Fizz Build Guide

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Fizz the Bursting AP Trickster

written by Thirteen13v2

Fizz Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Nimble Fighter
    This is a great passive you dont notice the Auto attack reduction much but you would notice the Anti-unit collision allowing you to escape fast enough

    Urchin Strike
    Urchin strike is your Main skill always max this first it procs on hit effects but since this guide isnt about on hit effects that part isnt useful but the Hybrid damage is amazing

    Seastone Trident
    The magic damage on your attacks allow you to pick up enemies even though they hid behind there turret and the active allows you to counter healers like Mundo and Yi: Mundo may not Heal what he Pleases T_T

    Playful / Trickster
    The 2nd Most recognized skill of Fizz max this 2nd because the damage it deals is awesome just awesome leaves you speechless this skill is taken 2nd because you dash forward with Urchin Strike activate Seastone Trident deal as much damage as you can then flip out with Trickster

    Chum the Waters
    Its The most noticable skill of Fizz because of... ITS A GIGANTIC FREAKING SHARK THAT EATS THE FISH AND PEOPLE AROUND IT its an Awesome Aoe nuke its like Tibbers With Rupture and An Aoe slow around it what more can you ask

  • Introduction

    Hello My name is Thirteen13v2 this is my first guide and it is to one of my favorite Champions he may be new but He is incredibly awesome Ap since his spells deal magic damage and his W makes his Autoattacks deal magic damage over time

  • Pros / Cons


    Great Burst Damage

    Nice escape

    He looks cute

    His Shark Deals Tons of Damage and it looks Badass

    He looks like stitch





    Oom easy early game

    Squishy without RoA Rylais and Warmogs


  • Masteries + Runes





    Mental Force 4

    Sorcery 4

    Archaic Knowledge 1\



    Hardiness 3

    Resistance 3

    Durability 4

    Veteran Scars 1

    Vigor 3

    Initiator 3

    Mercenary 3





    Magic Penetration Marks and Quintessences

    Ability Power Seals

    CDR glyphs



    Magic Penetration Marks and quints for improved magic damage

    Ability Power Seals reason is same as Marks and Quints

    CDR glyphs allow you to harass more and deal your amazing burst and it also allows you to escape quickly

  • Items


    Rabadons Deathcap

    Lich bane

    Rod of Ages

    Sorcerer Shoes


    Warmogs Armor


    Rabadons to Add to your amazing burst and your Autoattacks deal more damage

    Lich bane is for your burst the burst is Amazing and having all these AP items it can deal outrageous damage truly truly outrageous

    Rod of Ages for Tankniess and the Mana since you get oom quick Number one needed item early

    Sorcerer shoes for magic pen since most of your damage is Magic

    Rylais for the slow since you lack any CC except for E and R and it helps for catching up with Q

    Warmogs well everything cant all be damage so you need some health since you dive in the middle of everything and you have to survive and get out so you need the health

  • Skilling Order

    Take Urchin Strike(Q) first and max it first

    Take Playful/Trickster(E) second and max it second

    Take Urchin Strike again at lvl 3

    Seastone Trident(W) at lvl 4 and max it last

    Take Chum the waters(Shark ult) everytime you can


  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash and Clarity seem like a great choice to me since

    Flash for when Playful Trickster is on CD

    Clarity for OOM early on and having a good early game is a good advantage

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