Lee Sin Build Guide

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Leet Singer (FOTM)

written by player199

Lee Sin Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi guys!

    This time im gonna explain you why is Lee Sin pretty viable champion.

    So let's get into it, first im going to give you a quick introduction, then i' ll give more detailed informations about the champion.

    First: Lee Sin is an energy user champion, whom has a nice passive which helps you not to run out of energy, so building runes on energy, energy reg is alrdy out. Basically it restores 15 energy after using a spell and hitting a target. Once his Q is fixed you dont have to worry about if the champion hits after casting the Resonation Strike.

    Second: You can play many roles in the team. The item build should be made to  the role you are willing to play.
    If you are asking me; im always playing jungle and offtankish Lee Sin, because this type of build/playstyle is really effective. Lets see why

    -You can poke easily with Q-Q then dash back to your allies with W-W . If you get your enemies at the right time, you won't even get hit, but this requies a little timing skill and good teammates who will not fall back upon seeing that your Q hit the enemy.

    -Once your allies are poking too, your Q-Q combo will hit bigger and bigger, this will help nuking the right target in no time.

    -E-E is good for slowing the enemies and dealing some dmg to them, in my opinion the slow on E is enough, but sometimes it doesn't last long enough.

    -Dragon's Rage....my favourite ability in the game, it has good damage, can hit multiple targets however its kinda hard to hit more than 2 targets if you are not fighting in the jungle. This ability can be used to execute your enemies, Engage your enemies, and Save your allies, and last but not least, Disable your opponents for a short time, but this requies a nice kick on the first target. By the way, if you master the character, and you really know where your limits are, you can shoot an escaping / hiding enemy by kicking another enemy into him. (I have managed to do this some times)

    *Edit: If your damage seems low in 1v1 situations you can simply use your ultimate to get more damage on your opponent, BUT!!! don't forget to hit him with Q before R so you can glide on him to continue hitting and Q deals more damage too!

    Some things in this guide are written different as you may have seen in some games, Lv1 item/skill can be different because there are other jungle routes.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries i'm using this build: This is an agressive mastery build, but still viable.
    [mastery=Plentiful Bounty] - extra gold + lower cd, not that big ammount but do you know better to put the point on?
    [mastery=Alacrity] - to hit faster and get back the energy as early as possible, however passive gives attackspeed too, we need this. (I have picked this insead of Sorcery because if you are having low cooldowns its easier to spam your energy out. Also dont forget that we are always giving the blue buff to our ap carry if we are playing LS jungle, except the first, because he needs it more then you and its not that useful for you.)

    [mastery=offensive mastery] - speeds up the jungle so you wont get that much DMG by clearing the jungle so you can gank more successfully  
    Brute Force speeds up jungle ....etc  also increases the dmg of your abilites so you can kill more easily   Hardiness gives survival ability both against champions at ganks and turrets, and in the jungle too, so you can keep up the jungling for more time and you wont lose that much health = easier gank

    Greater Seal of Resilience - makes jungle easy and you can also sustain for more under the turret at ganks + reduces the chance of getting killed if you or your team messes up at the gank.
    Greater Mark of Desolation - makes jungle easy and gives better dmg on enemies and jungle guys :)
    Greater Glyph of Shielding - reduces the chance of getting killed if you or your team messes up at the gank.
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation - makes jungle easy and gives better dmg on enemies and jungle guys :)

  • Items

    Well, at this part i really dont  know which build shall i post you guys..because i have many types of build and i always chose the one that fits into my team and counters my opponents.

    I build different if im fed, but im making different items when im playing about more than 1 AP, also building different when we have noob/no tank.

    But here are some items that are useful for this champion.
    These are the most common items by usage. Im gonna explain which one is good and why.

    Don't forget that this is just a build example, so these items aren't listed by building order

    Mercury's Treads Extra magic resist + Tenacity : reduces the chances of that you get caught or nuked by ap

    Warmog's Armor Extra health, so you can sustain for more, and also stacks good with Atma's Impaler

    Trinity Force Useful item because you are using quite much abilities (7 exactly) so you hit harder after using any of your ability, you also slow thanks to the Phage and run faster because of Zeal

    Wriggle's Lantern Speeds up jungling, also gives lifesteal so you wont be at low health while getting the red buff or just clearing your jungle.

    Atma's Impaler Extra armor + Crit, however you dont have that much crit so that part is not that useful, but armor gives survival ability and the extra dmg is pretty nice if you get your [item=warmog's armor] stacked up.

    The Bloodthirster Gives you nice lifesteal if combined with W-W and Wriggle's Lantern. Also free ward for your team, so reduces the chance of getting ganked.

    Last Whisper Once your abilities are only phisical you can build this to increase your damage on your opponents if you are playing offensive/agressive

    Banshee's Veil Just another item to reduce the chances of getting caught and more sustain ability plus a little damage if combined with Atma's Impaler

  • Skilling Order

    I'm using this skilling order (skilling order changes as you change your jungle route)

    weqewreqeerwwwqrqq is only good if you are starting at blue buff.

    lv1 W is important to kill the Blue buff
    lv2 E is to deal better dmg on jungle mobs and slow enemies
    lv3 Q (time to first possible gank, mid/bot) to engage
    lv5 W is to give better lifesteal and more shield both good at ganks and in the jungle

  • Summoner Abilities

    Well, once we are jungling @ Summoner's Rift you should take Smite Flash

    Smite - This is to progress as fast as possible, dont forget that you are a fast jungler so you may counterjungle easily

    Flash - This is to make your fights/ganks easy. For example, if you are on the other side of the wall while your team is about to get engaged you can Q-Q your opponents (you should hit the target standing the back of the fighting area) and kick him (probably a carry) into your teammates, while knocking up many enemies.

  • Build Example

    Mercury's Treads - The Bloodthirster - Atma's Impaler - Warmog's Armor - Banshee's Veil - Wriggle's Lantern OR Last Whisper

  • Creep Jungling

    Start at the blue buff with a pull by the mid champ. then head to the bottom lane, Wolfes--> Ghosts--> Double Golem--> Bot gank

  • Working in the team

    LS is good at engaging as i mentioned before, so he's good at doing it.
    Also your kick can save your teammates, but if you overestimate the damage of your kick it can save your enemies too.
    Kick can disable, so you should kick the carry from behind to your tank/team so they can engage the weakest chain of the enemy team.
    Q-Q , W-W is a good harass, and its annoying to get harassed by this way, but be careful you can get caught.
    W-W is also a good way to save your allies when they are about to die a single hit, or ignite dot.
    W-W -R is the same but this time you may turn back the fight if the chaser is getting kicked into their allies and getting hit hard.

  • Unique Skills

    I don't really  want to write here anything because i have alrdy told you the most unique skills of this champon.
    But one thing...mastering this champion is really good both for you and your team.

    ( I will have a dominion video coming up soon™ and it has many parts played w/ LS so dont forget to watch )

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