, he is not a auto-attack champion like tryn or cait and since I use his ulti as initiation, I like to build him tanky. His build is flexible, and depends on your opponent. 

  • Masteries + Runes

    runes: flexible. I go for: flat AD marks    x9flat armor seal   x9flat magic resist x9flat health quints x3this gives me a little damage early game and quite a bit of survivability. Most importantly, all these runes are primary runes, so you are getting maximum bang for your buck. If you don know whats a primary rune, wiki it. I am not a pro player, so dont quote me for it. I feel runes are more useful early game than late, hence, all flats. 
    mastery: 21/9/0 this is for damage output. Remember he is AD, so go down the AD line.

  • Items

    start with  Regrowth Pendant+ Health Potion. This gives you amazing sustainability in lane. if your health gets low, just hug tower for 1-2 waves and you are back up. And you can build it into a warmog faster too. your next item. next:  Warmog's Armor Atma's Impaler. (warmog 1st)These 2 items are basically the core of most tanky DPS normally called the ATMOGs. They synergise well and enable you to increase your damage output and defense at the same time. Your choice of boots is quite flexible:  Boots of Swiftness if enemy is light cc(this is for chasing down champion running away.) Mercury's Treads if enemy has heavy CC. (i once faced, lux, morgana, riven and malphite in the same team)you can try other boots like  Ionian Boots of Lucidity or  Ionian Boots of Lucidity but I dont really use them. 

    Depends on how the game is going, if I am being fed in my lane, or my team has a slight advantage in terms of kills, I would get  Sword of the Occult between warmog and atma's. Before you diss me, let me explain. since wukong is so supposed to be tanky, he can survive quite a bit of damage and since he built a steamroller item, people will target him to make him lose his stacks. This frees up your carries to deal the damage. Also, his ulti would get him alot of assists, so the stacks would be quite high. Also, this item is quite cheap+ wukong can farm quite well, so it wouldn't hinder your item progression much. Anyway, that slot would be empty until much later in the game. Note:this is for normal game, where kills per team hover around 35-50+. Not sure about ranked. 
    After that, it depends on the opponent. But by this time, normally my attack damage would be higher than AD carry(tryn, cait, graves) with about 5-10 stacks on my sword. 
    If against magic resist: [item=Force of Nature]
    If against auto attack champ:  Thornmail
    If your team is winning teamfights, but you are dying(which means your sword of occult ruse works):  Guardian Angel
    normally, building about 150 armor and magic resist should be more than enough, any higher and increased defense would have diminished effect. The above items should get you there in terms of defense. So your last 1-2 items should focus on your damage output. I normally grab Trinity Force, because it basically benefits everything and because of its procs making me hit harder. Also your attack can slow them. If not a Frozen Mallet works fine as well.For the last item(game should end 5 minutes ago), a [item=Blood Thirster] or another  Warmog's Armor. You should be able to survive ANY 1 v 1 encounter(either by slaying them, or running and juking back to fountain).

  • Skilling Order

    I do not know how to add that box, with the skilling order thing. Maybe you can PM me to teach me. :)But basically its R>E>Q>W. Late game your Q will have higher damage than you E, but that's because the AD ratio of Q is better. Your E has a better scaling off level, so you are better off leveling E 1st then Q. E is mainly use for escape, thus 1 point in it at level 3 is enough. 

  • Summoner Abilities

    I normally just take flash and exhaust. I feel they have the most utility throughout the entire game. Flash for escape and exhaust to catch fleeing opponents, or 1 v 1 situation. 

  • gameplay

    early game:start top or bot
    I would normally start with  Regrowth Pendant+ Health Potion. try to get a lane with someone with early damage output or harass(like cait, teemo, master yi(full runes)). If opponent is a carry, your E+Q combo can take roughly 1/3 of their health each time you use. with auto attack it can come close to half, depending on their rune build and item. So it is very easy to 1st blood with exhaust and flash. Farm at least 1585 gold(for giant's belt and ruby crystal) then you are allowed to back. But normally farm more than that. Of course, if things dont go well, use your senses and back to heal. You would probably have mana issues every now and then. Dont worry about it, just conserve and it should last till your 1st blue pill. 
    If you got more, you can buy boots and some HP pots and wards. Be generous because you are actually a very good last hitter.
    mid-game:You can start jungling a bit to free up the lane so your partner can level up faster and wait for ganking opportunities at the same time. To gank, you start with nimbus strike, (auto-attack), then crushing blow and finally cyclone. If your ally has enough damage output or stun, then he is dead meat for sure. If you have your ATMOGs, then you can quite safely tower dive for another E+Q combo if he flashes away with that last drop of health. By now your mana problem should not surface much(maybe after team fights), however remember to keep at least half-3/4 bar of mana for team fights that could erupt any moment. 
    late game: if your team lacks a good initiation like amumu's or malphite's ulti. then you can initiate for the team. normally I just nimbus strike in, crushing blow, then cyclone and try to hit everyone. The carries would run away from you. try to catch them because you are actually quite painful to them. after your ulti end, clean up the mess, by chasing down carries who got away with last drip of blood or tanks that refuses to die. careful though, you probably have only 1/3 of less of your health left. If you got force of nature, then hang around, your health would come right back up. Remember you should always try to survive teamfights because you want to maintain stacks on your sword of occult. So dont chase if you left a drop of blood, even though you can kill. For all you know, someone else would swoop in to kill you. 
    Even without sword of occult, your damage output should be quite high already. As I mentioned, you are not an auto-attacking champion, so you should rely on your skills to deal majority of your damage. 

  • summary

    So, my build is focused on building wukong for teamfights, not 1 v 1 or backdooring. I feel the only con with this build might be his auto attack speed. If you dont feel comfortable with sword of occult. you can replace it with bloodthirster or another tank item like banshee's veil. I tend to play a bit more risky and so far achieved quite  a handsome payout. My kills+assists raito is normally 3-4 times my deaths on matches where they focus me down and sometimes if they dont focus me down, I can get 1 death and maybe 10+kills+20+ assists. That certainly keeps the stacks on sword of occult. 
    I really feel strongly about this build and I hope you find success in it too. 

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