Shyvana Build Guide

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Shyvana, Death From Above

written by BlitzingDeath

Shyvana Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi, my name is BlitzingDeath. When I saw Half-Dragon, I knew I was going to buy her right away. I thought she'd play similar to Dragon Knight from Dota, but their kits are a bit different.

    This is a WIP. I'm trying to get this guide released as fast as possible so it's pretty barebones. Things also might change as time pass. Feedback is very welcome as long as it's constructive.

  • Summary


    Greater Quintessence of Desolation
    Greater Mark of Alacrity
    Greater Seal of Vigor
    Greater Glyph of Warding

    Jungle start:

    Tanky DPS:


  • Abilities

    Fury of the Dragonborn
    Pretty useful passive since you'll be auto-attacking in between cooldowns.

    Twin Bite
    This helps Shyvana keep burnout active at the beginning of the game and does a great amount of burst endgame. You can also use this to quickly proc on-hit effects that stack.

    Your main source of damage at the beginning of the game. Comparable to Garen's Spin and Win, just that this does less damage to heroes and more to creeps, meaning it helps your farming. The movement speed bonus is good as well as you can use it to help you travel across the map or chase down someone.

    Flame Breath
    Outside of the armor debuff, not so great. It gets a lot better when you get into dragon form since you can potentially debuff the entire enemy team.

    Dragon's Descent
    One thing I don't like about Shyvana's kit is that she lacks any hard CC that so many other tanky dps has. But this ultimate is unique in the type of utility that it brings.

    The first thing that you can do with this ultimate is runaway with it. That one is a no-brainer. Just point and click. You can also use this over a wall.

    The second thing that you can do is interrupt channeling spells. So you can stop Katarina and Nunu ults and if you are fast enough, stop Fiddle's.

    The third thing that you can do is cutoff an escape path for an enemy. Simply go behind the enemy and dive them.

    Finally, perhaps the most unique thing you can do is group the enemy team together. This is very deadly if this is combined with a Fiddle, Annie, Amumu, Pantheon, pretty much any AoE ult. If the opponent team is a bit too spread out, but you can push them together, this ult helps you accomplish that.

  • Masteries + Runes


    You can take off a point in the defense tree and move it into the defensive spell mastery for smite if you are going to jungle. You can also take Havoc instead of Vampirism, but Vampirism makes it easier to jungle.

    Greater Quintessence of Desolation
    Greater Mark of Alacrity
    Greater Seal of Vigor
    Greater Glyph of Warding

    The Quints and Marks help increase Shyvana's physical damage output. The Seals help you stay in lane better and the Glyphs help with those pesky mages.

  • Jungling

    Shyvana, despite not having any sustain, can jungle. If you choose to jungle and find you can't do it, swap out the Greater Seal of Vigor for Greater Seal of Resilience. Jungling is the best way to play Shyvana as her lane is quite poor.

    Start: * 5

    Blue Golem -> Wolves -> Wraiths -> -> Little golems -> -> Lizard -> Base -> Wraiths -> Gank

    It is a bit hard to gank with Shyvana, especially if you aren't level 6, which is why red is extremely important since Shyvana has no way to CC the opponent. If you don't have red, think twice about ganking, since your W will end up pushing the lane.

    However, Shyvana is very good at counter-jungling. Have a ward placed at red so you know when the enemy jungler is about to get red. You can also go blind if you have a good idea what their clear time is, but it might be a bit more difficult. Shyvana is very good at 1v1 in the enemy jungle and can clear enemy camps out very quickly.

    Core: Wriggle's Lantern Boots of Speed

    Replace Boots which the boots of your choice. After you finish this, you can go into any of the other builds that I list below. Decide based on how your team is doing and what type of role you need to fill. In the first two builds, Wriggle's can replace the Bloodthirster while in the Tanky DPS build, it can replace Banshee's.

  • Items

    Shyvana can use so many items. You can build her as a jungler, AS on-hit, hybrid, pure AD, AD+AS, tanky DPS, or tanky. I'm going to list a few possible builds you can use with her.



    Core: [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor]
    Optional: [item_icon=Malady]

    This build is very similar to the Kog'Maw or Teemo on-hit build. Why is this viable? Her Q lets her proc her on-hit effects. And since on-hit items give AS, that Q cooldown is going to be very short. Wit's End + Madred's gives you a lot of on-hit damage with your Q. Frozen Mallet prevents enemies from running away since Shyvana needs a good way to lock down on targets. BT gives you lifesteal and Banshee's is for survival. You can substitute the BT or Banshee's out for Malady, but since Shyvana has to be in the middle of the fight unlike Kog or Teemo, she needs more sustain.



    Optional: [item_icon=Stark's Fervor][item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor]

    This is a pretty standard AD carry build. The thing which separates Shyvana from the rest is that stacking AS is as viable as stacking AD on her due to her passive. The core items are standard on many AD carries. After that, it's situational. The three items that I listed are pretty well-rounded in that it gives Shyvana lifesteal, armor reduction, and some CC. Out of these three items, only the Black Cleaver gives some more AS. If you feel like 1.2 attacks per second is all you need and the opponents are stacking armor, get a Last Whisper. If you need more AS, swap out the Bloodthirster for Stark's. Stark's is especially useful if you have another AD that doesn't have it. Finally, if you don't need the slow+hp, another Phantom Dancer will considerably raise your AS, MS, and Crit Chance, or, if the enemy team is full of tanky dps, Madred's Bloodrazor will give you the AS and damage.

    If you go with the standard build, you are attacking about 1.5 times a second, which isn't too bad. When using this build, make sure you keep a good balance between AD and AS. If you want a pure AS build, go with On-hit.


    Tanky DPS


    This build will leave you with a TON of hp, which is good. Triforce, while expensive, is very good on Shyvana. While it does give a bit of wasted mana, everything else can be used on her. Her Q is the main user of Sheen and Phage, but everything else just helps her. Every item on her gives HP, which allows good synergy with Atma's. You can choose to get either Banshee's or Warmog's first; it's up to you since she doesn't have a problem farming, especially with Sunfire Cape. But, get Banshee's if they are AP or CC heavy, Warmog's if not.


    Tiamat Tuesday

    Core: [item_icon=Tiamat]
    Endgame: [item_icon=Tiamat]

    This build IS JUST FOR FUN. Depending on how serious you want to be, you can just get one. But if you want to troll the enemy team hard, stack them. Each Tiamat gives 50 damage and 25 splash damage, which pretty much stacks with all of Shyvana's Dragon Form's abilities. Phantom Dancer will increase your damage output, BT increases your raw damage and survivability, BC gives you damage, some AS, and armor reduction, and Frozen Mallet for slow and HP. But stacking Tiamats is quite hilarious especially if you have someone lock down your opponents. In addition, if you Ult right, all your opponents will be front of you which means you will deal some major damage to the whole team at least once in the team fight.

    More to come...Send me suggestions.

  • Skilling Order

    Maxing out W first maximizes your damage output at the beginning of the game. Then, max out Q so you can proc your passive and on-hits more and one point of E is just for the utility. Of course max ult when you can.

  • Summoner Abilities


    These two are ideal. Ghost is really useful because, stacked with Burnout, you will move insanely fast. However you can swap Exhaust for:


    Ignite helps increase your burst at the beginning of the game while Teleport helps you save towers especially since you farm so well or you can teleport in the middle of a team fights and start popping AoE damage. Flash can help you chase down someone, especially if you have Burnout active. Smite is for jungling.

  • Pros / Cons

    +Good early game damage
    +Can fulfill several roles and can be built several ways
    +Ult can help setup other character's ults
    +Fast jungle speed and excellent counter-jungler.
    +Lategame damage is incredible, no matter which build you use.
    +Dragon form has a ton of AoE damage.

    -Despite good early game damage, laning is quite bad.
    -Needs to use ult as a gap closer
    -No hard CC
    -Ganks are quite poor pre-level 6

  • Working in the team

    Shyvana is really good as an off-tank. She can initiate with her Ult, but it's best to save it for in the middle of a teamfight or towards the end since the utility on it can do so much. But, if you start with her Ult, she does quite a bit of AoE damage since Q and E are now AoE. How to use the ult is explained in the skills section.

    Once you morph into dragon, the combo is W -> E -> Q -> Q -> Q -> ... You get the point. You E after you W since your passive allows your autoattacks to do more damage to debuffed targets which is a plus.

  • Farming

    Easy as pie. Press W and walk in the middle of the creeps. Q helps too.

  • History

    1/6/11: Finally updated Masteries
    11/5/11: Added Jungle section
    11/1/11: Shyvana and this guide released.

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