Blitzcrank Build Guide

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LaneCrank: How to dominate early to mid game

written by younghartwig

Blitzcrank Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Let me start out by saying that this guide focuses on the earlier aspects of Summoner's Rift, ie; laning phase. I don't believe that there's a right or wrong build, but that each game is different, and that should be taken into consideration. 

  • Abilities

    Mana Barrier
    This is what makes you surprisingly durable. The shield is based on how much mana you ***currently have***. This means if you have only have 100/600 mana, you'll get a 50 damage-nullifying shield. Know when it's on cooldown, know how much mana you have. If you don't, you'll be one dead robot.

    Rocket Grab
    Key to success with Blitz. Called "Grab" "Hook" "Yoink" "Pull"'s the equivalent of Scorpion's "GET OVER HERE!". Note: The grab comes out of his right hand, so take that into consideration when a minion can sneak right up next to you if you're not careful and ruin a perfectly good grab. Master this skill and you'll master Blitz.

    Run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the gingerbread...golem.

    This is useful in chasing, taking down turrets, map movement, and running away. Very important in running away.

    Power Fist
    Pop-up with a spammable cooldown, and doubles your AD? yes please.

    Static Field
    AoE nuke on active, passively strikes random minions/champions. This will ninja some last hits on creeps for you, while you focus on zoning out your opponents.

    Also, don't hesitate to use the active to stop nearby channeling ults. Or secure kills. Or to Farm entire creep waves. With a very low cooldown, it's worth the extra gold you get.

  • Items

    Sapphire Crystal+ 2 Health Potion
    Tear of the Goddess + Boots of Speed
    Manamune + Boots of Swiftness
    This is your core build. Manamune early means more mana early (autoattacks will also build up the mana) means more survivability.

    If you're rocking face and want more damage: Sheen
    If you're facing a lot of magic damage dealers: Negatron Cloak -> Abyssal Scepter
    Too much enemy AD: Chain Vest -> Glacial Shroud
    If you have a good relationship with an AP nuke in your lane: Will of the Ancients (more on that later)

    These will help you dominate your lane and push it all the way to their inhibitor tower before 25 min (if all things go well). After that you come to the point in which you build based on the condition of the game. Do you need more AD? More survivability? Look at what the opponents are building and find ways to counter them. 

    I could bring in another 3 or 4 items to "complete the build" but I feel that's the wrong kind of thinking, at least when it comes to playing Blitz. You should build on the needs of your team, and to keep yourself from dying. 

    (Although I must say a Blitz with Manamune, Warmog's Armor, Guardian Angel, and Zhonya's Hourglass makes a great backdoor distraction while your team takes baron or wails on turrets elsewhere.)

  • Summoner Abilities

    Personally I take:

    Exhaust and Teleport
    Tele gets me into position, helps with ganks, quickly pushing towers after teamfights, etc. etc.

    Exhaust nets early kills at turrets as well as helps take down those tough guys you might be laning against.

    Also good: Flash
    Be in the right place at the right time, dodge enemy blitzcranks, etc. Always good to have, but your w will help with a lot of that.

     If your team needs it, you can provide. Help secure a kill on an enemy jungler, reveal bushes for a successful pull, etc.

    Beyond that, you could consider Clarity if you're constantly low on mana (and thus shield), but after level 6 or so, you shouldn't have too much of a problem with that.
    Ignite if no one else has it, but you're job is more cc, let your lanemate focus on damage.

  • How to work with your lane partner

    This is what makes or breaks Blitzcrank's early game. Get a good lane going and it's all downhill from there.

    The general idea with laning with Blitzcrank is to capitalize on his versatility. He can do AD damage. He can take a hit. He can  do some AP burst.
     Compliment what your laning partner can do. Do they have a gold intensive build? Zone the enemy so they can last hit better, ultimately resulting in more kills and assists for you. Do they do surprising burst? Play conservative to lull them into a false sense of security, then land a grab and pop up to secure a kill.

    I mentioned earlier the possibility of getting Will of the Ancients. The UNIQUE auras have a tendancy to overlap if two people have them*. That means you and your lane partner get 110AP and 50% spellvamp whenever the two are together! For only 2100 gold, this is an often overlooked choice because few people think in terms of team items.
    Likewise, Abyssal Scepter is a great item if you're laning with a magic damage dealer. Since you're always going to be right next to the target, they'll always have the debuff on them, causing more damage to be taken by them. It's not just about what you can dish out, but what your team can.

    Communication is key. Mark targets, mention that you can exhaust them, know when you're going to play aggressive and when you're going to back down. If you and your lane partner can communicate well, netting kills is almost guaranteed. And kills mean gold, which in turn means more kills and a victory.

    *For those who would argue about the stacking of aura items, think of the aura as owning a squirt-gun. You get the buff from having the squirt-gun. Others get it from you spraying it on them. If someone else has a squirt-gun as well, and you spray them, they get double the buff. If two people spray one person, they're just wet. One buff.

    Good People to lane with:

    Assassins: Katarina, Akali, Talon, etc.
     Your job is to feed these people kills early. Fed assassins make for a very scared enemy. Feel free to last hit the creeps so you can get to your manamune quicker. Let them harrass the opposition, darting in and out, and once they are low enough / get their ult, pull an enemy to you, exhaust, and pop them up while Kat spins next to you. Pop goes the weasle.

    Snowballers: Veigar, Nasus, Scion
    Your job here is to protect them while they farm their abilities. Harrass the enemy. Zone them by hiding in their brush. Make them pay for going too close to your charge. Soon you'll be killing whoever comes into your lane.

    CC heavy tanks / off tanks: Alistar, Singed, Amumu
    I've had more people rage quit after feeding my Blitz Alistar lane than any other circumstances combined. Constant harrassment. Pop 'em up, stun them, push them, pull them, and by the end you'll probably be ganked by their whole team. 

    Not ideal people to lane with

    You can do some damage, esp. with the turret, but you lack any kind of heal to sustain. Plus you don't benefit as much from the level gap as some of the other champs, so chances are there's someone else who can do it better.

    AD DPS:
    Your CC only lasts for so long, plus you only do a limited amount of burst damage. The need for you to get gold makes it a battle for last hits, which means both you and your partner end up lacking in usefulness.

    One last thing, Champs to be wary of:

    Teemo: your pop relies on your auto attack...blind neutralizes that. Combine that and poison, mushrooms etc, and you've got a tough battle on your hands.

    Blitzcrank:  he knows your tricks, and can put you out of place just as much as you can do to him. go for the other guy first, then destroy him.

    Shacco:  little bugger just got buffed, and he's always laying those boxes. he will disappear from your pull and there's nothing you can do...unless you get oracles. ;)

    Twitch:  see Shacco.

    Any ranged DPS:  get ready to land some good grabs, cuz if you don't, you're done for.

  • Skilling

    Always start with a point in each skill, Q then E then W. This will let you Grab-Punch combo as well as the movement speed to land it.
    When laning with Burst: R>Q>W>E. 
    You need the first big hit, after the pull, the enemy will be dead so there is no need to try for a second punch.

    When laning with other CC: R>E>W>Q
    Keep them up in the air for as long as possible, max the E early so you can cc people til they die.

    When laning with others: R>E=W=Q
    Figure out what you need more. Is the enemy getting away with 10 Hp? Pump Q for added burst. Are you pushing the tower? W for more hits on it. E is good early if you get into prolonged battles early.

  • Summary

    So that's what I have so far, this is my first guide so let me know if you have any criticisms. 
    Some of you may be wondering where the Masteries section is. I personally I leave this up to you. I do ad and armor pen because that's what I have left over from playing as Caitlyn. Armor, MR, CDR and Mana Regen all work well with Blitz. Find what works best for you, this isn't the most critical part to playing Blitz.

    The idea behind this was to turn the focus less on the "ideal build" and more onto "a good start". 
    Work on using your Rocket Grab, don't be afraid to try for high risk pulls. 
    Tailor your build to what works for you and your team, don't get caught trying to catch up on your trinity force when you have enough burst on your team already. 
    Communicate with your lane partner and set up early lane dominance. 
    Also note that most of the games I play are normal games, so things generally aren't as structured with "jungler, ad carry, tank, nuke, support" like in higher elo...just something to consider.

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