Shaco Build Guide

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Shaco Video Guide from a 1600+ Season2 ELO player

written by stingness

Shaco Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Welcome everyone I'm stingness from Prololguide if you are like me and hate reading scroll down to the video it covers everything you need to know to play shaco
    please excuse my grammer mistakes and typos I am dyslexic >.<

    The guide keeps removing my spacing in what i wrote.... sorry if its hard to read

  • Masteries + Runes

    For Masteries your going to want go 21-0-9 its very important that you get the increased minion damage in the offensive tree and the increased buff duration in the utility tree
    As for runes goRed: Greater Mark of Desolation Your going to want armor pen because well your a physical character its pretty standardYellow: Greater Seal of Resilience Flat armor is the way to go for yellows it'll make your jungle go a lot smoother making you have more health when you go to gankBlue: Greater Glyph of Warding Your going to want to go with magic resist it'll give you that extra defenses you need in team fightsQuints: Greater Quintessence of Strength For quints we are going flat AD the extra damage greatly helps with the early game ganks

  • Items

    Core items(always get these): Wriggle's Lantern Berserker's Greaves  and [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] Banshee's VeilThese are your core items you should always get on shaco Build order: [Item=Clothe Armor] Health Potionx5 > Boots of Speed Sight Ward Health Potion > Wriggle's Lantern > Berserker's Greaves/ Boots of Mobility > [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] > Banshee's Veil
    Your last Two items you have two different build choices
    Survival: Warmog's Armor > Atma's ImpalerThis build is standard for team fighting because your in the middle of everything you need to be able to stay alive
    Picking off spread out squishys: Infinity Edge > Last WhisperThis build is you need to pick off a certain target in team fights or if your team is not grouped up a lot of the time.

  • Abilities

    Always be behind your target for the extra damage

    Use this for escaping, finishing off enemys, or catching up to fleeing opponents


    Jack In The Box
    Don't ever let this ability be on cooldown it gives to much map control for you not to use it

    also it'll save teammates lives

    Two-Shiv Poison
    Use this for the slow/miss during the early game not the damage

    Use this to take towers baron or dragon

    when you activate this ability you become immune to damage for about halve a second you can use this ult to dodge incoming projectiles karthus's ult Last ticks of ignite you name it be creative and skillful

  • Skilling Order

    Level 1:wLevel 2:qLevel 3:eLevel 4:wLevel 5:wLevel 6:rLevel 7:wLevel 8:eLevel 9:wLevel 10:eLevel 11:rLevel 12:eLevel 13:eLevel 14:qLevel 15:qLevel 16:rLevel 17:qLevel 18:q
    Level Jbox first since it is the most useful early game and it speeds up your jungleLevel TwoShiv second because the slow cooldown is very helpful

  • Summoner Abilities

    Of course your going to be taking Smite Because your jungling
    your second summoner is up to you I prefer Ghost but Ignite is also viable

    Ghost: Lets you keep up with your opponents to slow them with red buff and lets you escape from enemys easier then Flash Would
    Ignite: A little extra damage to help with ganks

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros:-Strong ganks-Fast jungle-Map control-CC-Counter Jungle
    Cons-Squishy-Can be countered by well placed wards

  • Creep Jungling

    The jungle route is a little tricky to explain so heres the video guide the jungle route begins at 4:27

  • Working in the team

    Early game: Prioritize ganking over everythingMid game: Try to pick of weaker playersLate Game: Back door as soon as you see someone leave their team to go stop you head over to your team and start the team fight it'll instantly make it a 4v5 in your favor

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