Shyvana Build Guide

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Shyvana: I'm a dragon, deal with it!

written by TheMonacleSpy

Shyvana Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    I'm going to put it straight, dragons are awesome. You've got your Bahamuts, your Tiamats, that greedy ol' Smaug. Each fantasy story has its own portrayal of the awe inspiring dragon. For league of legends we have Shyvana, the Half Dragon.

    Much like so many other dragons Shyvana is a feared opponent. I have faces many Shyvana players on the fields of battle, even playing her myself. I love this goddamn character so much that I'm willing to bet she will get placed in a top tier in the future.

    For one her ability to chase targets and stick to individuals is very powerful with consistent auto-attacks. She also gains significant burst damage with her abilities when combined with her own attacks. Lastly the ultimate, which not only improves everything in your kit but also makes you far more durable in a team fight.

    I'll present my findings for Shyvana below, feel free to copy my build and spread it around as I have had lots of success with it.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Everything AS
    Greater Mark of Alacrity
    Greater Seal of Alacrity
    Greater Glyph of Alacrity
    Greater Quintessence of Alacrity

    Masteries: 9/0/21

    This setup will allow you to use your passive to its fullest potential early game as well as late game. In combination with the items listed below you won't have any trouble singling someone out of the fight. This is especially good against Atmogs players who feel the need to gain gratuitous amounts of health and AD. You will have an easier time dispatching high health targets.

  • Items

    Your complete item build lies just below. This build has won me several games.


    The thing is, your auto-attacks will do so much for you if you pay attention to your dragon blood meter. After hitting 50 times you get your ultimate ready again. If you attack while in dragon form it will extend the duration of your form for a few seconds at a time.

    Personally it all depends on what you decide to do late game. I'd recommend getting Phage before Bloodrazor is completed so you can chase better.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Take Flash and Exhaust. No exceptions

    I hate to say it, but you don't have enough crowd control to be considered a viable threat to most enemies. They will gawk at you and poke you to death with CC if you let them. Luckily Shyvana has great base stats coupled with high health per level so your only worry is bruisers getting up close and personal.

    Thats where exhaust and flash come in. If you aren't prepared to fight (highly unlikely) and the enemy CC's you then you are done, end of story. Dragon's descent can get you out of tight situations at times but I'd save it for teamfights as it is much more useful when pitted against multiple enemies or chasing that one guy who flashed over the wall.

  • Abilities

    Fury of the Dragonborn
    Utility with attack speed. Your kit is basically a toolbox and you are the artisan who must utilize it to your advantage. Weaving skills between attacks will increase your damage output much more than bursting with your skills and walking away. With every auto-attack you could be doing 1 of 4 things.

    Q gets off cooldown faster
    W has an extended duration
    E does bonus damage based on its own damage
    R recharges faster

    Therefore auto-attacking to proc your skills is the key to playing a good half dragon.

    Twin Bite
    Powerful when used right. Not so shabby when wasted. The fact that it procs two on hits makes it worth maxing at level 15. Much like Renekton your W deals great damage even at level 1 as it scales very well from the start (Its basically a 1.8 off your total AD). The reason we max it second is because of the 5 second cooldown which will melt your opponents rather quickly.

    In dragon form you get a massive cleave attack in front of you. I haven't calculated the range of it but the damage is the same and it WILL proc your on-hits to every target in range.

    Extremely efficient spell that will have your enemies crying in rage induced agony. This is your chaser and what a spell it is. If you auto-attack an enemy with this and they are alone chances are that if they didn't get flash they will die to your spell combos. Max it at level 9.

    In dragon form this ability is beyond godlike. As long as you are auto-attacking you will leave a blazing trail behind you when you walk that does similar damage each second. I like it when enemies clump together in my burnout trail and complain "WHY AM I LOSING SO MUCH HP?" Oh joy.

    Flame Breath
    Get at least two levels in this early game. Its not a very powerful flat damage skill but the damage from your passive will be on par with your wits end (if you have it) dealing even more on-hit damage. Its also your only skill shot so getting used to it will take some amount of practice.

    In dragon form its much easier to land since it becomes a cone. Perfect setup for your AoE cleave bite. Oh how I love being a huge dragon.

    Dragon's Descent
    Using this skill you can recreate that scene from Reign of Fire where the dragon swoops in and sets the entire town aflame. This skill has two uses.

    1. Chasing: Lets say an enemy is running from the fight like the coward that he is. Give chase with W active or even better use it to jump over walls in the jungle to create that special surprise party for the enemy carry.

    2. Condensing: I.E. Keeping everyone in one place. Like in the champion spotlight this means keeping the big scary champions away from your more important ones. The push-back mechanic can also be used to interrupt channels such as Nunu blizzards and Katarina lotuses.

    Use of this skill will determine your role in the fight. If you use it well your team will reward you handsomely.

  • Skilling Order

    Priority should go towards your ultimate, then burnout, then twin bite, and finally flame breath.

  • Early-Late Item Path

    You have several different paths to take. For now you will start with the basic earlygame startup.

    For this you want Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion. The movement will allow your burnout to shred and chase for much longer. With three pots you can take more harassment than your opponents which is always good since you yourself are naturally a beefy character.


    Port back when you get 1450 gold. This will be a good time to get Recurve Bow and Null-Magic Mantle which will inevitably turn into Wit's End. This item will allow your auto-attacks to deal significant damage with twin bite and proc your passive quicker. Your build towards mid game should go like this.


    After mid game you should have Mercury's Treads and [item=Malady] there will be a large difference in your total DPS with flame breath and twin bite at this point.


    Now its time to build some tankiness. By mid-late game players should start focusing you down rather quickly with burst combos. Depending on how much damage output they have you should opt for either Phage or Giant's Belt. If they have a melee physical DPS like Garen that is wrecking your team take the Chain Vest and upgrade it into Sunfire Cape as soon as you can.


    By lategame if you are getting fed you should already have [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] completed. Enemies will be shred into tiny bite size pieces once you lay them out for 4 seconds of auto-attacking and twin bite procs. Complete the Phage and get Frozen Mallet if you can or stick with Sunfire Cape if teamfights become more condensed.


    By late game your massive build should be near completion. In most games you won't be able to get to the full build but it helps if you can get most of your good items.

  • Working in the team

    Like the dragons in Reign of Fire, you have to play decisively if you want to get kills. That means jumping right into the fray once the enemy has committed and laying out your spells. Don't waste it jumping after one enemy who is out in the open, it may as well be an ambush and is overall a waste if you can't catch them.

    Agressive players are your primary target. Wait for one to jump the gun and unload on them. If they flash away you have your ultimate to chase. The key here is to play passively and estimate how much damage you can take before you have to leave the fight.

    In cases where you have a good initiator (Galio, Jarvan IV, Amumu) you can couple this with your ultimate and W for some massive AoE burst. This has worked wonders in several matches where I get paired up with a Fiddlesticks (surprise!)

  • Pros / Cons

    -high single target dps
    -very strong chaser
    -large bursts of damage in dragon from
    -procs on-hits very quickly at high levels
    -can double as a tank in dragon from with enough health
    -very intimidating to fight against

    -no crowd control outside her ultimate
    -hard CC (stuns, taunts, ect.) can severely cripple her damage

  • Rate and Comment

    I want you to try out this build for yourself and tell me how your games go. Leave a comment and rate the guide at the top.

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