Graves Build Guide

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Graves - The high DPS machine

written by FanaticZ

Graves Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction


    My name is FanatiicZ and I play on the EU West Servers. (Feel free to add me if you want to ask me something, I am from germany, so I can speak German and English.)
    Graves is my favourite champion since he came out, thats why I decide to get down and write a guide about him. He is funny to play but difficult to master. Everything about Graves and general information about his gameplay will be covered here and if there is anything missing then just let me know. This guide is upgraded constantly so nothing will be outdated. Have fun reading and vote for the guide if you like it.

    - In fact:

    1) Graves damage is insane.
    2) Graves is pretty squishy, like all range ADs, but his passive makes him a little bit less squishy.
    3) Graves is ranged.
    4) Graves has an great escape spell (W).
    5) Graves has an good burst dmg.
    6) Graves is funny to play.
    7) Graves W spell is very nice (AND NEW!).
    8) Graves can easily last hit.
    9) Graves is graves. :)

  • Abilities

    True Grit
    Nice passive, nothing more to say. Gives you the durable that other range AD Champs dont have.

    This is your main skill, which can be very deadly but it can also be used for farming some creeps for getting some cash. The dmg of this spell is everytime good, from early to late.

    Smoke Screen
    Just nice, you can slow all enemys with just one spell (with luck), also they dont see that much. (lower range)

    I use this skill only for two things, for chasing an enemy ore for running away. In both situation the skill is good. You can also jump between walls.

    Collateral Damage
    This is an very great ultimate if you use it correctly with the right angel. The result is, that you can change the status of the teamfight quickly. It can be also used to burst some squishys down. For example:

    Q - W - R - E - Chasing

  • Masteries + Runes

    - Runes:

    Greater Mark of Desolation x9
    Seal of Strenght x9
    Glyph of Alcrity x9
    Quintessence of the Headless Horseman x3 (or normally ARPEN Runes)

  • Items

    Start Items:
    Boots of Speed + 3x  Health Potion
    After going back:
    B. F. Sword ORE Berserker's Greaves
    After some kills:
    The Bloodthirster AND Infinity Edge AND Phantom Dancer AND Frozen Mallet

    Normally Core:

    Tanky Core:

    Tanky enemys: 

  • Item Build in fact

    Early Game

    Since the champion is very squishy, the best item choices with starting 475 gold is a Doran's Blade, which costs all your starting gold. But mostly I buy Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion because im faster and I think my damage is good enough in the early game. So, if you think your dmg is not high enough and you want some extra life, pick Doran's Blade, else pick Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion.

    Note: Buying Boots of Speed will give you faster your core, because you cant build anything out of Doran's Blade.

    Note: Buying a couple of Health Potion in the early game is pretty much essential because you can stay longer in your lane to grab more EXP.

    Boots Choices

    Boots of Swiftness If you're having poroblems to getting away from your enemies or your enemy team has many flexible champions like Ezreal or Corki you can buy them.

    Berserker's Greaves Most common boots. When you just want to farm and harrass efectively with attack speed and not tend to leave your line too much, this is what you want to buy. And btw, this boots are also very cheap.

    Mercury's Treads Final choice. If your enemie team has a lot of AP casters ore CC these are the right boots.

    Luxus Items:

    ~Under construction~

    Optional Items

    ~Under construction~

  • Skilling Order

    Collateral Damage [R]
    [spell=Buckshot] [Q]
    Smoke Screen [W]
    Quickdraw [E]

    I max Q first because the dmg is just nice and you can farm better, after maxing Q my focus is on W, then E. I skill my ult whenever I can.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I prefer using Flash and Exhaust.

     Let you avoid getting killed in a teamfight if you positioniong is poor.
    Just pick it if you love 1v1 or if you like playing offensive. Use it to so save yourself and your team by casting it on the most dangerous enemy like, for example tryndamere.
    Very nice spell, this will make sure that they dont escape with 20hp.

  • Pros / Cons

    - Excellent farming skills
    - Good escape
    - Good burst
    - Can change the outcome of the teamfights if stands correctly
    - Good burst :D11!!
    - Controls an line easily

    - Low mana pool
    - Squishy
    - Targeted in team fights
    - Easy to counter by stacking armor

  • Result of playing with this guide

    ,,Normally games":

    In detail:

    Early game:

  • Cheat Sheet

    You dont know everything by heart and want to look fast on the guide? Then you're here right, everything on one page without any detail.


    Skill order:

  • Warding your map

    Sight Ward: Places an invisible ward with 1100 range sight. Lasts 4.5 minutes, max 5 stacks.
    [item=Oracle's Elixir]: Gives your champion stealth detection until they die.
    Vision Ward Places an invisible ward with 1000 range sight (see invisible units). Lasts 3 1/2 minutes, max 5 stacks.

    Basically this section is a bit off topic. But I think its very important to know where you need to place wards, if you place some.

    1/2) This ward is a must for the top lane, it will keep you save as long as you see the enemies coming.
    3/4) Warding dragon is very nice, because you know when its up and you can maybe steal it if you're team is to late.
    5/8/9) This ward will keep your blue safe.
     7) Why not knowing when there blue is up to steal or gank the jungler?

  • Conclusion

    First, I will say thank you for reading the guide.
    Then, I will always update the guide and add some new things. The guide is not very detailed at the moment, because Graves is out since two days. Btw, the main reason I wrote this guide is because Graves is my favourite champion (LOL! after 2 days. :P).

    I also want to say thanks to Metzi for the information he gave me. And remember, Graves isnt op, so...

    'Dont cry Riot for a nerv!'

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