Fizz Build Guide

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Styling on Kids: The Ultimate Fizz Guide

written by Erriott

Fizz Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction!

    This is my first guide so excuse me for lack of pictures.  This is a very different guide than the rest here on LeagueCraft so try it out for yourself before criticizing.

  • Abilities

    Nimble Fighter
    AT first glance, this appears to a useless passive since it negates such a small amount of damage. Except it means you can move through the jungle and lane taking reduced damaged. On top of you avoid unit collision which means you never get creep locked when chasing or escaping. I don't know about you guys, but I abhor getting stuck on minions.

    Urchin Strike
    The 1-point wonder skill. A dash that does damage with decent scaling. Be careful when harassing in lane because abusing this is an easy way to drain your mana. You should definitely max this last as its benefits are much lesser than all your other skills.

    Seastone Trident
    Your DPS skill, this move is scary and you max it first. If you don't activate it, your auto-attacks apply a DoT and depletes a percentage of your target's missing health, for NO cost at all. If you choose to activate, and you should choose to, all your autoattacks become super-powered dealing a component of magical damage on hit. It costs 40 mana and lasts half as long as its cooldown so you should be using it fairly often.

    Playful / Trickster
    Unnnff this skill is broken. You jump at your cursor and are completely untargettable for 0.5 seconds, which means you avoid untargettable damage like Kennen's and Ezreal's and Karthus's ult if your timing is good, you also can't be clicked upon AND you can drop turret aggro. The downside is that this skill is your most costly by a long shot, costing only 20 mana less than your ult and being up about ten times as often. Also if you choose not to activate /Trickster then you'll fall down, slowing and damaging targets beneath you, although you do NOT want to use this for harass. Oh and it gives you wall hacks, this skill does everything, learn it.

    Chum the Waters
    THIS is why I play Fizz. You summon a shark, and not just any shark, but Chum, a slowing+AoE knock-uping+AoE slowing shark. Amazing base and amazing scaling, and 1275 range, the only downside is that the fish you need to throw to summon Chum moves slower than an Anivia starting with a sapphire crystal. Great ganking skill, great initiating skill, great chasing and escaping skill, you can even avoid the champion if you don't think you'll hit and aim in front of them to block their way. Chum is amazing, so aim that fish!

  • Pros and Cons!

    -Can be built in a variety of ways to either suit your playing style or counter the enemy team.
    - makes jungling a joke.
    - boosts your DPS and makes you a menace in lane.
    - will piss of your enemy team, save your life and get you kills.
    -All of your skins look great.
    -He has an incredibly fun play style.
    -0.5 seconds total damage+CC immunity.
    -You summon , what else do you want?

    -You've got a joke of a mana pool, the only skill you should be spamming is .
    -It takes some time to get used to  and before that you'll trident-vault into walls and die.
    - fish takes its sweet old time, so you'll be wasting a few sea creatures before you become legendary.
    -You. Are. Squishy.  Do not get out of position or you'll be fishfood, yeah it's bad, but play smart.

    Sure I'm biased, but I mean the Pros sure outweigh the Cons in at least number ;D

  • Leveling Skills and Using them!

    This should be rather straightforward, but I'll touch up on it quickly.

    -Get  up first, with a quick point in both and .
    -Naturally you want to level  whenever you can.

     gives you the most damage if you want to jump or just taze any enemy stupid enough to come close.
    -While 's cooldown lowers by 2 with every level, it takes priority over your .

    -If you're sure that you'll land it, initiating with  will not only scare the shit out of your enemy but nearly ensure a kill with your mobility.  If you doubt your skarking technique then walk or  in, hopefully you can get a teammate to CC the enemy, if not get enough that you can land  or get some autoattacks in.

    *An important note is that it's usually more beneficial to NOT activate  if you don't think you can stick to your enemy or they won't commit, as the passive is great.*

    Lastly, with  you can go over walls such as the Dragon's den, the wall behind double golems and the wall surrounding Blue Buff.  You'll need to start very close to the wall and use both parts of the skill though.  This will save your life and piss off people thinking flash will save their sorry asses.

  • Summoner Spells!

    Personally I take  and , but you have a bit of freedom here.
     just got nerfed, and I don't think it's useless exactly, but you have two mobility skills and seems a bit lackluster for Fizz to me so I don't grab it.  Ghost means you can stick to an enemy or haul it out or get across the map quickly.  

    I'm a firm believer that every team should have at least 1  and at least 1 Ignite as each are good counter to healers and AD champions.  So if you're not jungling grab Ignite], because again Fizz doesn't have much difficulty catching up to people.

  • Runes!

    Again, because of how many different ways Fizz can be played you have a lot of options.

    You can spec for Armor Pen and Attack Speed for the jungle or Magic Pen and Regen in lane.
    I run Stonewall runes which are:
    3x GreaterQuintessence of Desolation
    1x Greater Mark of Desolation
    8x Greater Mark of Alacrity
    9x Greater Seal of Resilience
    9x Greater Glyph of Shielding
    This means you can get through the jungle without dying and with great speed.

    Were I to lane, my book would look more like:
    3x Greater Quintessence of Potency
    9x Greater Mark of Insight
    9x Greater Seal of Clarity
    9x Greater Glyph of Force
    This means your presence is not ignorable and if you start with you're going to hit hard.

  • Masteries!

    If you hadn't already guessed, Fizz can do a lot of things with the new Masteries haha.

    Will give you either [mastery_icon=Arcane Knowledge] [mastery_icon=Blast]+ [mastery_icon=Archmage]or Armor Pen+AD, depending on which column you go down.In defense you should be getting [mastery_icon=Durability] and [mastery_icon=Veteran's Scars] however.
    Will give you the Pen you choose and then tons of Damage Reduction and  [mastery_icon=Enlightenment]
    Not to mention  [mastery_icon=Juggernaut], which is just plain stupid.

    Will give you your choice Pen and  [mastery_icon=Expanded Mind] and  [mastery_icon=Meditation], possibly  [mastery_icon=Wealth] or  [mastery_icon=Awareness] or  [mastery_icon=Intelligence]

    Ironically Caster masteries are a pretty bad choice now and you're not a tank so 21 in offense will probably do Fizz the most good and then you're free to pick health and resistances or mana and regen.  A lot of it is up to preference and not so much a cookie cutter build anymore.  Pick what you like and what works for you.

  • Items!

    Oh lordy, there are so many combinations and good items for Fizz ._.

    You can build full AP, bruser AS or Hybrid.  Nearly anything really.

    If you're going to lane start with either  + 3  OR 
     and quickly build a  to  or if you're doing really well then just rush .  Moving onto  and such afterwards.
    If you're jungling start with +5  and make a  but not .  Then incorporate some attack speed and health.
    When I play Fizz, my build looks like:
    => [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor]


    You cover your weakness of being squishy and can abuse and enhance your W with a little on-hit and also finish with about 180 of each resistance with my build.

    Other viable picks are:
    -, if you don't want  OR 
    - if you want  or something other than 
    -, although it's hard to keep the stacks up outside of battle
    -[item_icon=Malady], if you're feeling saucy and don't want Wit's End or want to gimp your team
    -, I don't build it, but it sure seems like it would help him out a lot
    -, same as the above
    -Tank items of choice

  • Jungling Route!

    Again I regret that I don't know how to add pictures ;n;

    -Start with + 5   and wolves, with a leash preferably, you may or may not be able to kill all the wolves depending on the leash-Go to blue, and again, you really want a leash as Fizz, pop a 
    -Pop another  as you walk to wraiths,   the blue wraith
    -Use another  and start whacking away at lizard, you should get 2  ]s off before he dies
    -Finally kill the double golems with your last  ticking away

    Recall for shoes and at level 4, put a point into .  At this point you can kill your little camps again and be nearly 6 or gank a pushed lane.  Though be warned, ganking with Fizz before 6 can be tricky to pull off.

    After 7 or so, get your bot lane to help with dragon and remember it spawns every 5 minutes.

  • Fizz's Role on a Team!

    This is what throws a lot of people off.  I know when I play some mid champions or AD carries and have got my tower, I stop being productive, so this is for everyone to know what to do whilst playing the Tidal Trickster.

    Early Game:
    -You're squishy, though quite bursty.  If you're laning and have adequate move speed, you can prove to be quite a problem for whomever is facing you.  Be very conservative with your , as it's damage is low and its cost and cooldown are high.  
    -If you're jungling stay in the jungle until at least 4, if not 6.  You're very jungle dependent because of how poorly you gank, and how item dependent you are.  Honestly though, you can counter-jungle with easy because you can go over walls with your  to avoid bad situations.

    Mid Game:
    -In lane, you're a prick: you can close gaps and hit decently hard.  If you're still laning, you should make your opponents life hell, otherwise make sure you're keeping up on wards and pushing all around.  You should never really have empty lanes that can be pushed when you're not looking.  Make sure that regardless of how you're building, it involves boosting your health somehow.  You won't last in big skirmishes to your fullest potential if you don't live long enough to use your skills.
    -If you took the jungling route, then you should be cruising around ganking people and picking through your enemies' jungle.  You hit so hard that even if the enemy wants to stop you, it probably won't be single-handedly.  Keep tabs on dragon, and honestly you work great with both blue and red buffs.  You'll be able to get quicker and make up for your pitiful mana pool and then your autoattacks are even more devastating.

    End Game:
    If your team worked well with you and you've got a good grasp on Fizz, then most games shouldn't come to this point.  If one did, then fear not because Fizz still works well here.  Try to avoid initating team fights, if you can't then jump in and drop  and  out if things get grim.  You're a great tower pusher, though you shouldn't split off from your team to backdoor since you're such an asset to teamfights.  Although everyone wants to focus the squishy champs, due to your bulk and sustained damage, you should focus their scary person.  Fizz is good at picking people off whether he build burst or DPS.  Get in, rape and get out.

  • Tips!

    - only goes as far as you click, make sure you don't throw the fish too short.
    -Enemies that walk over the fish, pick it up, so try lead-shotting.
    - goes over most walls, so if they're giving chase, hop over Baron's Den and don't let their stop you!
    -Playful avoids everything, Cait ulted you?  .  Warwick's barreling at you?  .  Veigar's Stun? Trollface.
    -Don't underestimate your damage, between 4-7 your   can be quite alarming.  In fact, if it's someone that likes to retaliate with harass in lane such as Riven or Irelia or Ryze then you can quickly hop away with glee.
    -To note with the above tip, your mana regen and pool are pathetic, don't spam your skills in lane unless you're stacking and if you're doing that, then I already worry about the outcome of your game.
    -You're squishy, positioning is everything on Fizz, positioning and throwing sharks.

  • Goodbyes!

    If you really read everything, then I love you and you're my favorite.

    If you didn't read everything, but just opened this and skimmed down, please read take in everything with an open mind!

    Please rate and comment without hate<3

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