Kayle Build Guide

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Kayle: Swinging a burning sword is fun, eh?

written by Surreptitious

Kayle Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hey guys, my name is Mantraxx/Surreptitious. You may have never heard of me (barely anyone ever has o.O), but today I´m presenting you my personal way of playing Kayle. There are many people that call Kayle unviable since Riot decided to “remake” her. But fear not! I´ll show you the way of still melting faces with our favourite Judicator!


    PS: If you find any writing mistakes, keep in mind that I´m from Germany and don´t speak English as my mother-tongue.

    Also, this guide is my first one and will be updated when I feel like it, so stay tuned!

  • Abilities

    Holy Fervor
    This is the main focus of this build (together with Righteous Fury). Even though the old passive was much more awesome, the remaked passive is good in its own way. It may be not as flashy/useful as other passives in the game (like Annie´s Pyromania), but shredding armour and magic resist is damn good in late game, where taking down tanky champs can be a pain.

    Nuke + Slow + MOAR DMG! Ok, I may be a little too enthusiastic about this skill, because it lost MUCH of its power over the time, but it´s still a good skill and synergizes very well with Righteous Fury. Since my build is not focused around this skill, look at it like a nice, never-missing slow which helps your face-melting especially late game.

    Divine Blessing
    This damn fine speed boost can be used in many, many ways, however, the heal is crappy, so don´t rely on it; even as Support Kayle it´s a waste focusing on this skill, only the speed boost is somewhat useful.

    Righteous Fury
    This is it, ladies and gentlemen. Adore it, worship it, love it! Next to its flashy animation, this skill is Kayle´s bread-and-butter skill. Huge range and splashing extra magic dmg? YES, goddamn, YES! Together with the shredding from Holy Fervor and the extra dmg from Reckoning, this spell is plain awesome!


    Two words: Life Saver. For yourself or people who are nice to you. Don´t, I repeat, don´t try to initiate into a 5-man team alone, thinking you´re Rambo because you can´t die for 2-3 seconds. To be fair, you are somewhat cooler and tougher that Rambo, but the point is: you WILL end up dead if you don´t use this skill with some brain. Only use it on yourself when needed desperately, otherwise save key players during a team fight. This skill IS a game changer, so use it in the best way possible!

  • Masteries + Runes

    Runes and masteries are a matter of preference in my opinion, so I present you MY setup, which can vary, according to your preference.


    For marks, I use Greater Mark of Desolation. You may ask:”Why, great master, WHYYYYY?!” And that´s perfectly fine. The point is: the scaling of Righteous Fury is damn crappy, even crappier than Divine Blessing. So at some point during the game, your normal damage is just way higher than the damage your get from Righteous Fury. More late game orientation is also a reason.


    For seals, I use Greater Seal of Resilience. Gives you a moderate early boost against AD champs and are cheap as hell. Fell in love with those since I can´t quite imagine any REALLY useful runes in its place (except for Greater Seal of Clarity, maybe). So use these, or dodge runes or whatever you feel like.


    For glyphs, I use Greater Glyph of Shielding. Universal runes, cheap and just all around useful. No reason to take any other runes, maybe flat CD is an option.


    For quintessences, I use Greater Quintessence of Swiftness. Why? Because they´re fucking awesome! I love to be faster than anyone else, so why not taking this amazing runes? Take anything you feel like if you want to be slow as a tired turtle, I won´t stop you.


    For masteries, I use a 21/8/1 setup for pure dps and 9/0/21 for supportive play:



  • Items

    The big topic everyone always waits for. To make this clear at this point: Kayle is very, very item reliant. Although she isn´t particularly bad early, she doesn´t shine like other champs do, instead she scales insanely with AD and AP items, which is the reason we´re building her hybrid while using her passive to the fullest: you´re a mobile shredding machine and the fear of every tank.


    Start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion. It´s the most solid start for Kayle, because her early game is all about hitting with Righteous Fury, especially in chasing situations. And since you have those fine Greater Quintessence of Swiftness (you have them, have you?), you outrun almost anyone without a dash or Flash.

    An alternative may be starting with Dagger and 1 Health Potion, since Kayle scales extremely well with attack speed, which we will get plenty of.


    Your first “big” item will be [item=Malady]. Why? Look at your passive! Look at this item, look back at your passive again. Noticed something? Right, synergy! Some AP, massive attack speed and some additional shredding. Pretty much everything you want in early/mid game.

    Next, upgrade your boots to Berserker's Greaves. I know what you think right now. “those boots suck!”, “zerks on kayle? Kk gtfo!” But think again. Which boots REALLY bring you more bang for the buck? Mercury's Treads may seem solid, but when you get focused in a fight with much CC, you´re pretty much dead anyway, not speaking of that wrong positioning you had at that point.

    Ionian Boots of Lucidity? Not the worst choice, but since all of Kayle´s skills are on a rather short cooldown, these boots are better suited for other champs.

    Ninja Tabi: same reason as Mercury´s. Improving your positioning in fights makes defensive item choices obsolete.

    Boots of Swiftness: In case you didn´t grab that flashy Greater Quintessence of Swiftness, this boots are actually worth thinking about. But since you grabbed those fine runes, you really don´t need those green sneakers, do you?

    Sorcerer's Shoes seem like a solid choice, but they aren´t. Since Kayle was remaked, playing her full AP is just too ineffective and we´re not even focusing on Reckoning, so why should we even think about magic penetration? Not worth it, imho.

    Edit: I made some experiments with Sword of the Divine with quite positive results. After you have [item=Malady] and your boots, it is worth a mention as a follow-up item, especially when you want to push hard, since the passive from Sword of the Divine also applies to turrets. But don´t forget the active, which is too good to be forgotten at ANY point; not missing a single hit for 8 seconds is awesome, so use it often.


    Next big item is The Black Cleaver to further increase your shredding. “AD on Kayle, you´re insane, dude?” A little bit, yes, but The Black Cleaver is just too awesome to pass. You have to befriend the way of thinking of Kayle as a ranged AD carry. Kayle´s days of hybrid/AP/wtf-nuke are gone forever, so try to see the new Kayle with a new mindset. Believe me there, The Black Cleaver is very, very good on Kayle. The damage and attack speed let you hit like something out of this world (which Kayle actually is … something outer-dimensional, if I recall right).

    After this, it´s pretty much up to you … joke! Next big thing should be Hextech Gunblade. Too good to pass. Period. Vamp and Spellvamp both greatly increase your survivability in fight and additional damage and AP make this item the wet dream of every hybrid champ. Don´t forget to use the active like I do every time I buy this item.

    To be fair, somewhere before, between or after the Gunblade you are in desperate need of survivability. Which item are the best choices, you ask? Banshee's Veil for magic resist, Atma's Impaler or Frozen Heart for armour. I would only get some HP in form of either Frozen Mallet or Warmog's Armor if you decide to go for Atma's Impaler, since focusing entirely on HP as defensive stat is too ineffective.

    Late game should look something like this when you choose the Atmogs combo as defensive choice:


  • Skilling Order

    This is the way to go, doesn´t really matter if you play support or DPS:

    Maxing E as soon as possible may seem like a huge waste, but I´d rather use the early impact it has on your damage instead of lvling Q to have a decent nuke (since we don´t focus too much on it, item-wise).

    One point in W is more than enough, since the speed bonus and the heal scale pretty crappy per lvl, so investing them into Q actually is a lot smarter.

    R whenever possible, should be self-explainatory.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I run Flash and Exhaust. Flash for escape/counter-flash and Exhaust for dominating fights and put out some real punishment on careless people who underestimate Kayle.

  • Working in the team

    Early on, start being aggressive and try to get a feeling for your tankiness. You might not believe it, but most of the time Kayle puts out that much punishment that other players seriously get afraid of you. Use this! Play some little mind tricks; make them believe you´re stronger than you really are. If you´re duo-laning, coordinate with your lane partner to put out some real burst damage. If you play solo top (which Kayle is capable of, but is not recommended, since most top laners just bring too much sustain) focus on farming. After you have [item=Malady], you start to hit quite hard and fast.


    During team fights, you have 3 jobs:

    1) Join the anti-carry to either be his meat shield or (if they don´t stop you) to help him burst down the enemy carry.

    2) Stay ready to use your ultimate at every second of every fight. Keep an eye on the important players, most of the time it´s the carry, and ult him/her if the situation requires and if it gives you a serious edge in the fight.

    3) FRIGGIN.STAY.ALIVE! Dead Kayle is useless in every way possible, so position yourself so you are flexible to focus on your two main jobs. Your place is somewhere between the tanks/offtanks and the carry/AP. Stay there and you should be fine, since Righteous Fury gives you a pretty huge range.

  • Summary

    If you made it through till here, you deserved yourself some cookies! Iɂm open for any constructive criticism and if you think I stated some wrong things, which may be, then inform me so I can correct it. Other than that, I hope I inspired some people to give the reworked Kayle another shot, because she is still awesome and often is underestimated. There were many games where I could carry single-handely simply because my enemies underestimated my damage. No better feeling!

    Help Kayle to get to her former glory!

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