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Being Awesome with Trist 101

written by Broockle

Tristana Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Draw a Bead
    Increases Range as you level.
    Be careful Early game cause most other ranged champs out range you, play very defensive until level 6.

    Rapid Fire
    Percentage attack speed increase, for 7 seconds.
    Great for knocking down turrets while no one is paying attention.
    And beating the shit out of anything that gets too close to you (or chooses to run).

    Rocket Jump
    Trist flies to target direction causing AP damage and slow on what ever she lands on.
    Never use this offensively unless u r absolutely sure no one will be ganking you.
    It's crazy in combination with your ulti, but really risky to use.
    Can also be used in close combat, but REALLY ONLY if u r sure u won't regret having used up your rocketjump.

    [spell=Explosive Shot]
    Active: alittle AP damage over time, reduces healing by 50%.
    Passive: stuff blows up that you kill.
    Crazy for farming, and reduces healing effects by 50%. Be sure to hit those jerks that pop a health potion or that have crazy life steal.

    Buster Shot
    Real good AP damage, and knocks opponents and everything in the trajectory flying.
    Great for early level 6 kills.
    And great to keep people alive with, including yourself.

  • Introduction

    Tristana is the most powerful Carry, but extremely squishy. Meaning she has the greatest late game potential but getting her there is difficult cause of how easily you can loose her in a cloud of sparks and explosions.
    You should never be taking any risks early game. Try to never strive through the jungle by yourself. Never get lured into traps, never chase, never loose yourself and get greedy, stay safe, stay alive. Keep one eye on the minimap at all times, knowing where the enemy champions are moving is key to survival. You cannot afford meeting an enemy in the jungle during early game. You r just too weak, you usually die in a 1 vs 1 encounter.

    In teamfights try to stay away from harm, and never stop shooting, you are something like a stationary turret in teamfights. Target the closest most squishy enemy in your range. But stay out of enemy range at the same time. Think alittle selfishly in teamfights. You are a crazy source of DPS, you really mustn't die. If something walks out of range just switch targets, unless the enemy primary damage output is already destroyed u should not be pursuing. You can die in a blink of an eye. (lol that rhymes)
    It's very tempting to be reckless with Trist, but u must hold back most of the time. U must survive!
    If u manage not to feed the enemy in the early game and got yourself some kills, then u can evolve to one shit of a DPS Monsta!!
    Never loose your cool though, and always think ahead of the enemy. Never get lured, always try to either be where there is no enemy and take down a turret or 2 (or 3), or be in teamfights and crack your DPS at them.

    Tristana (against an organized team) is nothing by herself, if no one can soak up the enemy damage off of her, she is useless. She is crucial in team fights though, so whenever an allie is in need be sure to help how ever u can. It is mostly a good idea to do so.

    Always have one eye on the minimap, people will always wanna kill u. Especially if you're owning. I've seen people do the most reckless things just to take me down as Trist. Never take chances.

  • Skilling Order

    My Skilling order is always the same ever game.
    Always level your ulti when u can ofcourse, and always level explosive shot, cause u need to farm good, u need all the moneyz u can get. Get just 1 rocket jump at level 2 and level the rest when everything else is full. Rapid fire is useless until it gets level 3 at least. But level it rather than rocket jump anyway.

  • Items

    My build is usually always the same aswell. It just works everytime.
    1. Vampiric Scepter
    2. Berserker's Greaves
    3. Zeal
    4. The Black Cleaver
    5/6/7. Infinity Edge / The Bloodthirster / Phantom Dancer
    When the game is still not over then get another The Bloodthirster or Phantom Dancer.

    You will notice Vampiric Scepter not making a great impact early game at level 1-6. But believe me this item will become so useful mid game. You just have to hold out that long. If you do you can stay in the lane all you like really. Endure longer than the enemy, damage their turret as early as possible.
    Your Zeal and Berserker's Greaves are all the attackspeed you're gonna get for the most part of the game. After that it's Damage time. Once u have that first B. F. Sword your damage is already incredible. No one expects that huge difference in dps after obtaining the first B. F. Sword, suprise ur opponents with it. The Black Cleaver is an absolute must for trist. Squishies like ryze or ashe, die in about 5 hits of that stuff. People will be dieing like flies infront of u.
    Dun forget to check the minimap though, getting reckless with Trist is very very easy.

    Other items:
    Doran's Blade is really only a good idea if you are laning with a good partner whom u wanna get a level 1 gank with. Other wise just go for the scepter, that thing is really useful mid game.
    Frozen Mallet is also a good item for trist, though i never use it. There is really no need for the slow effect in my opinion, and the extra health is nice but trist is just so squishy and inmaneuverable (if her spells r not available) that you'd die anyway if attacked properly.
    Wit's End good item too against lots of spellies, i also never get this though cause i prefer to kill all my targets as fast as possible.
    Last Whisper Get this if the enemy has a ton of Tanks, with armour and such. But that is rare,
    usually The Black Cleaver has all the armour pen u need, and having some Greater Mark of Desolation is pretty neat too.
    [item=Malady] sux ass with Trist, do not get this. I'm serious, this item is just bloody expensive, it's not worth the life steal nor the attack speed. The passive doesn't make a huge impact either compared to the difference some AD would do.
    [item=Tiamat] This item is just hilarious with Trist. I recommend u trying it at some point, every minion u hit makes splash damage, and if that splash kills it activates your Explosive shot passive, it's just fun watching the chain reaction of explosions. U won't c anything else kill creeps faster lol. It's not needed in a serious game though. Trist's [spell=explosive shot] passive does the trick by itself too.
    Banshee's Veil You can get this if you feel you really need it, but i say it's a shame for the extra DPS you could be doing lol. Cleanse is usually enough to keep me alive.
    Sword of the Occult gives 100 dammage with 20 stacks and only costs 1369 gold, making it worth the damage of 2 B. F. Sword's being 1850 gold each. With most champions you would get an item like this very very early in the game. But not Trist, she starts owning mid game so i would fit this little guy in after the Zeal. If you're confident u will make the kills that is.
    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] is a good counter not for armour packs but against health monsters. So against fed Cho'gaths, Dr. Mundo's or Sions. Be sure to get The Black Cleaver and/or a Last Whisper first though.

  • Farming

    It can be very hard to last hit creeps with trist at level 1, but try anyway. Keep those minions exploding and keep the enemy champs away from them by doing so.
    Get the Lizard buff when ever u can. U can usually get it already once u got the Zeal. Just explosive shot the Lizard, and rapid fire the little minions and fire the rest at the big guy.
    Once u have that first BF Sword u can already take down the dragon actually. It's risky though at that point so be careful.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I tried all of the Summoner Abilities on Trist, and i always use the same ones for her now.
    Teleport and Cleanse.
    Teleport, cause if u mid then u gota be able to go buy something and be back again in 3 seconds. Also if u see an enemy weak spot u can backdoor some turrets. Turrets r gone in less than 8 second if u leave them alone with Trist (less than 3 seconds in late game). There is no faster pusher than Trist. Trist's walking speed is just bloody slow, so Teleport is rather nice.
    Cleanse may not be the 4 second invulnerability to all debuffs anymore but it's still saving my ass every game.
    If twitch gets to u, just rocket jump and cleanse his poison away before he ignites it. If u get Tibber Stunned just cleanse and either rocket jump over to annie and fire a hole in her face or to safety. If u get hit by ryze or morgana, cleanse, rocket jump and just prey, sometimes even that isn't enough xD.

    Flash sorta works but it's a waste really, you shouldn't be getting into trouble with trist in the first place, and if you do then you got rocket jump.
    Exhaust can be very nice aswell, but it doesn't add to your survivability and that is always more important with trist than kills. Someone oughta have some kind of slow, but let it not be Trist.
    Ignite, I really dun see the point of ignite for trist. As if someone could actualy escape from Trist's range, Trist doesn't need kills that badly, she needs to survive, and if you get hit by warwicks ulti then halfing his lifesteal won't really safe you either. I don't recommend this.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I'm using
    9x Greater Mark of Desolation
    9x Greater Seal of Alacrity
    9x Greater Glyph of Alacrity
    1x Greater Quintessence of Desolation
    1x Greater Quintessence of Alacrity
    1x Greater Quintessence of Furor

    I get up to 22 armour pen from them, 16% attackspeed and the extra 4.5% crit damage.

    In my masteries i put 21 on the Offensive Tree and 9 on Utility.
    In so many guides i find people putting 3 points on Good Hands. What the hell for?! Trist isn't a champ that should be dieing and if you are feeding then reduced death time is more of a bad thing anyway.

  • Working in the team

    Like i said earlier. In Teamfights you are something like a Stationary Turret. If you walk that means you're not shooting, and you should ALWAYS be shooting in a teamfight. Stay away from harm, let your allies suck up the damage. If someone gets too close to you buster shot him away. Think of your own safety first.
    If you notice someone is missing on the minimap, then consider the possibility of u getting sneak attacked out of the jungle. Stay close to your allies in those cases. Try to never be alone. Trist needs companions.

  • Ganking

    There is one final thing i want to address with Trist, Ganking.
    You should firstly never show urself to the enemy unless you outgun them.
    If you mid and you want to support your sides for a bit, you can pull the Rocket Jump Buster Shot maneuver. And get enemies away from their turrets and into your allies. Then you can start helping to nuke the turret. Don't neglect the middle though.

    Here is a secret i figured out and i don't think many people know this. I used it at many occasions to my own advantage, it's very risky though.
    If you Rocket Jump from one bush to the other, the enemy doesn't see you pass over. If you lane either up or down and you wanna get into the enemy bush without detection you can pull that off and make them regret not to have checked the bush.
    It has backfired on me on a number of occasions too, but it's just so awesome, u gotta try that too, if you have enough confidence lol.

    I'm serious about the minimap though, never loose it out of your sight, if u r caught unaware by the enemy u can go down very easily, even if you're well fed. Think ahead of them. And never do anything that will get yourself killed. Trist mustn't die to reach her full potential, if u let her die too much she can be rather weak even late game.

    I'm saying you must be very careful when playing Trist, and constantly aware of enemy movements, but by no means should you ever fear an encounter. You can seriously save lives sometimes, even if outnumbered.
    If you see an allie being kited by the enemy, you can jump in there (somewhere where you are hopefully out of harms way (sometimes it's better to save your jump)) and take down the squishy DPS champs with a buster shot and 2 or 3 good holes in their torso, before turning the rest of them into vapor.
    You need a good team for things like this to work though. U should always think ahead. It's the key of playing Trist the most offensive way, and that is the best way for a little girl with a giant gun in her arms.

  • Summery

    Basically Trist's roll in a match is ranged DPS and tower demolisher.
    When ever there is no enemy pressure take down turrets, when ever there is too much enemy pressure, either stay defensive or take your chances and just shoot down a dragon.

    Please tell me what u think guys.

  • Things you should never do

    I thought of another topic. I will list things here you should definitely never do while playing Tristana.

    1. Using rocketjump to approach enemy champions without cover.
    2. Jump into a bush which could have an enemy housing.
    3. Show yourself to the enemy while your rocketjump is on cooldown. (if you have good allies in the area then it's ok actually)
    4. Walk through the jungle while some enemies are not found on the minimap. (you can do it, but be bloody careful)
    5. Taking on some jungle creeps rather than a good wave of minions. (especially stupid, for 1. cause it's more dangerous and for 2. cause you as Trist can kill crowded minions much faster)

    These are complete noob points here, but i thought it was fun writing them down.

  • Particularly deadly champions

    I'm bored atm so i'll make a top 10 list of nuisant champs against Tristana.
    EDIT: I just realized that there is a champion i am much more annoyed with than everyone in this list. I will add him now as numbah 1.

    1. Tryndamere: This friggin bastard just won't friggin die! It's practically impossible to kill him with trist. He has good dps heals like a maniac and can twirl through any wall, an craziest of all, his ulti. U can only keep him away with a buster shot. Or make him use his ulti as fast as possible so he stays away from ur turret. Sometimes u can knock down his last 500 health in 1 buster shot when they r not careful.

    2. Teemo: Man Teemo's Blinding Dart is the most annoying spell that can be used against trist i know. Not being able to hit anything anymore for that duration is really killer. Trist just dies if her enemies don't die within 5 seconds of conflict.

    3. Poppy: OMG i friggin hate Poppy, if she manages to Heroic Charge you and get her melee dps on you you're dead faster than you mock her ridiculously shaped heads resembelance to her hammer.

    4. Twisted Fate: Do not take him lightly if he goes for AP, i had quite some trouble against TF players early game. He can quite effectively keep you from exping with his Gold Cards.

    5. Gankplank: Gankplank can be bloody annoying too. At level 1 it takes no more than 4 hits of his Parrrley to kill you. You can't even own his ass too hard mid game. His survivability is just too annoying.

    6. Karthus: Not too bad as long as u can dodge his Lay Waste. But if he manages some hits and then ulties you're toast. I do encourage to cover his robes in burn marks though, he goes down very quickly.

    7. Ryze: If you see him approach you with full mana fresh from his spawn, get the hell out of there! It takes a mere combo from him to send your spirit floating.

    8. Morgana: Actually quite harmless as long as you can dodge her Dark Binding (which should be very easy), but if she manages to sneak onto you with her snare and ulti, you might as well eat a
    Noxious Trap Burger from teemo.

    9. Kassadin: Really only annoying if you get yourself low on health in his pressence. He can port, slow and kill you quite effectively. Though if you can barely survive his combo you are fine. You might even end up blasting enough projectiles into his void body to cancel him out of existence.

    10 Annie: I personally never have a problem with annie, but if you choose not to get Cleanse with Trist, Annie can be quite problematic. Be sure to have someone else eat her combo. And blast her when ever there's an opening, especially when she feels safe within her adorable little Molten Shield.

    11. Zilian: The only thing slightly annoying about this guy is the friggin range of Time Bomb. Other than that he can't do anything though, especially late game.

    There are also the melee assassin types which can get dangerous. But if you follow this guide and don't let yourself get into trouble you should be able to avoid frustrating encounters against Warwick, Jax, Katarina yii, or evelynn and champs like that.
    Some tanks can be quite tricky to deal with too like Mordekaiser, and Sion. Just make sure to keep yourself safe and pure out constant dps at the closest most threatening target.

    All other champions can pretty much suck it, if they can't reach you they can't hurt you.

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