Fizz Build Guide

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Get ready to Fizz ALL OVER their faces

written by Takco

Fizz Build

Table of Contents

  • Intro/General Crap about Fizz

    Fizz is a ridiculously fun champ to play. He should be played mid or solo top lane. Do that and you'll get a shit ton of cash with last hits and your friendly neighborhood jungler. And don't forget a buy a ward whenever you B to base for whatever reason. WARDS WIN GAMES KIDS

    Early Game - Fizz is not all that great until he gets his complete skillset imo, but focus on last hitting those minions and not getting killed. When your jungler comes in make sure your summoner spells are off c/d and fuck your enemy relentlessly

    Mid Game - Now you can make more of a difference with your skills and items. Pretty similar to early game, but if teamfights break out, get in and get out. You're still squishy as balls right now. Don't be an hero.

    Late Game - Here we are, teamfights everywhere and time for you to shine. If the enemy team is grouped up, throw that oh so hilarious ultimate out and watch them get fucked. If your jungler doesn't need blue, fucking jack that shit for yourself. More sharks = dead enemies

  • Abilities

    Nimble Fighter
    In case you didn't know, it's really fucking good. Basically you go through minions, monsters, and champs. The other shit is alright, but nothing great.

    Urchin Strike
    A great skill that fucks enemies on an immense level if you know how to use it. Use it to chase, escape, apply on hit effects, and deal damage

    Seastone Trident
    Amazing dot from the passive that will cause your enemies to get fucked. The lower your targets health is, the harder the passive hits. So this with ignite fucks over those low health enemies that get away.

    Playful / Trickster
    Easily your best skill (other than your ult of course). Use it to farm creeps, escape, chase, and lastly use it to fuck bitches. With a .75 AP ratio, it's pretty good with damage. Also use it to jump over some walls. I've dodged an Ashe Ult and Lux Laser with this. It can also be used to dodge a Kathus Ult. If you don't fucking believe me about that one, go watch Colby Cheese's Fizz guide on youtube.

    Chum the Waters
    MAKE SURE YOU LAND THIS. You'll feel like a fool if you don't. It is absolutely wonderful though. Slows bitches, Knocks up your target, deals a fuck ton of damage, and on a 70 second cooldown at 16 without any cooldown reduction. Not to mention the range is fucking ridiculously good.

  • Items

    Here's what i build.

    Start off with a Doran's Ring if you are top or mid solo for health, mana regen, and wonderful AP. If you're a boss and stay in your lane until you have 1325 gold, well fuck that's enough for a Catalyst the Protector go get that shit right now.

    If something happens and you B earlier, go ahead and get Boots of Speed and a Sight Ward and some health pots to eat on later.

    At some point get a Sheen and You're going to upgrade your boots into Ionian Boots of Lucidity unless they have a shit ton of CC, then of course get Mercury's Treads

    After the game gets going you should be racking up some fantastic gold from kills, last hits, and dragon.

    Finish building your Rod of Ages and Start building your Rabadon's Deathcap finish it whenever you can

    This is your core.
    If super late game hits or you're just fed as hell go ahead and turn that Sheen into a Lich Bane

    I've never had a game go on longer than that. If it does, get whatever you think you need, either more AP, Defensive shit, cooldown reduction whatever.

  • Build Example

    1. Ionian Boots of Lucidity
    2. Rod of Ages
    3. Rabadon's Deathcap
    4. Lich Bane
    5. Quicksilver Sash
    6. Zhonya's Hourglass

  • Masteries and Runes

    First off, i'd like to say that runes and masteries are personal preference because we all play differently, BUT here's how i do it


    External Image

    For masteries i take the normal 21-0-9 build, and ill somewhat explain why.

    Since it's common sense why anyone would take 21 in Offense, im not going to waste your time or mine with telling you much about it. It is OFFENSE just that, you do a fuck ton of damage with it.

    But for utility, ill go a bit more in depth.

    I start off with [mastery_icon=Expanded Mind] because Fizz tends to have some mana problems, but if you're super awesome and don't have mana problems, hey that's great. Take [mastery_icon=Good Hands] instead.

    We've all been there. You're low health and backing to base in a bush when all of a sudden, some motherfucking asshole checks it and kills you, it's not fun. So for that, take [mastery_icon=Improved Recall]

    And of course what dumbass doesn't love movement speed and longer buff durations? And if you're that guy, then take something else.

    Alright Runes

    The shit that gives you that little extra burst of badass. Again, this is personal preference. But i like to take nothing but AP runes because i know ill pimp smack their ass so hard they'll be biting the pillow.

    Flat AP Marks x9

    Flat AP Seals x8 and 1 AP per lvl Seal

    AP per lvl Glyphs x9

    Flat AP Quints x3

    Overall that gives you 8.5 magic pen, 20 flat ap, and 30 more AP at 18

    Holy fuck, with 15 ap from a Dorans Ring, you have 35 AP at lvl 1 not including masteries. Have fun buttfucking the enemy.

    External Image

  • Summoner Abilities

    Here's another section that's personal preference, but i usually take and , or and

  • Skilling Order

    Start out with 1 point in W, then get 1 point in E, and 1 point in Q then Prioritize R>E>W>Q

  • Pros / Cons

    - Great Escape
    - Great Chase
    - Good Damage
    - Fun

    - Squishy
    - Item Dependent
    - Skill Dependent

  • Tips and fun shit to do

    Here's some tips you can do while spreading the enemies' butt cheeks.

    1. If you and an opponent are both low health, run to a nearby bush and let your opponent chase you. Assuming you have already used your ult, wait until right before he facechecks. Then use Urchin Strike to dive past him, then Playful / Trickster  to nigga hop on him. Then just auto attack him with the active from Seastone Trident. If he's not dead, well you gave it your all.

    I've done this numerous times and it's hilarious every time.

    2. You can hop over small walls like dragon and some of the buffs.

    3. If you're chasing down an opponent, first use Playful / Trickster, then hit him with Chum the Waters if you have it, then dash to him with Urchin Strike.

    4. If you're escaping, use Urchin Strike to dash to enemy minions to get away. Also of course use Playful / Trickster and Chum the Waters can be used defensively too, if needed.

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