Poppy Build Guide

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Dominion AD/aspd/crt poppy

written by Oceansoul

Poppy Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi there
    I want to share my build which i find great for poppy. She is very tough and can help team a lot. Maybe she do not have aoe abilities, but with [item_icon=ionic spark] and aspd buid it can be partially fixed. But more important thing is that she is tough enough to defend by tanking 2-3 champs and survive (generally thanks to , and also ). Also she's very fast (boots, ) and can dash, so she does well as defender, disrupter and capturer. Maybe she will not instantly kill enemy in one combo, but she can deal good dmg both form autoattack and abilities, and she will beat most champs in 1v1 (in addition she can make 1v1 from an teamfight thanks to ).

    As for guide itself, i feel i must add this just for the record: english is not my main language, i tried to write this guide as correctly as posible, but due to my language skills and diferences between languages there for sure are some mistakes. i would be glad for any hints how to fix any of those mistakes (of course in polite way).

  • Masteries + Runes


    U can switch 2 points in [mastery_icon=deadliness] and [mastery_icon=Archmage's Savvy] depending on build option.Both cooldown and aspd from [mastery_icon=Sorcery] and [mastery_icon=Alacrity] are important (we aim at aspd, but casting abilities faster is always nice for char which is not solely dependant on auto-attack.[mastery_icon=archaic knowledge] that 15% mpen is nice to be there, especially if anyone have mres items. And as [mastery_icon=ignite] helps to finish running champs (or twilight shrouding akali), that [mastery_icon=burning embers] +10 to ap is better than nothing. [mastery_icon=sunder] maybe nothing special, but IMO its better than [mastery_icon=brute force] as we will deal more dmg to squishies champs[mastery_icon=lethality] well, imo best choice from what we have now, since we need that 3 points in this tree for last skill[mastery_icon=havoc] that 4% can matter [mastery_icon=resistance][mastery_icon=hardiness] less dmg suffered can matter[mastery_icon=good hands] faster you get back to battle, higher chances u can win[mastery_icon=haste] faster u can get to cp, better odds to win.

    At first, since lvling in dominion is quite fast beyond the point where per lvl and flat runes are equal (especially as we start at lvl 3 and, if i remember right, for most runes lvl 6 is that point) we should focus entirely on per lvl runes.

    Next thing i should add is that im not really great if it comes to runes. So dont be harsh on me if its bull... nonsence what i had put here.

    IMO that 15% aspd will do more than 22,68 dmg, especially in later game

    we have enough aspd, so best choice from what we have here is some survivalability

    maybe we are not building ap poppy, but IMO ap is best choice from glyphs (mres for solely ad champions), and better 'nukeability' will help us a lot

    again, more hp = better survivalability

  • Items

    I always start with for mobility. This with and will give you great speed and alow you to reach windmill as first in most cases. I also take for damage and for survivalability. Last two items can be build into which will give us further ap and hp. After that (and few kills) we can grab . IMO this is the best boots for our build, as we have decent speed, and we aim for aspd. Next item depends which build option we prefer: more crit and mobility or more ad. For first option we should now grab . It will provide mana, ap and better 'nukeability'. Next step will be either getting or building . For second option we should grab and then , which gives good dmg (with additional true dmg from active), some health and slow chance. As for next some aspd would be nice, so if u want to follow second option grab either or full [item_icon=Ionic spark]. Chain lighting is nice capturing disruption, and its health is nice dessert. Alternative item is . Next good choice is for further dmg and lifesteal. If game is still going on, head for

  • Build Example

    ++ -> ->

    To sum up:


    [item_icon=ionic spark]

  • Skilling Order

    All three normal skills are important from beggining. gives u good acceleration, grants good dmg and alows u to dash, stun and push back enemies.

    At first should prioritize . This will make you unstoppable force and allow to withstand almost any teamfight, and even solo 4 enemies (my personal best is soloing 4 and killing 3 of them (not total squishies)). Then you should prioritize . It have better cooldown and do not push opponent, so u will not pull them away from your allies/turet by mistake. As next priority u should max . As u will dash to enemy/stun enemy anyways, u should be able to do it as painfully as posible. And what remains is .

  • Summoner Abilities

    faster you reach cp, faster u can cap it/protect it.

    finishing enemy really matters, it creates you posibility to gain advantage in cp controll, or just to change focus in combat, which can really matter ( stunning enemy or even pushing it away from ally in need can completly turn the odds of clash/game)

  • Summary

    Well, IMO poppy is one of the best champion for dominion (i might even say the best if i add that i just like her playstyle).

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