Cho'Gath Build Guide

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Who says a turret-high monster coming out of a bush isn't scary?

written by BACHO TI

Cho'Gath Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    This is what makes jungling cho so viable. You can just stay in the lane or in the jungle as long as you please. You get harassed? No problem, just kill a couple of creeps and you're as good as new.

    The ice breaker. Tossing up enemies has never been so fun and satisfying. If you are matched with good players, they might dodge it, but who cares, you'll eat 'em anyway. BUT... if you hit it... and see a Caitlyn going up and dying before she even touches the ground... PRICELESS!!!

    Feral Scream
    Go on, I know you want to. I know you want to ram in their team, and just when Nunu starts channeling his ult, Karthus too, and that little fucker Fiddle over there, you silence their assess with one single spell. So why can't you? This is one of the best silences in the game, and what can turn the tide of a clutch teamfight. Use it, abuse it, love it!

    Vorpal Spikes
    This is the real deal we talking about in here. This little auto-attack enhancer deals surprisingly good amounts of damage, and most people neglect it. And they do so until they click the death recap and see that you did 600-700 damage to them only with this little baby. Just remember that if it hits a champion who is towerhugging, it WILL draw turret aggro. So just turn it off if you want to push down a tower.

    OH MAN. This is an ultimate. This will be your killing blow and this is what will make your enemies very very scared of you. The true damage is just... trully magnificent. And it also stacks... 6 fucking times... making you so big that even a t-rex would poop his pants. Being able to just drop 1500ish health out of dragon is baron is just the icing of the cake. No more buff stealing, sry fellas.

  • Introduction

    Howdy there, stranger!

    This is another awfully extensive and boring guide by the legend himself, BACHO TI. This time I will be talking to you concerning one of the best junglers in this game (hhh yeah, ONE OF THE BEST). That is Chogath. Yes, he is an incredible solo top, he can even hold mid and just outfarm Malzahar himself, but I think he really really shines in the jungle. Yes, this is a jungling guide, and I will be sharing with you all I know about how to jungle, when to gank etc etc. If you want a laning chogath guide, GTFO and go watch porn or something, I don't care.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Oh boy, masteries + runes. MY FAVOURITE!!! (that fucking spellcheck is underlining all my words, am I so bad in English?). As we are going to jungle, I find there to be just 2 mandatory rune sets. The first one is Greater Quintessence of Swiftness and the other one is
    Greater Seal of Resilience . Why that you may say? Because cho is slow as fucking hell. And in order to make a gank successfull, you NEED to run at least as fast as your opponents. So in order to compensate for his slow mobility, we take those quints. The armor seals are a no brainer because as a jungler you must have high armor in order to stay at a good health % and thus gank better.

    Now my rune set for jungle cho is:

    9x Greater Mark of Insight
    9x Greater Seal of Resilience
    9x Greater Glyph of Shielding
    3x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness

    Cho deals magic damage (and true damage, ofc), so we must take the magic pen runes, so you can deal even MOAR damage. The glyphs are really your choice, but because I build him somewhat tanky, I'd like a little buff to my mres. Why per level and not flat mres? Because casters dont usually deal insane amounts of damage early game, they start being a real pain in the ass late game. And late game your per level glyphs have outshined the flat ones.

    For the mastery tree I go a 1/14/15 spec. Why is that? Well you need Smite, so we take the improved smite in the offence tree. In the Utility tree we pick up the necessary boost of EXP, followed by the longer buff duration and end up right where i want- in the movement speed boost. Yeah, as I said before, cho is slower than a fucking turtle. But with the runes and the mastery talent, we gonna run like hell. In the defense tree I take some nice armor and mres, making sure to pick up some dodge (you might get lucky u know) and some blocked physical damage, so you can take less damage from them jungle monsters. Got it?

    If you dont got it, here's what I mean:

  • Summoner Abilities

    For obvious reason, here we will take Smite and I don't wanna hear complaints about it. This guide is about jungling, and as every jungler, we will be kind enough to spare your teammates some good headache and take that fucking spell. Now i know you have a super-smite on a same cooldown, but that's after you hit 6. Before that, you need smite in order to jungle successfully.

    The second spell I take is Ghost. U wanna know why? I just want to run fast. And fast as a bullet. There is nothing more scarier than overextending your lane and all of a sudden a HUGE FUCKING MONSTER appears out of the bush. You expect it to be slow and not so swift, but you realise that thing is speeding towards you like a god damn corevette. That's when you panic. And that's when you die. Cho'gath doesn't need a gap closer, he just needs to go in there, try to land his Rupture and then keep on chasing in high speed mode. Besides, if you ever consider taking Flash over Ghost for the sake of escaping... Just don't... You are immortal and you will stay in the front lines of the teamfight, so you must go out last, picking up the ace.

    Of course Flash is a viable choice, and most of you may find it more suitable for their style of play. I personally, don't (just stated my reasons above).

  • Skilling Order

    Skill ordering LIKE A BAWS MAN!!! First get your Vorpal Spikes, then continue on with Rupture, take a point in Feral Scream for that nice silence, and then max out Rupture. What happens after you have maxed it out? It depends entirely on you, my friend. If they have a lot of CC and you want their mouth shut longer and on a better frequency, just max out your silence. If you are constantly auto-attacking some punk and you don't need that silence so much, just max out vorpal blades first. Here's an example:

    Got it?

  • Items

    Oh YEEEEEAH. Its where my guide really shines and why cho'gath plays a big role in any team. Because he is built just in the modern meta- as a tanky DEEEEEPS. Now, ladies and gentleladies, here's how we roll:

    At the fountain, pick up your standart Cloth Armor + 5x Health Potion. Everything is pretty standart. Now here I will just let you know the progression, the jungling route you will see below. On the second trip back (whenever you feel comfortable, as cho blue pills when he pleases), buy your Mercury's Treads and start working on that Rod of Ages. Why is that you may say? Mercury treads are the best boots in the game IMO, as they provide you not only with a nice bit of mres, but the huge 35% tenacity!!! And as we will be sitting in the front lines of a battle, we want that CC reduction! Why the rod? Because the catalyst brings you that nice survivability and extra bulkyness you really need early-mid game. + it gives you both the stats we need at that point of the game- damage (AP) and survivability (health). The mana is just a bonus.

    So anywayz, when you build that stinkin rod, its time you take care about your magic resist. Why is that you may ask me, young padawan? Its because you have a lot more armor then mres, and we need to balance that, cause we dont want you taking a 5minute beating from an Ashe who can't get you below 90% HP and suddenly that Brand pops up and 1 shots you. But we also want to deal more damage, dont we sir? Yes we do. And with that in mind I bring you our next item: Abyssal Scepter. This item just fits cho'gath like a Victoria's Secret model fits in a ferarri. It gives you that Mres you need right now, and it also boosts your damage. How nice!

    Ok next up i bring you the masterpiece of the masterpiece. You will become a terror because you will have a permanent red buff on yourself. Yes, I am talking about Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This item is just awesome. It give you more health, it makes you even bigger, AND it makes your passive E skill a permaslow. Yes, your Vorpal Spikes proc. That means 15% slow, and that means the enemy stay in your graps unless its Kassadin. It gives you both the things we need- AP and survivability. Now you become rambo and you can do whatever the hell you please.

    We round up the build by bringing to the table a pure tank item- Guardian Angel. This is where you become the Terminator. You just go in, do you business, reign havoc among your enemy and just when they finally think they have killed you, you rise again... Only to make a pentakill!

    For a 6th item i really think it should be pure offense. The game will most probably reach the point where you have to consider filling up your last item slot, but if it does, then that means you need to do more damage. Because at this point of the game, you need to shred the enemy as fast as you can, and you need damage to do that. I suggest the mother of all caster items, the Rabadon's Deathcap. Your AP will skyrocket, and you will start to deal some HARD HARD damage.

    All in all, with this build Cho'gath makes the perfect off-tank- he deals some good damage and he can soak up some good damage. 

  • Build Example

    Here is the build example, ladies (the stats are without runes and masteries):


  • Creep Jungling

    You wanna know why Cho'gath is a perfect jungler? He kills creeps damn fast. In fact, he is one of the fastest junglers in the game. However, he requires a more different route than a standart jungler, a power-level-5 route. Now it may take longer to get your red buff, but you don't need it. Cho'gath has the perfect initiation skill for a gank, and he gets it right at level 2. So you can gank at level 2 as good as any level. Now here is the route:

    1. Pick up 5 pots and cloth armor
    2. Go to wolves and kill them (no smite here)
    3. Go to wraiths, smite the big one, kill the rest.
    4. Go to golems, slaughter them, then blue pill back.
    5. Go to blue buff, smite him, kill him, dance on his dead body.
    6. The wolves are respawning, go kill them.
    7. The wraiths are respawning, go kill them.
    8. The golems are respawning, go kill them.
    9. Red buff is good to go now, kill him and you are lvl 5.

    If it's too hard to remember, I'll simple it out for you. At the start clear the small camps, then just blue pill back only to go to blue golem. Then again, clear small camps and do red. Simple as that.

    Now remember, you can do dragon as good as level 6. Your magnificent ult + your smite can deal some heavy heavy damage to dragon, so just with a little bit of help you can do it even if it's warded in a 100 places. The enemy just won't have the time to react because you will kill dragon as fast as shaco with his clone and a [item=Madred's Bloodrazor].

  • Working in the team

    I will divide this section into 3 parts, so it can be more easier to talk about it and you can understand me better.

    Your main goal here is just to jungle and keep one eye on your minimap for overextended lanes. The moment one enemy starts pushing, you must be there and punish him. Rupture + a couple of hits and a mate's help should be enough to finish him of. Even if it doesn't, making the enemy waste his summoner spells is as good as a kill itself. Because you will return in a short time, and this time he won't have his flash up. And you will taunt his dead ass and watch as he rage quits. Also, when someone calls for help, go and cover the lane for him.


    This is where you declare dominance and you let the enemy team know they are not supposed to fuck with you. Start messing up their game- try to gank even if you know you can't score a kill. Just the thought of being ganked constantly will make them fear you, and make them mistake. And you want them to start making mistakes, because you have to win this game, bro. The fear factor is very important here. The enemy must be constantly kept under pressure that you might pop out of a bush rushing to eat them. Start pushing lanes and destroying towers. Be there when small teamfights start to occur. Your mid-game is quite strong, so don't neglect it. Start mowning down dragons, lizards and such stuff.


    Here is the part where you must do your role as an off-tank and initate fights. You must be in the front line, soaking up the damage while still dishing some yourself. Focus their carry, destroy it. You have a marvelous ultimate suited just for cases like this. Warding the jungle is extremely important now. In fact, having wards has never been more important than in this phase of the game. Because one wrong step can lead to a single kill. And late game, one killed champion can bring doom to his team. So just stick with your team, do Baron or something, clean wards with your support. The main idea is to stay in a close formation and try to outsmart your opponents. Backdooring and split-pushing when there are stalemates in front of the tower guarding the inhibitor, are just necessary.

  • Pros / Cons

    Starting with the pros:

    -One of the fastest junglers in the game
    -This guy gets HUGE
    -Offers nice survivability in return for a nice damage output. What's not to like?
    -Has great initiation for ganks and teamfights
    -Cone-shaped silence
    -Can gank from level 2 easily
    -Excellent jungling flexibility. Even if you get counter-jungled, its no worries for you. You don't depend on your blue buff, and you don't depend on your red buff.
    -And so on, and so on...

    Going for the cons:
    -Not much, just lacks damage early game.
    -If not with proper runes and masteries, you might get low in some situations, making you an easy target for an avid support with CV and a good jungler.

  • Summary

    Well folks, I hope you like my guide. I'd like you to give me constructive criticism and please, if you downvote, comment why. I'd like this to become the best jungle cho guide out there, but without your help, it will not be possible.

    Thank you for your time!

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