Wukong Build Guide

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Thinking outside the box: Jungle Wukong

written by TeNS

Wukong Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello! This is my first attempt to write a guide. Wukong has been out for some time now, but I have yet to see someone jungling with him. Watching his skillset I thought "Hey, I should give it a go", so here it is, a Wukong Jungling guide. Hope you like it. Criticism is always well taken!

  • Abilities

    Stone Skin
    A great passive, not very useful for jungle creeps but will be very useful after you get your ganks going.

    Crushing Blow
    An amazing skill. Not only it provides a damage increase, but when used correctly also generates a decent burst. More on this later.

    A 1-point wonder. This will allow you to either initiate or escape with ease.

    Nimbus Strike
    Your jungling bread and butter. This will not only allow you to dish out decent damage but will also enhance your attack speed for the next 3 seconds.

    The damage from this ult is not optimal, but the utility it provides is just too good to pass up. Ganking with this up will most likely lead your enemies to a certain death. Not to mention it's amazing in teamfights. What's not to like?

  • Runes:

    Coming up real soon!

  • Masteries

    Standard Melee DPS Masteries


  • Items

    Start out with Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion.
    Get Boots of Speed and then finish your Wriggle's Lantern.

    Save until you can afford The Black Cleaver, or if ganking is not successful get a The Brutalizer to hold out.

    After this core, it will depend on the enemies you're against and the gold advantage you've got.

    On the budget line, against a heavy caster team, turning The Brutalizer into Hexdrinker is a good idea, following up with a Wit's End. Both items will provide a good damage output and much needed magic resistance.

    If you are able to gank profficiently, The Black Cleaver is a great choice. Afterwards, it's all a matter of choice.

    Good choices include:

  • Skills

    The current skill order I use is:



    Starting out with Nimbus Strike will not only hit up to 3 targets, but also provides with an ever increasing attack speed buff which will let you get more Madred's Razors or Wriggle's Lantern procs.

    Crushing Blow is your choice for level 2, and your second priority after Nimbus Strike.

    One point in Decoy when you reach level 4 is all you need, because the stealth time is not affected by how many ranks you have on it.

    Cyclone is a no brainer. Level this as soon as you can.

    Why Nimbus Strike over Crushing Blow?

    Each rank of Crushing Blow will lower it's cooldown and add 30 damage. The armor-damage portion of the spell will remain at 30%, whereas each rank of Nimbus Strike not only adds 45 more damage to the ability, but provides a 5% increase to the base ability aswell.

    How to profficiently use Crushing Blow and Nimbus Strike

    A very important note on these skills is that they reset the global cooldown of your normal attacks, which means you can get the most of them if you mix skills with normal attacks.

    For example, when jungling:

    Normal attack - Crushing Blow - Normal attack - Nimbus Strike - Normal attack.

    When ganking:

    Nimbus Strike - Normal attack - Crushing Blow - Normal attack.

    Note:Of course Crushing Blow will give you more DPS as per the armor penetration effect, but the normal attack after nimbus strike occurs almost instantly, so it's worth waiting for it for the added burst.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Smite is, of course, mandatory.


    My first choice is our beloved meta spell.

    Flash for increased mobility. You can combine flash with Decoy , although the enemy will be able to see the flash while you're invisible. Also, ulting and then flashing into the enemy team is extremely useful in teamfights.

    Worth mentioning:

    Exhaust Helps out in early ganks and shutting down ad carries.
    Ignite Helps out in early ganks and shutting down support healers and self healers like swain.

    Afterwards, it's your call. This guide is only a guideline, choose whatever fits your playstyle!

  • Build Example

    Coming up real soon!

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