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Tanking with Nunu on Twisted Treeline

written by pkRaid

Nunu Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hey guys, this is my first guide so be kind with the criticism. I've had lots of success with this build and I've decided to share my knowledge with the rest of the LoL community. Though I haven't tested it as much as I'd like, hopefully you will all help me with that. This build focuses on tanking, not AP. This is what works for me and if you have any suggestions please comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Before you pick Nunu on this map, please look at your team. If they have a dedicated dps, then that's good. If you already have a tank, then think twice about going tank as well. A team of tanks in my experience does not do as well as you'd think. Just try to balance out the team.

  • Abilities

    Gives you a free spell after 8 attacks. Might tempt you to stack attack speed, but chances are you won't get off 7 attacks in a team fight anyway. More important for laning and jungling. Helps your mana last a lot longer in the early stages, but the build I'll show you gives you enough of a mana pool late game that this will be minor.

    Very helpful for laning or a quick heal. Don't focus on this too much though, just need 1-2 levels for the heal. Should be the lowest priority in leveling.

    Helpful Tip: If an enemy drops a Rally you can consume it to 1 shot it. Use your judgment to determine if it's worth the risk to stay in the fray long enough to pull this off.
    Also helpful in quickly killing enemy pets (e.g. Tibbers) (credit to Serder).

    Blood Boil
    Very helpful buff. Gives movement speed and attack speed. Find your team's main physical dps and make sure you keep him buffed whenever you can. Otherwise cast on whoever you judge to be in greatest need of movement or attack speed. I like buffing myself with this just after healing at the pool to get back to laning asap. It's so short that now you have to be much more attentive to when its about to end and stay closer to your team to keep them buffed.

    Ice Blast
    Your very favorite ability. Lowers attack and movement speed by a LOT. With this build cooldown will be at around 4.44 seconds and it lasts for 4 seconds. Prepare to hear the enemy rage about your near-perpetual slow. Scales well w/ AP too but thats not the major concern.

    Absolute Zero
    This ultimate rocks your enemies' socks. It was really hard to pull this off well in Summoners Rift, but with only 3 targets on Twisted Treeline this is just what you need to tip the team fight in your favor. Massive damage without any AP means you can put off getting AP and focus on tanking. Positioning with this is crucial, which is why Flash should always be taken as an ability (more on that later). Can be easily stopped, but we try to remedy this with Banshee's Veil. The more stuns they use on you to stop your insane damage will give your teammates the time they need to punish them. Or they can try to escape and get hit. Or they can try to finish off your carry before this hits. Even if they do they're good as dead. Don't use this one to initiate right off the bat. Boost your dps, slow the target, and find the right position just as the enemy commits to the fight. This ability is just awesome.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I don't have the money to throw around for Runes so go with whatever works for you. I imagine Magic Penetration will do well along with armor and magic resistance.
    As for Masteries, I've been experimenting with 9/0/21 and 0/9/21 just because the extra cooldown reduction on Flash is too important to me. If your team needs some more umph then get the magic pen in offense, else stick with the armor and MR and health regen in the defense tree.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash is just too important. ALWAYS GET THIS.

    Other spells:
    Been experimenting with other possibilities, Clarity and [spell=Rally] seem to work well. Look to see if your team will be more mana hungry (e.g. Ryze or Veigar) or is more physical and needs the damage buff (e.g. Warwick). Remember to adjust your masteries if you get clarity. Rally is good to pop after you start your ult and the enemies don't run right away to give your team an extra edge.

  • Items

    Start off with Ruby Crystal. Gives some much needed Hp for the first team fight and brief laning phase.
    Try to finish up a Catalyst the Protector asap.
    Then get a pair of basic boots before completing your Banshee's Veil.
    Next analyze the enemy team and grab your finished boots accordingly. I tend to get Mercury's Treads all the time just for that CC reduction, but that's just me.
    Then grab a Chain Vest to start your Glacial Shroud. Finish it when you can, the mana pool increase is very good.
    From then on analyze the enemy to see what you will need. If you're doing fine taking damage then try going Abyssal Scepter. Gives some more MR, reduces enemy MR, and makes your spells hurt more.
    If you need some more help not dying, then grab a Thornmail or Guardian Angel or [item=Force of Nature] depending on the enemy team damage output. Most of my games don't last long enough to finish the last item though. I'll let you decide where your defense needs lie after that.

  • Skilling Order

    Grab Ice Blast 1st. Best thing you can get for that early fight or harassing lanes.
    Next grab Consume for the heal. Then get Blood Boil. From there prioritize Ice Blast, then Blood Boil and Consume last. Obviously grab Absolute Zero whenever you can.

  • Farming

    It may be tempting to spam your Ice Blast whenever you get the chance, but you need to keep your mana in check. Consume when your passive is up if you need to heal else then you are free to launch ice at your foe. Keep him in fear of your ice. Charge up to cast and see him back off. Most people don't wanna chance it with a slow as good as yours. Just don't get cocky when the rest of the enemy is MIA and he's letting you chase. Play it cool and conserve your mana until you can get the items you need to expand your pool. Blood Boil is good for the mobility between lanes, and keep enough mana to always be able to cast this along with Ice Blast to escape a gank squad.

  • Working in the team

    Keep your team's blood boiling. Buff your mates that need to escape/chase. Slow down the target and consume a nearby enemy if need be. Positioning your ultimate is crucial. You need to make sure you can get at least 2 enemies. Don't wait too long to pop it just enough to make sure the enemy is committed to fight. Try to be as close as you can so that they won't escape.

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