Graves Build Guide

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Graves "I'll be back"

written by etotoxa

Graves Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello, everyone! 
    This guide present my view of Graves and his role. By now it's contains materials for Summoner's Rift (my favourite map) but I'll update it soon for Dominion also.

    > In general
    1) Graves is ranged-DPS autoattacker with good mobility and chasing capabilities, with uniqe ability to blind enmies with Smoke Screen
    2) He is very good in killing minions with AoE [spell_text=Buckshot] and getting down towers due to his steroid from Quickdraw.
    3) His passive True Grit make him more durable then other ranged-carryes, and with combination of  Smoke Screen and Quickdraw you can escape from danger quite good.

  • Abilities

    True Grit
    Nice passive. It make you more durable then other ranged DPS champs. You don't need to be on the first lane to make damage, so when enemy gets close you will have it fully stacked.

    Nice one to get down minion wave, but not so great to take champs - kinda hard to make full damage to single target with it.

    Smoke Screen
    Just awesome thing - you can blind and slow the whole enemy team with one lucky shot.

    I think it's the skill that makes Graves.
    You need get close to enemy? No problem.
    You need get far from enemy? No problem.
    You need go through the wall? No problem.
    You need more DPS? No problem.
    You wanna do it constantly? As long as you fire - no problem.

    Collateral Damage
    Damn good damage to single target + nice bouns after it in team fights.

    As you can see Graves has only two skills that scale with AD and they have rather long cooldowns. Also his ultimate have good base damage.
    All of these gives a good oportunity to focus on AS and crit when we choose items.

  • Masteries + Runes

    > Runes
    x 3   x 3   x 6   x 9   x 9  

    That's will give you 10 AD, 10 ARP, 13 AR and 13 MR.

    > Masteries

    The best way to begin the game.
    Also you can go 22/6/2 to have bigger crits and damage, but I prefer to lvl-up faster.

    Greater Glyph of Warding + Resistance and Greater Seal of ResilienceHardiness supplemented with True Grit will provide you more then enough defence for a good start and for the whole match.

    Remember - you can DPS only when you alive.

  • Items

    > Core items

    That's your core = 7565 Gold.
    The Bloodthirster is extremely good at Graves because you hit fast (so you get benefit from lifesteal), you eat minion waves (and stack bonuses fast) and you can escape from danger with Quickdraw to save your stacks.

    > Why these core items?
    Graves is AD champ - it's obviouse.
    But he is also autoattacker - not a kind of "press-1-2-3-OMG-BURST", but sustain high DPS. That's why you need to find balance between AD and AS, and crit will also be help you much, beacuse you hit often.

    > Why do you need Philosopher's Stone?
    Short answear - this item is amazing!

    Long answear:
    Because Graves use mana, and you need to recharge it with something. Also additional gold and health regeneration is very good at the begining of a game. It allow you to haras enemy and regen damage taken from minions, and stay in lane forever. Remeber that good start transfers into "Good game".

    It's a cheap item that will help you during all the match. Also if you need an extra slot, you always can sell it, after you get your The Bloodthirster.

    If you have good sense of moment to use skills and you are pro in avoiding damage - you can skip this item.

    > End-game items

    Yes, it's a bunch of gold and most of the games will end before you complete this item-set.

    So, after get your core you need to decide what you are doing now:
    1) Rush to Infinity Edge to make "OMG DAMAGE"
    2) Get more health and defence - good choises are:
    - cheap and good with your passive
    - if enemy get this damned CC mages
    - to be bulky like Mundo and Garen

    *under work*
    I'll add some item-sets soon, after testing.

  • Skilling Order

    *under work*

  • Summoner Abilities

    + - my favourite choise. 
    You also can get Flash, but I just don't like it (and the game will be more balanced if Riots just remove it).

  • Jungle Graves?!

    *under work*
    With your passive and right masteries you will have enough armor to jungle. Personally, I don't think that Graves will be great jungler, but it could give you a lot of fun. Don't forget, that his chasing abilities just great.

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