Kassadin Build Guide

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"OmG I hate your Q ..." Kassadin

written by Daetlaef

Kassadin Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello and welcome to my Guide featuring Kassadin.

    What is said in an introduction? I'm not sure. Because of this I think I'll point out why it is recommendable to play Kassadin. I'd give him the tags 'AP', 'Counter AP', 'AP Carry'. But why is this true? In my following guide I will point out some possible guides how to manage Kassadin and carry your team the best way. Maybe some of you thought about Kassadin as an easy, old and boring champion. "He only got his annoying 'Q' and sometime the 'E' spell to deal damage..." What some of this guys forget is that Kassadin is not a champion with these both spells. Use your ulti in a clever way to avoid shots, deal damage during chasing or just escape[..]
    So have fun with my guide and vote.

  • Masteries, Runes and Summoner Abilities

    So the first point is how to set the Masteries, Runes and Summoner Abilities. Here we are:

    I play Kassadin with these Masteries. The typical AP Masteries with a good option for the blue buff to keep it. Different Mastery-builds are possible. Replace the buff duration Mastery with the one you really need. But in general this Masteries are the recommended.

    For Runes use the following to get some manareg, AP at the first levels and AP at the end.

    Greater Quintessence of Potency Get this for dealing damage at the first levels. Your first items are no ones which give a this high amount of ability power, so get it from Runes.

    Greater Mark of Insight Sure, this Marks are here to get through the enemies first magic resistance.

    Greater Seal of Vitality These are my Seals to play Kassadin. I think Kassadin needs suwiveability to be usefull. Seals with life at level 18 are the best to get this.
    Greater Seal of Force If you prefere a little AP boost take these Runes for some more AP. In my opinion life is more usefull but this Seals also are possible.

    Greater Glyph of Force 3 AP at level 18 from each Glyph is awesome.

    The Summoner Abilities can be choosen as you need it.

    Ignite I recommend Ignite for nearly each AP champion at mid lane. It is just usefull to get the kill from the enemy because he will have Flash in most cases. Especially for Kassadin Ignite is very nice because he can deal a high amount of damage with his spells. Additional you place Ignite on the eney and he will die if you'r doing a good job.

    Flash Flash is the Summoner spell nearly each player uses. You can get out of very bad situations and chase with it. Kassadin got his ulti Riftwalk to escape and chase. But Flash is still usefull to escape especially before you reach level six. I use flash in some cases. Still a usefull addition to you ultimate.

    Cleanse Cleanse can be very nice especially against stunning and each other cc enemy. At mid we got Malzahar with his ulti, Annie with stun, Brand with stun [...] who can kill you during you are unable to do anything. Maybe a Warwick at jungle uses the ultimate, too. Use Cleanse to counter these enemies and make them angry.

    Teleport Teleport can be usefull. Usually the top laner uses Teleport to get back on his lane. You also can do this but you will loose the other spell now... Not recommend for usual games, maybe take Teleport in special cases. You will notice.

    Clarity You don't need Clarity at all with Kassadin. Yes, the spells cost some mana but look at my itembuild how to counter Clarity.

    Each other spell does not fit Kassadin at all. Take one of these.

  • Kassadin's spells and its priorities

    The skilling order for Kassadin is very easy. The easy it is the helpful and strong Kassadin is, too. Max your Q spell as fast as possible. Look at the following picture how to set the skill-points:

    Desciption: Max Q as fast as possible for more damage and lower cooldown. Skill the ulti if possible. Second priority is your E spell. Use your W spell to get E faster and max it at last. The item especially for your E spell will be one of the last.

  • Items and some reasons / Build Examples

    Now the maybe most important and interesting part. I'll list some items and build examples for you to get an idea of what Kassadin really needs.

    These are the core items for each Kassadin build. They will give you enough mana for harassment and to escape from ganks whenever the enemy jungler attacks. You will be able to stay on lane at least as long as the enemy player at mid and won't loose the tower if you are doing a good job.

    First of all start with [item_icon=Meki Pendant] and two Healt Potions. Try to avoid the enemy attacks and farm well with autohits. This is possible because of Kassadin's Q. The enemy will be just scared to get another Q from you. And if he comes in range just hit him one. The Meki Pendant will guarantee enough mana for beginning a good Kassadin.
    Try to stay on lane till you can afford out of your [item_icon=Meki Pendant] and get at the same time. Mobility is very important for Kassadin and additional for your utlimate just awesome.

    Your 2nd trip back should bring you the complete caster boots and another mana item. At least should be bought here. Maybe if you can afford it buy even at this point.

    These Items are the core items for each following build.
    Now you are dealing a nice damage and don't have many mana problems. Maybe you even can get the blue buff from you jungler. You will absolutely dominate the mid lane.


    Further items will be out of your at first. The passive to get mana and life when the time goes on should be maximized as fast as possible. So this is your first item after the core build
    If you and your team have bad stats and can't really do anything than defending you maybe can buy first to surwive. But care: The problem is that you don't have additional AP!
    The next item of you will be to get a massive damage boost. After this item your output will be very hard. The enemies will hate you for the Q spell, especially against squishy champions.

    From now on the game you play reaches the mid or late game state. At this time you will need some Life to surwive teamfights and be more usefull. At first here is the overview of your momentary itembuild:


    Finish this build the following ways:

    Usual save Kassadin game:

    Kassadin has to be more tanky:
    [builder=Kassadin/9a09e8de751cef391fe3603552a2b319] or [builder=Kassadin/82a067ff41e7e6d1dbd93533f841238d]
    Note: is usefull to slow, but your E already slows... That's your choice, but it gives Life and AP in general. And can be very usefull in teamfights against the enemies. Only buy this if no allied player already got it and think about it. This item has no ability power effect.

    Kassadin for advanced players (very difficult to play, because of ):
    This build is for advanced players. You have to use a spell (use your ulti to "load" Lich Bane" for example) and hit after this. The important part is that you now are in the middle of the teamfight. Care not to get ripped while doing this combo. For chasing enemies this Build is the best because the damage output can be much harder.

    A little item discussion (only contested items listed):

    The passive is great. But the problem is that the inventory only got six slots. I think the named items in my guide are better for Kassadin.

    and [item_icon=Morello's Evil Tome] The AP is too low and you don't need CD reduction for Kassadin.

    and Don't use spell vamp for Kassadin, you are not playing Brand <3

    Yes, this item is gread. But only if you don't die. You have to know when you buy it. If the game works very nice it's nice option. But care which item you replace. Don't forget: You need some life to be more usefull. Some AP players seem to be only scared lasthitter with this item.

    Okay. You got enemies with many M Res? Maybe replace Abyssal Scepter for this item. But I prefere a bit M Res for Kassadin.

    You should be able to escape good enough with your ultimate. Don't buy this item. You will be dead anyway if you have to use it xD

    Simply not usefull. No champion should use this item. What you need is more AP. Your Runes and other items got enough Magic Penetration.

    As I already pointed out somewhere top: Usefull item against heavy damage with a great passive in teamfights. But you have to think about it really well.

    Why should you buy this item? For more life? Don't do this. There are Banshee's and other better items for you to get surwiveability. You won't buy Atma's Impaler anyway :D

  • Pros / Cons

    - great anti- caster for mid lane
    - high damage output in short sequenzes
    - got a slow and silence without itemeffects
    - ultimate just gread to chase and escape

    - squshy if only focused on AP
    - can be annoying because of stealing each kill (belongs to the player)

  • Farming

    Kassadin is a very good mid lane champion. Because of your Q and the enemy caster (in most cases) you will be able to harass very hard. Lasthit with usual hits and avoid enemy attacks/ganks. The farm at beginning is very important. If you got a nice farm at beginning your mid and lategame is saved.
    Your W spell is nice to stack for E and to deal more damage to lasthit creeps. Use it and be not too scared of saving mana.
    After the laning phase it is more difficult to farm with Kassadin. Try to get at least assists to improve your damage.

  • Abilities

    Void Stone
    Very strong passvie against casters.
    You will realize that Kassadin takes less damage from magic spells than each other midlaner. Only gread and fitting ability for an anti caster as Kassadin.

    Null Sphere
    This is Kassadin's silecne. Use it to initiate your attack and the enemy won't deal damage for some time. Great harass spell because of its silence, high damage even without AP (Runes and Items in my build) and really low cooldown.

    Nether Blade
    At the beginning this is your spell to stack for "Force Pulse" and lasthit crepps better. Later on this can be very powerful in addition with .

    Force Pulse
    Force Pulse deals an high amount of damage. Stack it up till you are able to use it and keep it or the right moment.

    Your Ultimate: Escape, Chase, deal Damage

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