Master Yi Build Guide

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Jungle Master Yi - Counter Specialist

written by DotaProism

Master Yi Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    As a Dota player, I take pride in counter picking and this is one of those situations when I play this champion.  When choosing this champion take caution as to when it is your turn to pick and what the enemy chooses to play for best results.

    Skills required to maximize effect of this set.
    -Patience - when it comes to ganking and counter jungling (I will not go over counter jungling for it always depends on the moment and whether or not you have warded or your teammate clairvoyences for you.
    -Teamwork - Help teammates who are struggling
    -Control - When to dive and when not to dive

    If you follow this build correctly, you will not be able to be killed in a 1v1 situation and on split pushes it will always require at least 2 people to stop you.


  • Masteries + Runes

    RED - 9x Armor Penetration
    YELLOW - 9x Flat Armor - You will be required to tower dive at certain times so the addition +14 armor is very effective
    BLUE 9x - Your in more armor, flat or per level cooldown or magic resistance (I use 7 Flat CDR and 2 Flat MR)
    QUINTESSENCES - Flat Health, Armor or Armor Penetration (I use Flat HP for early tower diving, making me live 1 more tower hit then usual)

  • Items

    I begin with a Long Sword Long Sword and 1 Health Potion Health Potion.
    Lead into a Wriggles Wriggle's Lantern
    Make a Sheen into Trinity Force Trinity Force then Mercury Treads Mercury's Treads.

    The following items vary depending on the match up. 

    My default is Sunfire Cape Sunfire Cape , Guardian Angels Guardian Angel , Atmas Impaler [item=Atma's Impaler], Banshee's Veil Banshee's Veil .  Not in any particular order.

    If they have more CC, get a Quicksilver Quicksilver Sash or Force or Nature and swap out the Sunfire cape.
    That should give you a balanced about 150 Armor and 150 MR with meditate you are a force with over 450 on both stats.

  • Skilling Order

    Max Alpha Strike then Wuju style.  1 level of meditate at 8 or if you like you can do it at lvl 4.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Smite and Ghost.  You may also you flash if you prefer, but personally i like the double speed stack with Highlander.

  • Jungle Route

    Begin at blue golem.  Have a teammate leash, the better the leash the better the start. 

    In ranked I make my team steal enemy wraiths first then do blue golem.  As a method of counter jungling, then follow the default jungle route killing wolves, wraiths, double golems. Heal as needed (under 150 during first 5 levels and if you have wriggles you wont have to go back) and watch middle and top for ganks as you are moving through the jungle.  Once you get red buff and a ward, you can invade the enemy jungle effectively if you cannot find a gank.
    When you hit level 6-7 and have a wriggles lantern, grab a pink ward for dragon safety.  Use the wriggles ward at the edge of river for sight and have at least 1 teammate guard the other side or do it after an effective gank.  You will need to activate you ultimate when killing dragon (6min respawn time)
    You need the blue buff until the 15min mark and red buff for life unless you want to share it.  It is your personal choice.


  • Pros / Cons

    Alpha Strike = Free blink good for ganking
    Shreds casters with ease
    Good match ups(people who you can rape): Morgana, Ashe, Fiddlesticks, Soraka, Caitlyn
    Can own any stealth champion easily once you get a hold of oracles.

    Not good as the first two picks as he can be countered easily.
    Early game squishy
    Bad match ups: Singged, Lee Sin(ultimate), Malzahar, Teemo, Skarner, Nocturne (can counter your ganks), Udyr
    Exhaust (to stop this, time your alpha strike to avoid being targeted during the duration)

  • Working in the team

    Do not be the initiator no matter how tanky you become unless you have a guardian angel's.  Master Yi is best when he rushes in last alpha striking and using Highlander to kill all of the carrys in seconds.  Sweep the team, do not aim at tanks.  Kill the range AD and the casters.

  • Abilities

    Double Strike
    I would like to declare this one of the best passives in the game. 7 strikes and the next is a double strike. There is a good reason this ability was nerfed

    Alpha Strike
    It is a free flash to any enemy champion you want, perfect for assassinations. A great farming tool. You will not take damage from anything and even better during highlander, if you get a kill the cooldown is refreshed!

    You are a better monk then Lee Sin, a spell that can even let you tank towers with no armor items giving you +300 armor and +300 magic resistance.

    Wuju Style
    Activate during your alpha strike. If you get a kill during your highlander the cooldown is refreshed and you get your passive back. Give you a grand total of +105 attack after your first kill. +35damage passive, active takes away your passive doubling the amount. becoming +70. Simple explanation. Which is why my main damage item is Trinity Force.

    Makes you super saiyen, move fast, attack fast, get a kill during its activation and it is refreshed instantly. cannot be slowed at all. Even better for backdooring =D

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