Wukong Build Guide

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Wukong Gangster Build

written by Ijay

Wukong Build

Table of Contents

  • TO DO: Write something here ... Try out if you have enough experience and patience.

  • Summary: This build is a supoort tanky dps style which allows wukong to use his abilities fr more than just damage. Also making him really potent and tanky so he can tower dive safely on atleast lv 10. The early game is pretty tough, to farm up enough to buy the items you need after you get atmas your good to go and finish off with items which increase your overall stats for the build. This is extremely hard to use and learn and to know when and what to use at what time. But after you tried out and studied this build you will become a professional monkey king )). If you modify the build and something works better please modify me about your discover so i can publish it as another option you will mentioned in the overall creation of the Wukong Gangster build.

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  • Masteries + Runes Marks:Greater Mark Of Desolation Seal:Greater Seal Of Fortitude Glyph:Greater Glyph Of Resilence Quintessence:Greater Quintessence Of Revival

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  • Items: The First item You get is the 'Ruby Crystal", next is 'Mercury Treads',From your first item finish and buy 'Warmog's Armour' Then for some damage buy 'Frozen Mallet' Following get Atma's Impaler which will succesfully increase your AD because of the warmogs armor, Then get 'Tiamat'',if the game is not over by now get an 'Guardian Angel' which will give you more durability and also buy all the elixirs.

    TO DO: Write something here ... This is the best way for ankiness and AD.

  • Summoner Abilities 1:q 2: e 3: q 4: w 5:e 6: r 7:q 8:e 9:w 10:q 11:r 12:w 13:e 14:q 15:e 16:r 17: w 18:w This way i find it the easiet and useful

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  • Please Contact me if discovered an upgrade or mistake in the build, because of an update. At antarct@yahoo.com

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  • Abilities

    Stone Skin
    Extremely useful in large teamfights.

    Crushing Blow
    Use this as your primary weapon and AD.

    Your escape method.

    Nimbus Strike
    Engaging into teamfights.

    Your most useful ability for your team use it wisely to help your team get kill.

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