Kayle Build Guide

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Jungle Kayle, don't OMFG noob it untill you try it

written by Antowatch

Kayle Build

Table of Contents

  • Hello everybody, this is me with a first ever attempt at a Champion build guide, I hope you will read it and tell me of your oppinions on it.

       The concept is still pretty much a work in progress as I have not tested it versus a very strong crowd of people, but so far from what I have done i have 3 out of 4 wins from games 1 ranked, 3 normal. As you would assume, not a lot of ppl welcome novelty in the game and brush it off as noobish idea or trolling. The basic idea is simple, Kayle isn't the fastest jungler, but she can be very effective if used wisely and can be a melt-down for enemy champ HP and give that extra opportunity with her spells.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries are 21-0-9
    3 points in archmage's savvy, 1 in smite
    4 in both sorcery and alacrity
    1 in archaic knowledge, 3 in sunder and +1 for doing extra damage to minions
    3 in brute force 
    1 in Havoc

       Now you need, both Sorcery and alacrity for the AS and CDR, which are really good for kayle. CDR= faster flaming sword and AS= faster dmg output.
    archaic knowledge+ kayle's passive gives you a total of 18% MP which can go up to 30% with 5 attacks, which is a tremendous advantage if they try to stock up on MR.
      The points in Sunder are vital, because with that and the runes for Apen, you get almost no resistance when dishing out punishment and get a start of around 25-30 armor penetration and 18-30% Magic penetration from LEVEL 1! Imagine the dmg there.
       Havoc is by far the best ever point in this tree for Kayle, +4% on both AD and AP...

    Runes are:
    Marks->Armore Penetration x9
    Seals-> Flat Armor x9
    Glyphs-> Flat MR or Scaling MR x9
    Quints-> Armor Pen x3

  • Items

       For items, I start with  Cloth Armor + 5 Health Potion. IF first gank is succesfull, then Madred's Razors or if not, Boots of Speed. Then continue to build Wriggle's Lantern and Hextech Revolver and boots. Personally so far I have gone with [item=berserker greevs], but to that it can be replaced with [item=Mercury threads] or Ninja Tabi, if you are feeling a bit uneasy versus other players. After boots finish your Hextech Gunblade and go for Guinsoo's Rageblade. If the game hasn't finished you should just respond to how the game is going for the moment.

       A finished build should be something like this:
    Wriggle's Lantern  Hextech Gunblade  Guinsoo's Rageblade [item=berserker greevs] Banshee's Veil Atma's Impaler

       Trinity Force is a recommended but a pretty much not so useful item. You do not cast that many spells so that you can get the max out of the sheen proc and the MR + Armor of Atma and Banshee are better as a choice.

  • Skilling Order

       You want to finish your Righteous Fury as fast as possible, following it by Intervention and Reckoning and Divine Blessing as a catch up spell.

  • Summoner Abilities

       Smite, for jungeling ofc and Flash. Those so far are the best combo for escaping and chasing down with blessing.

  • Creep Jungling

       Start off from wolves, start off at the corner of the forest and focus on Big Bad wolf in the middle for better output. You can ask the mid player to dish out a spell so you can finish faster, in which case do not use any of the pots untill you reach to golems. IF not, start with 1 pot at wolves and wraiths if necessary. After Wolves, directly smite Big Wraith and proceed to melt down the other little wraiths with Righteous Fury. When at Golems, if you had not been helped, you should be left with Health Potion x3. Use just one and start of by placing a Reckoning on one of the golems, finish him off with righteous fury and then proceed with same action for 2nd golem. Check for possible ganks top or bot, if none available or you are too low on HP, go back and buy boots of speed. After go blue Golem and use 1 of the remaining health potions, if necessary both. After blue proceed to gank either bot+mid or Top+mid. When starting a gank, start off with reckoning and diving blessing on yourself. The idea is to get in fron of your enemy so if they flash while they Have reckoning you can still be in moderate range and dish out punishment, while they run.

  • Don't flame

       Please, if you disagree or agree to the ideas of the work in progress, just say so and do not flame in a trolling fashion

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