Lee Sin Build Guide

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my custom leesin guide :) (classic)

written by Wheatley4269

Lee Sin Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Im just barely starting with leesin but i found a nice build that works for me. i went 28/0 when i followed this build (not bots). i was doing very great so i thought i might as well make a guide for this (incase your wondering i am level 30)

  • Items

    I build leesin with neat little mix of lifesteal, armor, and still having great damage. i open up with a dorans blade, and then get ninja tabi. i then rush the bloodthirster. then get not 1 but 2 wiggles lanterns (dosnt matter when). then i build a little health with sunfire cape and finish up with frozen mallet. 

  • Skilling Order

    i get my Q maxed right away then you can max either W or E just depending on your needs. and of course you get your R whenever you can.

  • Summoner Abilities

    whenever i play leesin i get ghost and exhaust. makes you very good at escaping or offensive fighting which they are both great for. you can also take ignite if you really want too. but i prefere the slow and speed :)

  • Abilities

    try to space your abilities! this is the key! this does not stack! be careful!

    Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike
    if you cant do goo with skillshots your sonic wave is gonna give you a little trouble. but if your like me and your great this will be your main move and do alot of damage or just to catch up.

    Safeguard / Iron Will
    try using resonating strike THEN safeguard to a minion to hurass the enemys at early levels! you can also hurt them while there still next to there tower and get out with little or no damage done to you.

    Tempest / Cripple
    this is a great mix of damage and slow. i love the slow when im chasing. lead with sonic wave and hit them with resonating strike. then you use tempest, if there still alive use cripple to slow them and basic attack them to death.

    Dragon's Rage
    i find this very good with either finishing off or kicking an enemy into my team. beware that it can hurt your teammates in some ways! for once some people could miss there spells like brands piller of flame and caitlyns piltover peicemaker!

  • Build Example

    Dorans blade>Ninja tabi>bloodthirster>wiggles lanturn>sunfire cape> frozen mallet>wiggles lanturn.

  • Summary

    i hope you guys liked my guide but this is my first guide ever so dont be mean :3. i just thought i would show you how i build leesin but if you found this guide useful make sure to tell me  and visit my youtube channel www.youtube.com/wheatley4269 thanks for reading and i hope you find this useful :)

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