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Fizz The Tidal Trickster - A guide for the people new to Fizz.

written by Rykon8472

Fizz Build

Table of Contents

  • Intro to the Guide.

    Hi Guys, my name is Rykon.

    I was looking at the guides here and hoping to shed some light if people have been having as much luck/fun with the new champion Fizz as I have had over the last 2 days and I found no real guide for people who have not played him before, took me about 15 or so games to adapt to his play style, so i hope this helps any new people looking at playing him more often.

  • Pros and Cons of Playing Fizz:


              - Has a difficult time being pinned down.

    - Has an amazing escape ability in trickster/playful.

    - Can dodge Skill shots.

    - When built correctly can deal a lot of damage in a quick burst, while still being very durable.

    - Very strong CC in ultimate.


    - No Ranged attack.

    - Squishy early game.

    - If you get caught without trickster/playful not much you can do until it comes off CD.

    - Requires very high reflexes to play well.

  • Abilities

    Nimble Fighter
    A great passive, this allows Fizz the ability to get in and out with early game harassment without being worried about getting trapped by those pesky creeps, also allows you to poke without taking large amounts of damage from creep auto attacks.
    New Player Tip: With no clip Fizz plays a little different than any other hero in LoL get use to running a direct line to your target rather than running around the creeps to get there.

    Urchin Strike
    Your Main poke early game a gap closer and has the ability to apply both the passive and active ability from Seastone Trident gives a good harass + allows fizz to slippery in lane.
    New Player Tip: Be careful when harassing with this you will always slide a set distance and will sometimes put you in a bad position under towers, get use to this by using to last hit minions until you are ok with the distance you travel.

    Seastone Trident
    Passive: a great little dot for poking and annoying heroes just tap and walk away doesn't do a great amount of damage early but is still harassment.
    Active: Deals the entire duration of the DoT in full upfront + still applies the DoT useful in combination with Urchin Strike.
    New Player Tip: activating this before you use Urchin Strike my give the clue to enemy heroes that you are about to slide in if you are at distance get in the habit when harassing to active it while in the sliding animation for Urchin Strike.

    Playful / Trickster
    This ability is amazing for 3 reasons.
    1. It works like vlads pool allowing you to dodge abilities if your timing is good.
    2. It has a pretty decent slow to catch fleeing enemies when Urchin strike is on CD (only if you active Playful)
    3. Can be used to bunny hop walls escape fights and run away.
    Activating once will jump a small distance towards your cursor, letting yourself fall at this point does a small/medium AoE around you that does damage and slows all units.
    Activating it a second time (it is a small window when you are on top of the pole (best to just spam the button until you leap if you have trouble with the timing) will do a smaller AoE where you land but will not slow.
    New Player Tip: Do not use this spell early game for harassment use it for dodging towers or re positioning yourself if you are in a bad spot, this can also buy you time until your team comes.

    Chum the Waters
    A Land Shark how awesome.
    This ability shoots out a Slowish (I do stress Slowish fish) that latches onto the first Hero it hits (will pass through creeps) or will latch at the location it is fired to if it does not hit any heroes after a short delay a shark will pop up eat the shark, knock up and slightly back any heroes around and do damage.
    An amazing ability can be used offensively defensively even to kick off team fights if your tank is having troubles finding a right angle.
    Launching the fish this into a bush does not reveal the AoE circle so can be use to setup a counter gank when an ally is being chased.
    New Player Tip: if you are not having much luck landing the skill shot Urchin strike up your opponent waiting for half a second as they either pick a way to run or fight you then launch hit, you will have a much better chance to land it.

  • Masteries + Runes:

    External Image  The above setup is designed to give me the most offensive set-up, lets face it Fizz is designed to be played as a melee mage dishing out damage and bouncing around the battle field.

    with this setup it makes up for a some of the issues I have found with early game Fizz mainly being able to poke my opponent with Seastone Trident & Urchin strike combo while taking as small amount of damage as possible + the physical damage reduction from the defensive tree will keep you in lane a lot longer.

    Quick Guide:

    Red: Greater Mark of Insight

    Yellow: Greater Seal of Force

    Blue: Greater Glyph of Force

    Quints: Greater Quintessence of Potency


    Red: Greater Mark of Insight x9

    This gives you more damage what else can I say it would be foolish not to include these.

    Yellow:  there are a few options here my Preference.

    Greater Seal of Force x9

    this gives you a nice amount of AP in the mid/late game which is where you will be doing a lot of your damage.

    Other options:

    Greater Seal of Resilience x9 Greater Seal of Clarity x9 Greater Seal of Vitality x9

    Blue: There are 2-3 viable options here as well my preference again is:

    Ap per level Greater Glyph of Force x9

    Same reasoning as yellow.

    Other options:

    Greater Glyph of Shielding x9 Greater Glyph of Celerity x9

    Quints: 2 viable options here with 2 options for the newer players still learning Fizz, My preference.

    Greater Quintessence of Swiftness x3 or Greater Quintessence of Potency x3

    Either one is fine just which ever suits your play style.

    I perosnally perfer Swiftness just for the ability to roam a little easier.

    As for newer players I suggest either

    Greater Quintessence of Vigor x3

    for the life regen to stay in your lane longer and so you can take a few risks getting last hits.

    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3

    flat health is never a bad thing early game.

  • Items:

    In this section I will first being talking about the Core build for Fizz.

    Core Build:

    Rod of Ages Sorcerer's Shoes Rylai's Crystal Scepter Sight Ward

    A Very small core a little on the expensive but there is never really a game where these 3 items are not good, of course the boots can be changed if needed but magic penetration is hard to pick up + with playful/trickster you don’t need Merc Treads as a good Fizz should dodge a lot of the CC.

     Yes I put a Sight Ward in the main build the reason, everyone should be buying wards every game sight gives you vision which could mean Ganks, saving a allies life and giving you information on the enemy team.

    Pick up Boots of Speed + Health Potion x 3, this will allow Fizz to get in and out with ease while poking and last hitting as needed, move on to a fast Catalyst the Protector from there finish up your Rod of Ages now go back to making your Sorcerer's Shoes, from here if you are doing well start building your Rylai's Crystal Scepter with Blasting Wand but if you are not going that well save up for your Giant's Belt.

    Quick Guide:


    Boots of Speed Health Potion x 3

    First trip back:

    Catalyst the Protector

    Second Trip back:

    Rod of Ages

    Third Trip:

    Sorcerer's Shoes


    Blasting Wand


    Giant's Belt

    Finish up the core when able:

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter


     From this point you need to look at the enemy team, work out who is the biggest threat (AD, AP or both) and go from there, you also need to look at how well you and your team are doing. 

    Verses AP heavy and doing well/ok: 

    4 Lich Bane Makes your Q hit like a truck still active your W when dashing in as you would have to wait 2 seconds before activating your W for the lichs bane bonus being losing 1-3 hits on your target without your W being charged up, gives small amounts of Magic Resist as well.

    5 Rabadon's Deathcap gives you AP and makes your current AP worth more per point what is not to love. The 6th item depends on your team (should be over by now but not always) If you have a AP heavy team as well or no one on the other team is building magic resist. 

    6 Abyssal Scepter AP Magic Resist + Ability power + reduction Aura what is not to love.

    Or if you’re the only Ap on your team/ at least 2 of the enemy heroes are building Magic resist.

    6 Void Staff AP + 40% Pen is damn good to cut down those tanks (please not building this will not give you much MR in total (only MR coming from the Lich's Bane) you will be squishy so only if you are doing very well)

    Verses AD heavy but doing Well:

     4 Zhonya's Hourglass AP + armor and if you get caught with your cool down down by a Yi or Tryn you can active to hide until you have cool downs to keep the fight up

    5 Lich Bane to round off the build or if you feel like they are hurting you a bit too much.

    6 The last item is debateable if you are still doing well and the AD carries are not hurting grab a 

    Rabadon's Deathcap gives you AP and makes your current AP worth more per point what is not to love.

    Frozen Heart it is a good amount of Armor + the aura really hurts AD carries.

    Verses a good Mixture of AP and AD but still doing pretty well.

    4 Lich Bane will give you AP andother big damage strike and some MR.

    5 Guardian Angel Magic Resist Armor and the chance to extract some watery venegnce in the chance you are cut down.

    6 Last item depends on your team as well as there.

    Rabadon's Deathcap gives you AP and makes your current AP worth more per point what is not to love.

    Zhonya's Hourglass will give you AD defence and that lovley on use ability has saved me more then once.

    Void Staff if they have got wise to your Magic damage and you need the penetration.


     What if I am not doing so well?

    Defensive items will help you pick and match 2 of the below to help get you back into the game this is of course based on what you need at the time and what you feel like the best options is I suggest to round the build if the game goes on grabbing a Rabadon's Deathcap as with 2 defensive items you will have low amount of AP at this point (doing 300 damage up front then surviving to do another 300-400 damage and provide your team with CC is much better than doing 500 damage up front then dying).

    Frozen Heart  AD got you down this will make you go toe to toe with the best of them. 

    Zhonya's Hourglass still doing ok but those AD carries are starting to hurt this will give you more armor and give you a chance to live if your abilities are all on CD. 

    Banshee's Veil Sion, Veigar etc giving you issues with their burst spells and you have not had much luck dodging there spells with E 

    Quicksilver Sash lots of soft or hard CC giving you issues and are there team Zerging you this may save your life popping this then jumping to safety.

    Guardian Angel can’t tell if the AD or the AP doing more damage to you but not doing so well grab one of these to help out with the damage from both and giving you a second life to hop away or pick up another kill.

    Other Build options still in testing:

    Picking up a sheen before RoA

    On hit As/AP build

    AD Fizz (i know silly but still i have seen it)

    RoA, RCS WarMogs Atmas Tooth (silly again but still i shall test them all)

  • Skilling Order:

    I have 2 different (although similar builds) based on where you are and what heroes you are vs in the lane.

    Heavy harassment style: > > >

    When to use this style:

    When you are laning against either a low mobility hero a melee hero or someone who doesn't have a lot of ranged harass or when you are feeling confident in your ability to harass without taking too much damage.

    Take one point into at level one, Level two if you are not vsing a spaming hero take (otherwise take Playful/Trickster and pick this up at level 3) , at level 3 take a point into now max your first.

    Pros and Cons of this style:


    Damage output is higher

    Better chance of getting kills or sending a target back to base early


    Lower mobility.

    Have to harass more often for the true benefit to happen.

    Can put you in a dangerous situation early on (as you are forced to push onto heroes more often for this style to be of benefit).

    Skill level of this build:

    Medium/high - This is a slighty more risk/reward style.

    Quick Guide:

    Movement based style:

    Heavy movement based style: > (until you have 3 points then switch with ) > > (until you have 3 points into then switch with in priority)

    Lots of Pictures may be confusing to some so without pictures:

    q, w, e, q, q, r, w, w, w, w, r, e, e, e, e, r, q, q

    When to use this Style:

    When you are against a skill shot heavy or reliant hero (ezreal Morgana Lux) or a lockdown type mobility hero (Cho, Swain) as you can use this not only to harass but to dodge a lot of their attack, you can also use this style when learning Fizz as the 2 seconds off the cool down early has saved me a few times from jungle ganks.

    Pros and Cons of this style:


    Higher mobility allowing you to dodge more often

    Can poke more often with you allowing for control of the lane


    Lower overall damage.

    Higher mana cost.

    Scaling early game not as well.

    Skill level of this build:

    Medium - this style is a little more forgiving as you can dash with urchin stirke more often allowing you to potentionally glide out of the way of damage.

    Quick Guide:

  • Summoner Abilities:

    Summoner Abilities:

     My main summoner spells are Ignite and Ghost.

    Ghost this gives you mobility which you really need when chasing down a opponent.

    Ignite Early game this can net you some very nice heals or even can be used to deny a hero there health pot forcing them to return early, mid to late game the damage is good and can force some fights to go in your favour.

     Other good options.

      Flash this can help with positioning issues and get you in and out, but you do have playful/trickster which does pretty much the same thing with the added bonus of being un-targetable.

    Exhaust A very good counter for the AoE/Carries if no one else on your team picks this up you may want to for the carries like Tryn or the AoE Damage dealers like Nunu or Kat.

    Surge Not a bad spell by any means and some other on hit AS/AP builds for Fizz this will fit really well, I just don’t see this being a good option as Ignite for damage.

  • Cheat Sheet:

    For when you just want the basics and your in game and alt tabbing out.
    Core Items:
    Rod of Ages Sorcerer's Shoes Rylai's Crystal Scepter Sight Ward
    Greater Mark of Insight Greater Seal of Force Greater Glyph of Force Greater Quintessence of Potency
    Summoner Spells:
    Ghost Ignite
    Skill points:
    > > >
    External Image

  • Youtube clips for Tips and Tricks

    My personal videos for Fizz:
    Coming soon.

    Videos from other users with their permission:
    Thanks to youtube user Leagueofleged for the below video on how to live with Fizz and showing off the survivability you can get with the little hero.
    Title: Luckiest Fizz Escape Ever

    IMO the aboce clip was part luck but also very skilled play.

  • Summary & Credit to those that helped:

    Well that is it for my very first guide, I hope I covered all the basics on how I believe the best way to build fizz, let me know any changes errors or things you would like to see and I will do my best to make them.  Thanks guys and enjoy playing Fizz.

    Special Thanks.

    Teddy - for some great feedback during the first incarnation of this guide.

    JavaMohava - for ideas for testing

    Youtube user Leagueofleged: for his permission to use the video

  • Coming Soon:

    If this guide gets enough upvotes and is popular i will work on making some youtube videos showing some basic tricks and tips + some guides on vsing different more popular charcters.

  • Change log & corrections

    Change log:

    22 Nov 2011: added YouTube section for videos,
     added builds I will be testing in the future,
    Changed recommended quints,
    lots of spelling mistakes.
    19 Nov 2011:
    spelling mistakes
    changed recommended build order
    changed item build slightly against AD heavy team.

    Hi guys.
    since this is my first guide any thing you notice that is off wrong out of date ETC please let me know in the comment below or via email [email protected]
    cheers :-)

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