Irelia Build Guide

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"Balance in all things"

written by Jazzx

Irelia Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction


    Yo bitchez, I didn't have something to do so I decided to make a guide about Irelia for those of you who are a bit confused about how to play her, what items to get etc etc.
    First of all, Irelia can be considered my main champion and I believe I have a lot to share about her. Apart from love.

    So here we go:
    Irelia's place is solo lane. She can be played with a support but leave this out because it happens for reasons that don't consider us atm. She is an assassin and you have to treat her like one if you want to succeed. However her survivability, if played right, is close to a bruiser (bruiser=tanky dps champs, example: udyr, yorick, renekton, rumble etc). So, your goal in a team fight is to kill the squishies (preferably AD carry first) and at the same time, be tanky enough so the enemies consider if its worth focusing you (its not). Irelia doesnt do as much damage as Akali, but doesnt die as easy as Akali (I give Akali as an example because she shares the same role as you do). 

    Her power lies in 5 things:
    1. True damage (not affected by armor or magic resist, however it is affected by health and I will explain this later)
    2. Low cooldowns
    3. Stun (2 sec at lvl5!)
    4. Leap (her Q is a really, really nice gap closer)
    5. Survivability (Life steal)

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries I use 2 pages:
    0/18/12 -
    0/9/21 -
    What is used most of times is 0/18/12. To explain that as deep as I can, first I'll explain how a team works (This guide is made for everyone so don't be offended thinking that I treat you like retards because it's exactly the opposite. I respect you and everyone who is new in this game and it is normal to not know these stuff). Ok so, we got 3 lanes: top mid and bot. We also have the jungle. So, in order to maximize our success, we need to abuse everything. This happens by the following:
    1. Always have a jungler (1 guy always "ss", being able to gank everywhere and to defend lanes when needed)
    2. Have the AP carry (Annie, Brand etc) go mid
    3. Another AP/bruiser/assasin top
    4. And 2 players bot, support (a must) and AD carry (preferably ranged like Vayne, Ashe, Ezreal, etc).

    The reason to have 2 players bot is that dragon is bot. So if you had 1 player bot and 2 top and the enemy team had the opposite (2 bot, 1 top) then that puts you in a disadvantage because the enemy team can take dragon anytime they please since they can use 4 of their members to do it (mid, jungler, ad, support). Dragon can be picked only by a jungler at 5-9 (depending on which one) but one support's job is to ward key places so this is prevented 95% of time.AP goes mid because mid is the shortest lane and u can go close to your tower by using 1 flash so in order to gank along with your jungler, you need champions with burst.Top is whatever since everything can work there pretty well (AP/bruiser etc).Also the support gains gold by assists and gold/sec items so ALL lanes can farm full minions. Bad players tend to forget last hits (I say last hits because you will not be hitting creeps, you only want the last hit otherwise you will push the lane since they will die faster and that can lead enemy team's jungler to you which might lead you to death). 12-13 last hits are around 300gold which is 1 kill. 'nuff said
    So now, I can explain my masteries :)
    I use 0/18/12 because most teams use bruisers/tanks top so this provides me great lane sustainability and lowers the chance of me dying by being ganked.
    0/9/21 is what I use if i go against an AP carry (like brand) or if I go mid. That is because utility and dodge provide me movement speed which is what you need to survive vs AP champs (most of them use skill shots, meaning you can just dodge them by moving away) and also dodge is good because if you harrass or trying to kill your enemy, his creeps attack you instead so you get a 10% movement speed buff for free plus that dodge is really usefull late game where the enemy AD carry will hit for 500-800 to you so preventing one of these "bursts" is not a small deal.

    For runes I go:
    red-armor penetration
    blue-magic resist (flat)
    quints-health regen/5

    red-armor pen.
    blue-magic resist (flat)
    quints-health regen/5

    Armor, magic resist and health regen provides you survivability and therefore sustainability and therefore more farming while penetration gives you that little more damage you need at early levels.

    Note: you can use magic pen instead of armor pen cause your E skill is used very often as well as your ulti and since you do true damage most of time it can be a good choice. However I prefer armor pen.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash/Ignite or Flash/Teleport

    These are what I use depending on the enemies and my team.Ignite is good if you know you wont have problems vs you enemy and also might give you early kills.Teleport is good for early dragon team fights and for more farming since you won't lose time walking.I prefer flash over ghost because you have enough things to chase your enemy and flashing over walls (map or anivia/jarvan's) is imo more useful.

  • Skilling Order

    Your goal is to max W first. I level up Q and E in an equal way because you need both more damage/stun/slow and lower cooldown on leap.So here it is:

    (you can get any of you skills depending and what you have to face. example: vs singed i start with W, vs cho gath with E and vs 2 players with Q) usualy I start with E so lets take it as a fact.
    So here is how your skills should go:

  • Farming

    Don't. Lose. Any. Creep.
    Don't. Use. Q. To. Farm (unless you are about to lose one)

    12-13 creep kills = 1 champion kill (300 gold)

    If Irelia doesn't get items, she is USELESS (squishy+no_damage=no_threat) and thats why she goes top 90% of time. (she doesnt get involved in fights etc very often)
    This is one of the most important parts so the only thing I can say is:
    1) learn to last hit
    2) learn when to not last hit (ex. enemies are all mid pushing, don't stay AFK farming. GO HELP you team)

  • Items

    Ok now we can move on to items since we cleared the farming part which brings the gold for items.

    Start with Doran's shield, if you go against an AD champion (like udyr) or if you go against a team with strong AD junglers like trundle/udyr etc (this will provide you a lot of health, armor and hp regen for early game). 
    Start boots+3 healing potions if you go mid OR against a skillshot champion. 
    Start with cloth armor+5pots if the enemy is passive (like cho gath) and you know he won't try to kill you. 
    (many people start with regrowth pendant and 1 pot but I dont recomend that since it doesnt provide you other stats you need vs hard situations)

    After starting items, nothing is standart. Tbh, even starting is not standart. What I reccomend though is to make a trinity force in most games (starting by Phage vs high survivability enemies and by Sheen vs squishy ones. whatever you start with, take the other after. Lastly, take zeal). What I mean is that depending on the situation you take the analogical items.
    Few examples:
    1) enemy AP is fed, get phage then procceed to force of nature and THEN finish trinity
    2) nothing really happens, few kills here and there etc. You just go trinity force, then tanky

    Basicaly, if you are new to the game or inexperienced, lets say ALWAYS make trinity force and then tanky items. If you want more damage cuz you feel you dont die anyway, buy attack speed items like wits end, stinger or madreds (tooooooooo expensive)
    NEVER take infinity edge and shit like that on Irelia, unless you want to troll (none gives a shit if you had 50/0/40 one time in the bandcamp because the enemies sucked monstercock). Phadom dancer is quite ok but priorise trinity force and 1-2 tanky before you get this, but still I dont reccomend going for AD-style items apart from frozen mallet and ofc atmas.
    -the boots you will get are either Mercury treads (95% of time) or if they dont have much CC, berserker's greaves.
    -spirit visage is GREAT for sustainability (in most games I take trinity followed by spirit visage)

  • Working in the team

    Kill enemy carries (priority will be AD carry most of time cause its bigger threat @ late game)
    NEVER INITIATE UNLESS you feel/are fed enough to do so.

  • Summary

    Well, thats it bitchez!
    If you like this guide I will add more stuff in the future (some of them I didn't have time to do because I have to leave home now xD)

    P.S. I don't write my name ingame or my elo and I dont post pages of me having 30wins in a row with Irelia and shit like that because I believe it doesn't matter. What matters is if this works or not and that I made it to help people. (having idols is not good, it locks your limits)
    gl hf! ;)

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