Wukong Build Guide

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WuKong the armor slayer

written by SolaninNA

Wukong Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Stone Skin
    This passive is pretty good, free stats in a teamfight is never a bad thing.

    Crushing Blow
    Excellent skill with the -armor build. Take off 30% of their armor with 45 reduced from black cleaver and the armor pen with bruta/youmuu's means usually true damage on their carries.

    Amazing skill though not to useful early, Best used sparingly in clutch situations so as to not give away the rouse. Don't use it just to run you can bait their spells with it if your careful then go in for a kill.

    Nimbus Strike
    Really good initiation tool during laning phase as well as an amazing tower pusher combined with Crushing Blow. Make sure when you use this in team fights that it is to get to their main carry, not to start fights.

    Amazing skill, good for baiting people into dying at low health when you are, good AOE size and about 550 damage per second lategame.

  • Introduction

    Got tired of seeing people write guides with monkey king building trinity force. This is a more amusing build to play with that gives you strong assassination ability and high teamfight damage.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries 21/9/0 For offense take everything except improved smite, improved ignite, improved rally, offensive mastery, archaic knowledge, archmages savvy and only three points into alacrity, cooldowns are more important.For defense take hardiness, resistance and evasion.
    Greater Quintessence of Strength
    Greater Mark of Strength
    Greater Seal of Strength
    Greater Glyph of Strength

  • Skilling Order

    Skilling order is R->E->Q->W At level 1 you can take either E or Q, E is good for early aggression Q is good if your laning with a CC though you should be soloing Never take a level in W until you max out E and Q, it's simply not worth it early game when they aren't teamfighting and flash/exaust should be more than enough to help you escape a bad situation, the extra damage/cooldown on Q is more useful.Later on W is amazingly useful as a clutch invis if your low health, try not to be obvious about it by overusing it.
    Level 1 -> Q/E
    Level 2 -> Q/E (depending on what you picked first)
    Level 3 -> E 
    Level 4 -> Q 
    Level 5 -> E 
    Level 6 -> R
    At this point your main combo is together, use E autoattack Q to harass and if required ult them for the kill, be aggressive but make sure you are still getting CS, Aggression when your losing CS makes it worthless.

  • Items

    Start with  Boots of Speed and three health pots, Lane top stay safe and farm. Once you have enough gold get a  The Brutalizer to boost your damage, cdr and armor pen which you should only have 6 of with masteries. Mercury's Treads are a must unless they have no cc/magical damage which never happens, if it does get dodge boots. If you're facing a tough lane you can pick up a  Wriggle's Lantern for sustain/armor/damage and a free ward though it'll delay your build. Eventually you want to get a  B. F. Sword to boost your ult and skill damage. If you haven't gotten a wriggles you can go for a  Vampiric Scepter to constantly push/sustain a bit in teamfights, if you don't need one just go for your  The Black Cleaver. Finish your  Youmuu's Ghostblade after black cleaver and get another  The Brutalizer. Now you have all the armor pen you could ever want with immense base damage. Of course all damage and no health makes you incredibly squishy but at this point the game might be over, if it isn't get a  Frozen Mallet for more hp, a snare and a tiny bit of damage. If it's super end-game turn your vamp scepter into a The Bloodthirster if you don't have a wriggles.
    Final Items:/ Frozen Mallet

  • Laning Phase into teamfight phase

    Solo top, no exceptions.
    In your early laning phase you do have some good offensive options because of having +27 or so damage from masteries/runes, combined with boots and pots if you attack them without their creep wave you can harass them quite well. E auto attack Q is your main combo when harassing, just make sure to back off if they have a creep wave and don't harass if their creep wave is massive while yours is dwindling, look for good opportunities to punish them.
    After you pick up your bruta it's time to go full out offensive, if you haven't killed them yet depending on who they are if they have a hard disengage you have to bait that onto cd before you ult them. Take cait for example, if your laning vs a cait for various reasons she has her net to save her/escape you as well as flash. Bait the flash or save your flash to flash onto them if they run but make sure the net is down before you go all out, otherwise you waste an ultimate.
    If teamfights are starting early you want to take advantage of this, if they push mid as four and your team is defending you need to start attacking their towers so they have to decide to either fight it out or lose towers while trying to get yours, with monkey kings Q towers fall extremely quickly even without a sheen.
    After you have your black cleaver you can timefight if you wish or your team needs you, ideally in a teamfight you want to hang back until your team has initiated or theirs has, you do not want to be in the front taking the initiation, your job is to wait for it to begin and then disrupt it with your ultimate. Make sure to aim for their carries after the initiation, it's your job to kill them as fast as possible and they don't be able to do much if you E into them auto Q then ultimate. With blackcleaver/bruta monkey kings ultimate damage skyrockets, it's got a large radius so you can hit lots of people with it but don't try for that, just aim for their carry, spinning assassin.

  • Final words

    This is an almost entirely offensive set of items leaving you very squishy/easy to kill. Change your build depending on their line-up but that's not what this guide is for. Good luck have fun enjoy super -armor.

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