Kog'Maw Build Guide

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Kog'Maw in Dominion

written by aspasticninja

Kog'Maw Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Icathian Surprise
    As always, great for finishing off enemies and surprising melee champs. This is the reason I almost never bother to run from melee champs.

    Caustic Spittle
    Good for starting your attack, but not a huge damage dealer on its own.

    Bio-Arcane Barrage
    Kogs key ability, lets to hit like the Fist of the North Star and out-range turrets.

    Void Ooze
    Good slow with decent damage, great for starting you attack since it gives you that much more time to hit.

    Living Artillery
    Great for finishing people off or knocking them off point captures.

  • Introduction

    So with the launch of Dominion, Kog'Maw needs some new builds. Thanks to the removal of bloodrazor and the focus on fast characters rather than tanks, Kog'Maw becomes less of a tank hunter and more of a defender and harasser. 

  • Masteries + Runes

    Standard Kog runes: AS marks, mana regen per level seals, ability power per level glyphs and cooldown per level quints. Masteries are 21/0/9

  • Detailed Items

    Start with   Berserker's Greaves and a   Dagger, then build the dagger in to   [item=Malady]. Next Phage in to   Frozen Mallet before Recurve Bow in to   [item=Ionic Spark]. Next pick up  Kitae's Bloodrazor and, if the game's still going, Entropy

    This build focus' on slowing, attack speed, and damage. It allows Kog to slow all the fast champs that seem to populate Dominion and bring them down to his level, plus it gives him fun effects like Ionic Spark's extra damage every 4 attacks, which will be around once every second and a half or so. I'm still a little undecided on Entropy; the extra slow is nice, but I'm playing around with switching it out instead of Mallet and taking either lifesteal or more damage, though Mallet's slow is more reliable. 

    If you're facing a Jax, you should switch out [item=Ionic Spark] for a Sword of the Divine, since its active will let you cut through his dodge and has a pretty low cooldown. 

  • Quick Build

    Berserker's Greaves
    Frozen Mallet
    [item=Ionic Spark]
    Kitae's Bloodrazor
    Entropy ..

  • Skilling Order

    Take one in each main ability to start, then focus Barrage. Priority should be Artillery>Barrage>Spittle>Ooze. Some people like to focus Ooze, but with all the slow he's getting pretty quick from Mallet and later Entropy I don't find it as useful as the extra attack speed from Spittle. 

    Start fights with Artillery, then throw Ooze and pop Artillery slightly BEFORE you're in range to make sure you're hitting as soon as possible. Hit them with Spittle once its in range and watch them drop. Artillery is also great for knocking people off capture points and finishing off runners. 

  • Summoner Abilities

    I generally take Ghost and Garrison. You'll want the speed, and Garrison is great for healing nearly-dropped points or increasing your turrets damage output. 

    Promote is also a decent choice instead of Garrison, but I would never suggest getting rid of ghost.

  • Kog Tactics

    It should be obvious at this point that this is NOT a big survivability build. In my opinion there's no reason to try and build Kog for survivability over massive damage; you will die, probably pretty often. But if you're smart you should be taking 1 or two guys with you and you should be more than capable of holding a point against 2 or more. Kog has a weird place in Dominion; since kills don't matter as much and respawn times are pretty low you can do a few things that would be really stupid in a regular game. More than once I've saved a game by charging a whole team who were capturing a point, killing one and shaking the rest for long enough for my team to show up and prevent the capture (I'm not saying you should do this all the time, but its a viable option if you have no choice). Your biggest weakness is going to be assassins who have a dive ability to get close quick (such as Akali and Irelia), snares/stuns, and guys like Jax and Teemo who will try to make your auto-attack useless. Sword of the Divine will do a great job of countering Jax, but there's not much you can do about blinds except throwing out Ooze and Artillery, since it doesn't affect those. Generally the range on snares is lower than Barrage's, so just hit them while you're snared and squishy casters will often go down before you do. 

    One of the biggest tricks with Kog is learning when to not bother running. Generally speaking, if there's very little chance of getting away, turn and fight. Pop everything you have and depending on your health you may be able to get them low enough to kill them with your passive. Its a gamble, but with Kogs slow speed its often better to do something then just let them chase you down.  

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