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Fizz - Vault My Pole

written by cheesepuff

Fizz Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    So, this guide is new and needs a bit of testing, but I wanna get it out there before anyone else starts to play him this way. Besides, it's been working pretty well.
    Dat Guinsoos
    NOTE: Fizz is new, and I'm constantly trying out new builds. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments below.
    ANOTHER NOTE: I don't have Masteries or Runes yet because I am still trying out the new Masteries.

    Hooray, positive feedback. Makes me motivated to work on this more!

    EDIT: November 21, 2011 - Added small bit of info to 1v1 section 

    EDIT: November 19, 2011 - Added info to Playful / Trickster and added a warning to the builds (skill level requirements)

    EDIT: November 18, 2011 - New build added, check it out. Added info to Urchin Strike, Playful / Trickster, items, farm. Added a 1v1 section and a Masteries + Runes section. Added a teamfight section to the Playful / Trickster in-depth section

  • Abilities

    Nimble Fighter
    This passive isn't the best, though it's a handy little thing that helps laning and harassing. Plus, you'll never have a HoN-esque creep block rage moment. Thank the lord. It also reduces incoming damage by a tiny bit, which makes the creep agro less dangerous early levels. If you decide to go defensive masteries, you'll barely feel creep agro. Not that it was really that bad before, you pansy.

    Okay, after taking a few game break from Fizz, you will DEFINITELY start to appreciate this passive. It makes tower diving go much better when you can run through the creeps instead of running into them. It also makes escapes easier if you have a wall of creeps nearby.

    Urchin Strike
    One point wonder right here. Mainly because it adds barely any damage if you skill it, although the lowered cooldown per level is nice. It's a great skill that makes harass and chasing easy as pie. Remember, activate Seastone Trident before using this. You'll do extra damage.

    If you go Sheen/Lich Bane, this will be a nice source of burst. Plus, if you have Rylais or Red Buff, this will slow their asses.

    As Phreak said in his Champ Spotlight, the distance you go will be the same no matter how close you are to your enemy. That means you can shoot past them and block off their escape route. That ALSO means you can shoot back and end up too far away. That's not always a bad thing. This is a great way to escape a gank. If the enemy comes from behind, use this to shoot behind him and then Playful/Trickster away before his jaw hits the floor. This will NOT shoot through walls. Feel free to use it while killing jungle creeps.

    Combine this skill with Playful / Trickster for easy harass and escape. This will keep you level with a tough lane. Activate Seastone Trident, Urchin Strike in, get in a few hits, and Playful / Trickster out of there. Just watch your mana. You can also tower dive pretty easily with this combo (credit to koopaling for bringing it up)

    Seastone Trident
    This is like a beefy, DOT, melee version of Kayle's Righteous Fury. This gets a much stronger buff from AP. It has a DOT component that's passive and an active that adds damage and halves healing. Both the passive and active scale with AP. And that's why we don't go Hybrid.


    Get a Guinsoos, and this will start smacking kids in the face. With a respectable amount of AP (not a ZOMG STACKED RABADONS amount), you'll still end up adding over 200 magic damage to each attack, plus extra damage from the DOT that will add about another 200-300 + a percentage of their missing HP. You can also get a Nashor's Tooth. I wouldn't get both though. You want enough AS to hit with this a good amount of times, but too much AS almost makes Fizz's other spells pointless, and too much AS doesn't give the AP to make this strong anyways.

    Playful / Trickster
    NOTE: More in-depth section below.

    Fun skill, does pretty good amount of damage, lets you move around like you're Kennen's ball of cocaine. Also gives you a small bit of untargetability-ness (That's a word now. Get used to it).

    Remember the slow for this. It's a hell of an AOE slow. Remember, you only get the slow if you don't activate it the second time. However, if you keep right-clicking in a direction as you activate it the first time, when the slow slam comes down, you will move a little bit in that direction. The slow also has a larger AOE.

    Basically, if you're not running away or running somewhere, it is usually a better idea to get the slow instead of activating it a second time. Even if you're chasing, try to land that slow. It's a good idea using Urchin Strike straight to Playful/Trickster to get into range. If you have any slow effect from Urchin Strike, this gets easy as hell to hit. It will take slightly longer for the slow vs activating it twice. Anywhere from the realm of half a second to a second.

    This can go through walls, but only the thinner ones.

    NOTE: This spell eats up a bunch of mana, especially if you don't have mana items. The mana cost also goes up per level. Keep this in mind while you harass or tower dive. You don't want to be caught out of mana right next to the tower.

    This will dodge target spells like Leblanc's silence or Shaco's shiv but I am pretty sure it won't dodge channel spells like Fiddle's drain if it is already on you. DOT will also continue to hurt.

    By the way, you can Playful / Trickster through the walls of Veigar's stun and you won't get stunned. Urchin Strikes will still stun you though.

    Chum the Waters
    This ult is hilarious. Just the animation is funny. Plus Fizz says "Feeding time" when he throws the fish! What else could you want?

    Damage? Slow? Greedy bastard. This has both, in an AOE area! (Though to be honest, you usually end up hitting only one or two unless your team has an Amumu or Galio or you're playing against nubs). The slow is also nice.

    Few things about this though.

    Damage at low levels isn't too strong. You'll do a healthy bit, but not too much. Don't rely on for burst until you stack some AP (1:1 ratio). Even then, MR will seriously hurt this spell's damage output. It still has a good slow and it helps you get a lot of extra smacks with Seastone Trident.

    Something cool: This spell can be tossed on the ground or a trap that will bind itself to anyone walking over it (They have to walk over the fish, not just the water). You can use this to cut off an escape, trap the bushes, or use it to check bushes. Usually, I'd rather it hit someone, but if you're good at laying this on routes, you can stop entire teams. File that under "Don't ever try that until you learn to play Fizz" or else you're shark will eat nothing but that small fish and then he's just going to be hungry. And then your team will laugh at you. The other team might All Chat laugh at you too. God knows I will.

    Also, if you see the other team at dragon (you should have that ward there all the time), and they haven't dragged it to river, you'll be able to hit them from some places in bottom jungle. If they're bundled up, you can nuke the entire group and your team can go clean up.

    Some people have been calling this weak. This is stronger and has better AP ratio than Tibbers (not counting his DOT after being summoned or his attack). It will, however, feel weak early on unless you build early AP.

    Also, someone who is not the primary target of this spell (the one hit by the fish) will be pushed away if they are still close enough to be hit by it. They will still take damage. Keep this in mind if you're playing AGAINST Fizz. You may not be able to escape it but you might be able to position yourself to get away.

  • Skilling Order

    Level One:  If you're confident in your ability to not get owned. Also if you have ghost or flash, grab this first. Helps with level one harass and last hits If you are scared. Also helpful if you go into a solo lane and you know they have someone like Blitz.Only get  if you're confident in your lanemate and one or both of you have exhaust and ignite. I usually choose  anyways because of the slow.
    Level Two: Whichever one between  or  you didn't level first
    Level Three: , assuming you didn't skill it yet.
    After That:
     >   >  
    Seastone Trident's bonus damage applies to Urchin Strike. The only plus side to leveling Urchin Strike over Seastone Trident is for the slight CD reduction, and honestly, 9 times out of 10, you'd rather have a higher level of Seastone Trident.

  • Items

    Heh, for items, just stack Archangel's Staff and get a Rabadon's Deathcap, duh.


    Anyways, there are two cores that I like to run on Fizz. Here's the one I play more often.

    DISCLAIMER: As pointed out by spithas26, this is harder for new Fizz players than the build down below because this playstyle needs some level of mastery of Playful / Trickster. You need to know when to use it, when to activate it once or twice, when to not use it, etc.

    + + some kind of boots

    Why? Watch your steps when you get up. I'm about to drop some knowledge.

    Rod of Ages A nice amount of HP and Mana, along with some respectable AP. Personally, that isn't a lot of AP, but it's a nice little plus. however, that extra HP and Mana will help your Fizziness. You'll need both.

    You'll need that mana. By the end of the game, you'll be spamming  all the time, and it costs a thick chunk of mana. Like my di-... ahem... You'll be using  and  pretty often too, though those don't eat your mana much. Plus, you'll need it midgame when you're jumping around.

    You'll also need that HP. Yeah, yeah, Fizz has , why would you still get hurt? Cause there's something we call a freakin' cooldown where Fizz is kind of left in the open. Plus, 3/4 of your spells are melee, your attacks are melee, and your one ranged spell has a long cooldown compared to your spells. You'll be trading smacks with them, especially with the build. That extra health will allow you to stand there and take it, especially through midgame. Lategame, you'll either need to go defensive and get some armor/MR/more health or offensive so you can beat them down.

    Oh yeah, and it gives AP. Aw yeahhhhhhhh.

    I know what you're thinking. Whaaaaaaat? Rageblade? Isn't that too squishy? Why would Fizz need that? Why didn't I think of that? I'll tell you why. Because who builds this with someone who's spells don't involve AD at all? The same type of person who played Innervating Locket Irelia (RIP Innervating)

    The reason for this is because of . This gives such a pretty Magic Damage boost to every attack that getting a bit of AS is quite beneficial. Also, it's easy as hell to build to 8 stacks as Fizz. Just adds 2 if you activate it twice. Bonus AP plus AS (and that little bit of AD) makes Fizz pretty fearful.

    NOTE: The Damage Over Time component of does not stack, which might lead you to ask "then why would you build AS?" Simple. Kind of. While you keep attacking, the DOT will still keep doing its damage, and its damage will keep increasing (because it gets stronger the less HP the other person has). If the other person goes any distance away, the DOT will keep owning his ass while you use your other spells to catch up to him.

    ANOTHER NOTE: You can replace Guinsoo's with Nashor's Tooth if you like. Not my style, but then again, I troll as AP Yi.
    EDIT: Okay, after a few games with a , I have to say, it's pretty awesome. The problem is that it costs more and gives less AP, so you'll have to build AP before it. That means getting Rabadon's Deathcap right after Rod of Ages and that means after Rod of Ages, you'll have quite a bit to farm. Rod of Ages doesn't give you the AP to make you farm happy so you'll have to be naturally good at last hitting. Only do this is you are good at farming, or else you'll lag behind.

    The Other Core:

    + + some kind of boots

    By the way, even though these are the core, don't get Lich Bane before you build some AP. Anyways...

    Lich Bane is pretty badass on Fizz. He's a melee hero, with spells that enhance his damage output on his attacks and spells that get him closer. With a bunch of AP, this will wreck. This makes Fizz pretty bursty, which is perfectly fine. You'll play a much flightier Fizz, going in and out of battle while your cooldowns are... cooling down. Along with the Lich Bane burst, you'll still have respectable DPS cause of . This build is quite strong too, and choosing between the two depends on your playstyle


    SUMMARY (So you don't have to read all that text, though you honestly should, especially since this build seems kinda... strange, and there's explanations for everything)

     |  |  |  |  |

    Okay, here's another build that I've been going, after reading serahid's comment and thinking about it a little. HOWEVER, only do this if you're getting good with Fizz, as you honestly need to be able to be clutch with his playstyle and his vaults in order for this to work. This is probably the hardest of the three builds because you'll be squishy early/mid game and you won't have that much HP lategame. You'll need the skills necessary to play the build up there and the reflexes to use at exactly the right moments.

    Start off with a Doran's Ring (or honestly, you could probably go boots and three potions if you want)

    Then go for a Chalice of Harmony. You will not be getting a Rod of Ages in this build so you'll need that mana regen, and this is a nice, cheap item.

    Then get your farm on, because the next item you're going for it Rabadon's Deathcap. In normal situations, I'd say go for Needlessly Large Rod, but this isn't a normal situation. If you need to B or you're having trouble with farm... Well... then you shouldn't be going this build. However, feel free to get a Blasting Wand first. That alone will give you about 100 more damage over a little combo (Urchin Strike and a few Seastone Trident charged hits, and then Playful / Trickster) and a nice extra 40 damage on your ult, which helps more than you think.

    Depending on your situation, you may or may not want to build your boots in the middle of Rabadon's. This is dependent on how badly you need speed, which depends on your playstyle and the game. Personally, I tend to build it right after Rabadons, but if if you need the effects of your boots, you can get it halfway. The reason I do this is because getting Rabadons first makes you farm a lot quicker, but often you just can't sacrifice the speed. Getting Rabadon's will kill ranged minions with Playful / Trickster if you get it quickly enough, or else it will only take one hit after it. It will also one-shot Wraiths early on, so grab those when you can

    As for boots, I get either Berserker's Greaves (that's right), Mercury's Treads, or Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Strangely enough, I usually go for Zerkers. There's that entire argument that yes, you can get better attack speed items elsewhere, is wasted on Fizz because you don't want to use an item slot and farm for an attack speed item like Phantoms when you can use that for AP (though I'm considering giving Phantom Fizz a try now). Of course, Ionian Boots of Lucidity are great also, since Fizz on cooldown is kind of crippled, and will get out-1v1'ed by many other champs. There will be a 1v1 section below, newly added. And then, of course, Merc's for those CC teams

    Then, start building a Nashor's Tooth. Why this over Guinsoo's? Because honestly, with this build, Nashor's works better. Normally, you would pick Guinsoo's because it has more AP and it gives you 35 extra damage on hit in the form of 35 AD. However, by this point, after your Rabadons, not only does the AP from Rabadon's make extra Attack Speed (Nashors has more) more important than the 38 extra AP from a charged Guinsoo's, but that cooldown reduction from Nashors make you extremely powerful more often.

    After this, get a Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the AP, HP, and slow OR get a Frozen Mallet for the AD, HP, and Slow. And here's comparing the two:

    Rylai's gives 500 HP, 80 AP, and a 35% slow on Urchin Strike, and a 15% extra slow on Playful / Trickster and on Sharkie. That's his name. How creative. This will NOT add slow to Seastone Trident, even if it is activated. I know. So sad. Chances are, you will be able to keel them in place to gimp them, especially with your CDR, but it won't give you a permaslow.

    Frozen Mallet gives 700 HP, 20 AD, and a 40% slow on all of your attacks. This WILL give you a permaslow (assuming you don't get stunned or slowed and can keep hitting your target) This gives 200 extra HP and 20 extra physical damage per hit. This will also get procced on Urchin Strike. Yay.

    The slow on Frozen Mallet is better, since you'll be in melee range smacking your enemies anyways. So you'd really be picking 80 AP vs 200 HP and a better slow. Assuming you have a Rabadon's, you'll be working with 104 AP. Let's see what that would get you. Time to pull out the calculator

    An extra 73 damage from Urchin StrikeAn extra 36 damage on hit from Seastone TridentAn extra 36 damage over 3 seconds DOT from Seastone Trident. Count this as 12 damage per second while attacking plus 36 damage after you stop attackingAn extra 73 damage from Playful / TricksterAn extra 104 damage from Sharkie.

    Over, lets say 3 seconds of attacking, with landing all of your spells (Note that I am counting your ultimate, which will not always be off CD for fights), saying your attack speed is about 1.2 (depending on masteries, boots, and runes), you will do an extra 400 damage, and another extra 36 damage 3 seconds after that, with Rylais

    Frozen Mallet will add 72 damage from your attacks.

    I generally take Rylais because of the extra damage, but consider a Frozen Mallet for the extra HP and the considerably better slow.

    Other Items

    Rabadon's Deathcap. Nuff said. Get it for both builds.

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a good pack of HP, plus it has a slow. Not completely necessary, since you have two slow spells, but it's quite good anyways. Plus, it means you can activate twice and it will still slow

    Nashor's Tooth Is a decent replacement for Guinsoo's Rageblade. Don't get both. You'd rather have more AP. Without enough, your AS is pointless, since we're depending on AP scaling on Seastone Trident for damage with any AS

    [item=Morello's Evil Tome] is a decent midgame item, if you want the CD reduction and the extra mana. It's like a mini blue buff. Pick it up if you want to spam spells, but I tend to skip it. Not worth it for the price, since I have enough mana from Rod of Ages and the AP isn't too great with this.

    Zhonya's Hourglass A good item to get. Combine this with and you'll have quite a bit of "bwahaha waste your spells" time on your hands. Plus it adds armor. I tend to get either this or Abyssal Scepter at the end of my build depending on the other team.

    Archangel's Staff is a good item if you can survive without a Rod of Ages. I wouldn't get both, since you honestly don't need that much mana.

    My usual build (changes on gameplay):/

    NOTE: The period between getting Guinsoos and Rabadons is a headache. Stay alive, kill things. You can go for Rabadon's first if your farm is good enough.

  • Playful / Trickster

    This baby get's its own entire section. Just cause it's hilarious.

    Let's go over the basics first:

    1. There are two parts to this spell. The initial jump does no damage, but it moves you a nice amount. The second part is either an unmoving slam that does damage and slows, or a moving slam that does damage, does not slow, and affects a smaller area.

    2. You cannot be targeted for a short period of time after vaulting, before the second, damage dealing part. You can dodge skillshots like this. You can also dodge ranged attacks that are being shot at you after this. That's right, tower shots, but you need to time it right. Also, if jungling, you want to activate it a second time as soon as possible or else the jungle creeps lose agro and they start healing. Blue golem be silly like that.

    3. You can vault over walls. However, it only works over thinner walls. Get to know which ones you CAN vault over, or else you'll just look silly when you faceplant into the dirt. And then the entire team owns you, since Playful is now on cooldown. You can also vault over walls the second time you activate it.

    4. This isn't really a basic, but chances are you'll find this out after a few times, but if you keep right clicking in a direction after using Playful the first time, you will move a little as you slam down, but you will still slow and have a larger AOE like you didn't activate it.

    5. You stop moving after the slam. Don't activate it while running to a lane and then forget to right click again, or else Fizz will just be standing there like you AFK'ed.
    6. The untargettable part of this move lasts for a very short time. Until you become pro-sauce with it, don't depend on that to dodge moves. Depend on the fact that this moves lets you dash somewhere quick to dodge moves.
    7. The time difference between you fall on your own and you activating it isn't very different.

    When to activate it a second time

    -When you're running to a lane
    -When you're running away, and they are slower or at the same speed, or are far away enough that you won't hit him/her (see how not sexist I am?) when you slam down with your slow
    -When you're vaulting over walls
    -When you're chasing after someone and you know your slow won't hit him/her if you have to wait for it
    -When you accidentally mash the button and hit it twice. If this results in your death or losing a running enemy, you're morally obligated to go "derp" in all chat
    -When you're getting out of something AOE, like Gangplank's, Fiddle, or Kennen's ultimate. And then laugh at them when you're home free.
    -When you want to look awesome in a shorter amount of time than waiting for you to fall on your own.

    When to NOT activate it a second time

    -When you Playful into a group of enemies in a teamfight.
    -When you Playful right onto a running enemy. If they haven't ghosted or done something similar, you'll probably hit them with your fat ass
    -When someone is chasing you and they're literally humping you. Jump, land your slow, and then either Urchin Strike them and run away, Shark them and run away, or just run away.
    -When you're trying to Playful into a bunch of creeps. This will hit more. Make sure you Playful a short distance down their path since they won't actually attack you while you're Playful.
    -When you're actually using the untargettable effect of Playful to dodge something rather than the movement effect of Playful. See Annie's fireball about to scorch your rear end? Playful that shit.


    In Teamfights
    is pretty damn good in teamfights for a few reasons

    -You can use it to get out of one after running in
    -You can use it to damage and slow an area
    -You can use it to avoid all damage in a bundle of enemies for a short while
    -You can use it to get to a teamfight faster

    If you are tankier, then you can  in and then  without a second activation, slowing an entire group. However, remember that doing this puts  onto cooldown, and could get you killed really easily, even with HP. Only do this if the teamfight has already been initiated and a lot of enemy spells have been used. I don't do this much just because it makes you easy to kill

    If you are squishier, save this for chasing or getting away. Yes, it does to a respectable amount of damage, but it's dangerous as hell to use it into a group. However, if the teamfight is over and they're running, use this to secure those kills (for yourself >:D). If you are losing a teamfight, see if you can get any kills with any other spells, but do not waste  on getting a kill because you'll probably die. Don't be tempted by that tiny red health bar if it is next to any non-tiny red health bars.

    Also, if you are squishy, you can kite in and out of a teamfight easily with  and then . This is best with the build because you want to burst if you do this.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I rock that Ghost and Ignite. They help you kill things and kill things.

    Other good spells:
    Flash If you want. You already have a mini Flash through Playful but another Flash is always good
    Teleport Always usable for any champion.
    Surge New spell, yay! I need to get used to it, but I'm incorporating it in now since it adds attack speed AND AP? It's pretty much saying "Here, here's exactly what Fizz needs. Have fun." Rock that Ghost+Surge for what I'm dubbing the Highlander Effect. It's gonna be a thing
    Sorry, Exhaust got nerfed hard. Consider getting Cleanse or Quicksilver Sash if you keep getting CC'ed to death though. 

  • Masteries + Runes

    I've had good results with koopaling's (comment section) 15/15/0 Masteries setup, with CDR, Magic Resist, and Magic-related points. I've also done pretty well pouring 20-some points into either one. Depends on your playstyle. With Fizz, you want to use Masteries to balance it out. That means that if you play ultra-offensive harass Fizz, get more Defense Masteries. If you play jumpy Fizz, then you want more in Offense.

    I tend to go something like this: 

    EDIT: That may not be showing correctly, with weird numbers, but it's 21/9/0

    I don't go much into Utility as you need to pour in too many points to get to what you need

    As for runes, it depends on which build you go. If you get a Nashor's and Ionian boots, or even just a Nashors, focus on Magic Pen. You *can* get CDR runes if you like, even with the Nashor's, but in my opinion, Magic Pen would be more useful at that point.

    If you get a Rod of Ages, don't bother with Mana Regen runes. If you don't, then you should definitely run them

    Anyways, try for... (Credit to koopaling for his suggestions, not all of these were his but many were)

    Magic Pen Marks

    Mana regen / CDR / Magic Resist Glyphs (Magic Resist only if you totally suck with Playful / Trickster, and if you're already building a rune page for Fizz, I really hope you don't suck)

    Mana regen Seals

    CDS Quints

  • 1v1

    After playing more games as Fizz, I decided that there should be a 1v1 section to this guide, because you WILL be caught in those situations when you square off against someone else and you should know what to do. Remember, Fizz is kind of crap while his spells are on cooldown

    But let's get this straight first:

    You are useless when your spells are cooling down
    I don't care how much attack speed you have, don't stick around and attack if you can't activate something. Run and dodge until they come off.  passive will keep doing damage while you are doing this, and by the time the passive wears off, your CD's should be off too.

    Do not use Playful / Trickster too early
    The cooldown is painful, and not having it ready when they attack back will mean pain for you. Judge whether or not you will die if you trade blows. Also, see how much time is left before Seastone Trident is up again. Without it, you won't do much. Also, see where their team is on a map. You'll need this to escape from ganks.

    Watch your mana
    Not too important if you build a Rod of Ages, but if you don't, you'll get stuck unable to cast spells for a bit, which is ample time for the person to turn around and piledrive your face.

    Under level 6

    Hopefully you have all three spells with enough mana for them all. Here's what you do. Activate  and either smack them in the face or  them. Then, if you can kill them in the next 4 seconds (if they have somewhere around 500 HP before starting your combo), Use  but DON'T activate it a second time. Keep right clicking in the direction they're running and land your slow. Keep attacking them until they die.

    IF you can't kill them, hit them a few times, and then either run out of there if you can without taking too much damage, or  out of there or into a bush. Do not be afraid to run with  instead of landing the slow and attacking. Without it, you have no escape. Either the person you're attacking or his teammate, if he runs in, can kill you. You're still squishy and you have no shark.

    BASICALLY: Right now, it's a speed contest to where you can and and maybe out of there before they can hit their harass on you.

    NOTE: if you have low HP, then you'll probably want to  out of there every time, in order to not risk dying.
    after level 6:
    Situation 1 - You are fighting against a ranged attacker

    If you're lucky, he'll be harassing you with ranged strikes all cocky-like. Wait until he's/she's in range of you while he's coming in for an attack, and then  and  in. If you're at equal HP (or you have more) and near the same level, stay in for a few smacks while  is still active. If you're lower,  out of there before you die (of course, you can stay if you're sure that you won't get killed by him/her). If  is off CD, throw it as soon as  is down. You can then  onto him/her when Sharkie attacks or you can save it for an escape.

    You can also lead off with Sharkie, then Urchin Strike in while he/she gets munched on.

    -If you are near bushes, you can  once and slow him, and then get your hits in, before running into a bush and juking him until your cooldowns come off

    -If you are low on HP, do not fear sacrificing a  in order to escape.

    -If you have been in the battle long enough, have already used  and you need an escape, run the other way (towards their escape route) and wait until  is off CD. Then run towards him and use it to dash the other way. Doesn't work so well against ranged champions though. It will work out better if you  a distant creep to escape.

    -Once again, once you go on CD, run or juke. This is tougher against ranged champions, so remember, either have enough HP to live through it or have  ready. DO NOT TRADE BLOWS WHEN YOUR SPELLS ARE OFF CD (unless they barely have any HP left)

    -The plus side of fighting against a ranged vs melee is that you can  into him/her and then  away. If you Urchin Strike a melee, chances are you'll be stuck attacking him because you'll be too far behind him.

    Situation 2 - You are fighting against a melee attacker

    This tends to be much easier than fighting a ranged, mainly because you can harass first with  without devoting too much towards it. Also because you can . However, going against someone like Yi, Olaf, Mundo, or anyone with cleanse/speed is tricky, because they can ignore your slows and then just walk up to you and faceroll you.

    Lead with  and land a few hits. If they trade blows with you, you can either run if you will get hurt or hit him until it wears off. If you see that you have the upper hand,  if you can, and then  into him and past him to block his path. Here, if you know you can slay him/her, use  once and slow him. Remember to keep right-clicking in the direction that he/she is running.

    This next part is tricky: if he/she is low enough on HP that you can kill him/her with normal attacks, then just keep attacking. if they still have a little bit, then keep hitting him/her until the slow is about to wear off. Then run in front of him/her until  is off cooldown. Activate it and kill that nub.

    IF he/she is probably going to hurt you, then start running away. If this person has spells, wait until he is about to cast it and then  away. This is kind of tricky, depending on the champion, and your skill level with Fizz. If you don't think you'll be able to dodge it, then either activate it once, so you can slow him/her (since this person's a melee champ). If you are near a tower, bush, or wall, or this person won't get affected by slows too badly, then activated it twice to run. You may want to activate it only once in order to dodge a spell or something, as activating it only once gives you longer invulnerability

    -AD/AS champions can really hurt you, especially if you don't have Exhaust. Ignite can stop lifesteal though, so don't forget that. Don't be scared to sacrifice Sharkie to live.

    -Melee champs are easier to get away from, but if they have substantial slow, they'll still be able to catch up to you after 

    -Champs like Tryndamere, Shaco, or Yi, with a flash or catch up spell will be tricky. If they are chasing you, try to get them to activate their's first before using . You can do this by using  and running or  away and running. They'll use it to catch up and then you can . Don't save it too long and then get yourself killed though. Also, don't forget to go through thin walls.

    -If you use , save it for . With a bit of CDR, you'll be able to get in 2 usages of it with one .

    -Against melee champs while harassing, you'll be playing more of a ranged role. You'll poke, and then run away while  does it's DOT thing.

    Situation 3 - Against a caster

    Heh, going against casters is the most fun. Dodging their spells with  is hilarious. Remember, casters are as CD reliant as you. Depending on the type of caster, you may be able to just charge in with  and , and then  away or into them. If they are fed or have stun spells, then you'll have to play carefully. Remember, things like Sion's stun are dodgeable with 

    Most importantly, against casters, don't be afraid to  into them. You're risking a lot less. Screwing it up will get you punished less than screwing it up against anyone rocking AS/AD. However, saving it also has its uses because spells are easier to dodge with  than autoattacks. Basically, what I'm saying is that  is stronger against casters in almost every possible way.

    -Pay attention to their cooldowns too. They're as cooldown reliant as you are

    -Watch for skillshots. They're the easier to dodge.

    -Watch for champions with stuns and binds. You won't be able to  like that.

    -You can  out of AOE spells too, like Fiddle's Crowstorm

    -If they're playing really far ranged casters, like Lux, then you can  to get into  range.

    -If you built a squishier build, then burst nukers will be dangerous. Adjust accordingly (and by that, I mean avoid them if they're stronger than you or until their CD's are off)

  • Farming

    You read all the way down here? Props!
    Not much to summarize. I don't feel like typing it twice >:D

  • Pros / Cons

    You read all the way down here? Props!
    Not much to summarize. I don't feel like typing it twice >:D

  • Summary

    You read all the way down here? Props!
    Not much to summarize. I don't feel like typing it twice >:D

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