Yorick Build Guide

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written by Tonerboast

Yorick Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Unholy Covenant
    OP PASSIVE, This passive shows that his strongest overall scaling comes from health and AD, both of which are easy to itemize for while covering up his shortcomings, with ult and 3 ghouls up you net 20% damage reduction, allowing you to tank hella damage for your team with minimal tank items or as your teams actual damage absorbing tank, become indestructible.

    Omen of War
    Very strong ability because it is in the form of an on hit effect, the movespeed lasts as long as the ghoul does and it has a relatively short cooldown

    Omen of Pestilence
    This is where nerfs hit him the most, cut alot of his laning damage, but you still will be using this just as much as you did before because of the crazy slow

    Omen of Famine
    Bread and butter, you should be using this skill on the enemy hero just about every single time its off cd.

    Omen of Death
    WIN TEAMFIGHTS BUTTON. There are many strategies to keep in mind with this ultimate, and can even alter your itemization depending on teamcomp and the items your carries decide to build.

  • Introduction

    Alright so this is my guide on Yorick mori, I played him almost religiously upon release, when he was really bad, when he was god tier, and now when he is, still a very dominant late hero that can bring TONS OF DAMAGE to the lategame. For all the scrubs that are so concerned with ELO I was 1853 last season and I'm currently sitting at 1722 at the top of season 2.He's alot better than people seem to recognize and still have the idea that this hero is weak all around or something about him not being god tier. IM ALSO NOT A PICTURE KIND OF GUY, ITS GOING TO BE A HUGE WALL OF TEXT THAT WILL HELP YOU ACQUIRE ELO AS YORICK. ENJOY! LEAGUECRAFT APPARENTLY DOESN'T LIKE PARAGRAPHS AND INDENTATIONS, ADD PICS LATER.

  • Pros / Cons

    Strongest laning phase in the game
    Hard to push out of lane.
    Hard to gank because ms slow and speed, ult being able to block incoming skillshots as well as the on demand ghoul (pestilence).
    Scales really, really well.
    Blue buff turns you into a god.
    Slow early game all around, snoozefest laning phase, you just have to rinse and repeat rotations, damage is mediocre/ low early game.
    His sustain and offensive capabilities are entwined with his defensive ones, making him the strong laner he is because 1 ability (Famine ghoul) is your harass, making you twice as effective against heroes without sustain, and half as effective against heroes with them.


    The Correct answer is, ANYTIME. In my Bias Yorick book he's always a fantabulous pick, give a high five to all your haters and enjoy playing this hero! Great mid, great top solo, you can duo with support bot but that is the ultimate last resort. His ultimate is what makes your dps heroes more useful than before, or useful at all.
    Yorick is a stand alone Deity and should be wielded as such.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries are rather straightforward, 21 utility no questions. 9 offense for archaic knowledge is debatable but I never get it, If you fancy dodge runes get nimbleness, otherwise strength of spirit is where the money is at.
    You can also spec tele/exhaust without sacrificing points if you take them. Recap: 0-9-21.
    Runes: I will list these in order of priority, but remember this isn't the text of jesus, its preference so if you want something else be my guest.

    Red runes:Greater Mark of Strengthx9 OR Greater Mark of Desolationx9

    Quints:Greater Quintessence of Strength OR Greater Quintessence of Desolation OR Greater Quintessence of Swiftness OR Greater Quintessence of Vigor

    Yellow:Greater Seal of ResilienceORGreater Seal of Evasion OR Greater Seal of Clarity

    Blue:Greater Glyph of Warding NOTHING BETTER THAN THIS SORRY.

  • Skilling Order

    1 into Q at level 4, the 1 point wonder of this skill is pretty obvious.Should never be switched up for any reason.

  • Summoner Abilities


    I run flash ignite because its that little extra that can land you a kill in the laning phase, being able to flash Q, and if they flash they are still in Omen of Pestilence range and you can drop the other 2 ghouls and ignite if they have a trigger finger on that flash. Tele is a top lane thing and exhaust should be picked if nobody is smart enough to take it.

  • Items

    Starting off with mana regen stick [Item_icon=Meki pendant] and a couple of health potions sets you up for a long laning phase, and you're ready to slowly whittle down and annoy the living shit out of your opponents.
    Any item after this is gravy, but you should be building based upon the opposition, 

    Are a tasty alternative if they are playing that 0 CC team composition.

    Since Manamune is such a core item some of the itemization focuses around that, but most importantly his passive, although after Manamune going "mana tank" is completely unnecessary, but is still an option so do not disregard it completely.

    Defensive items: Warmogs: This item is really strong on every melee hero and the same goes for yorick, work on it after tear or manamune if you want, its tough on him, just after that you should really be scraping up some damage or defensive stats. This item gives the highest amount of health to your ghouls in one slot.

    Defensive armor items: Atmas, Frozen heart. Just a  glacial shroud helps you become tanky and the cdr and mana both increases Yoricks damage kit and survivability. These 2 items are by far the best on Yorick in terms of armor and cost effectiveness. CDR is very important as it keeps your percentage based damage reduction up more frequently and Atmas is just sort of a get it or you're retarded on tanky dps. (Big damage..)
    Defensive magic resist items: [Item_icon=Force of nature]Force of nature adds tons of regen with a high health setup, Spirit visage is a much more cost effective alternative and with Merc treads is usually enough MR to get you by. Banshee's is fairly decent but its not something I buy just because force of nature is better with Yoricks healthpool, Gives movespeed and increaes and his tanking incentive. It does synergize with the mana tank setup, but not enough to warrant it being purchased over force.
    DPS items: Trinity, just a sheen alone will add alot of damage to your spamming. your dps item other than Atmas should be trinity progression, in terms of piece order sheen and phage are valued equally and zeal sucks so buy it last.
    SITUATIONAL ITEMS TO CONSIDER: Randuins is pretty decent, not as powerful for Yorick as Frozen heart but a decent alternative, the active is something that makes this item very powerful, with your speed from omen of war, you can hit something, run to the carry, debuff that faggot and save your team from getting crushed by right clicking (keep in mind frozen heart kinda does the same thing).
    Mallet: Tankier than trinity, more slow than trinity, opens up some cool options like making 2 mallet slowbots with your ult or just slowing everything with autoattacks and have the doubled dps destroy things, you are very very durable so a mallet can give you the slow your team needs to keep chasing things as long as you can absorb the damage.

    GA: Tank item, makes you tanky, glowing swirly stuff around you makes you intimidating, ulting yourself makes you have 2 swirly ghost thingies. Lets you become more "in your face" than before, reduces incentive to kill you, good stats, its a really good pickup for midgame, you having 2 lives and the ability to give another teammate a second chance can really turn everything around


  • Build Example

    A Dedicated tanking setup against lets say majority AD. you already have a carry that you can trust to do the deeps.
    It should look something like:
    Manamune, Frozen heart, GA-would be purchased so you can dedicate your life and ult to the carry. -Same goes for a mallet pickup. Randuins would be purchase for more peel power. And sheen can be squeezed in for some cost effective damage.

    DPS Oriented setup: Manamune, Trinity...After this GA and Atmas are good choices, keeping that lead is useful.

    MR setup: Manamune,   Banshee's, Mallet, [Item_icon=Force of nature]Force, Atmas  Mercs.  
    Something like this is more MR based, you only need 1 slot for armor seeing as the armor items you are going to purchase will be costly.. Mallet once again is selected because in most cases a farmed, or multiple casters will have the bursts in which case you need da GA, or da kite, in which case you need mallet. or good teammates, whichever comes first. 
    Now I've only listed Maxed out item builds, Completing manamune is obviously the core piece to the puzzle, If you aren't building warmogs, fill out your slots with stats like    and  To become well rounded and tanky early and you can piece which items you need completed first based upon priorities between your team and the enemy team.
    You should also consider what the game is going to be like in 10 mins, are they going to realize you're shooting ghouls out of your ass and do heaps of damage and focus you? or that you're really really tanky and should give up.

    REAL TANK BUILD, LIKE REALLY TANKY. [Item_icon=Force of nature] Pretty much. Real tank here. 
    This is more of my Solo Q build as it is just a bunch of tank items allowing you to facecheck into 5 people, type "hey we should fight I just ate everything" and Live through the entire teamfight and wade into the trenches of aoe spells and beat up that stupid AD carry. Even though you have Atmas and Manamune only contributing to Attack damage Directly, you should still be sporting 200-300 AD. and 3.4-4k Health with MAD RESISTANCES. Pair that up with 20% Damage reduction and you've got a real problem on your hands.
    BWAHAHAHA TROLL DOUBLE TROUBLE DEEPS.    Really Dumb build, But 2 Ga'd Yoricks with mad deeps is kinda fun, if you don't get melted. It's bad, don't do it. But you should still do it. Just once.

    Yorick is a very item dynamic hero and should be built based upon both team comps, he can fit a hefty tanking role while still being useful and he can fill an "off tank" and DPS role, while still being useful in most cases my preferred item build looks like this
      Secondly build and complete  and Finish  Around this point it should be about the 20 minute mark or sooner and you will have such a high health pool that resistances don't really matter like 3k plus.(Your innate damage reduction helps soften the lack of resistances) This early in the game, you can tank the tower for like 3 days while your team herps and derps and chases the tanks around. Don't matter, you are a god. 
    At this point I finish up  Then If resistances aren't a concern I get  Or  If my team or I need more chasing ability, Or I need some cheap damage. Then I progress towards  Atmas because completing it will beef your AD up 60+ then finish Trinity. Lastly [item_icon=Force of nature] Force is to round out resistances and the item itself is rather godly, Picking up raw stats from atmas or Force earlier (chain vest and negatron) is something you need to consider. This build lacks innate CDR because, I am a blue buff whore and WILL take it from my casters because I am alpha Yorick.  Also blue pot for teamfights. Even though there is not much CDR its not particularly important once you progress past a certain point in the build, its very well rounded, very tanky, cooldowns and auto attacks will do noticable amounts of damage.
    But I never get to use this build because as soon as I hear double kill from enemy bot lane its time for frozen heart T_T


    One piece of advice, pay attention to the ghoul AI and understand which ghouls are retarded (omen of war) and which ones will die serving you (the other 2). They can last hit for you, die for you, block skillshots for you, them generally being alive makes you stronger. 
    The christmas ghoul combo (green and red, derp) should be spammed, but don't spam pestilence, its a mana sink without a famine followup, but throwing one out every now and then so your opponent gives you breathing room, or gets scared and backs up is also fine.

     Red and Green when summoned will B line for an enemy hero and follow it until it dies, the leash range on these badboys is pretty far. I mean like, really far. When you're scared of a trade Drop E on a creep, when it goes in for the hero, you can sometimes drop the green one for full damage without getting hit by something, you can double drop smartcast, or drop W on them maneuver around the predicted skillshot? and drop E, also remember at anytime you can speed yourself up in the creepwave with Q. 
    Your ult can be used preemptively to block and incoming skillshot or when you eventually push to tower have Yorick #2 beat him up under tower, mostly for the lulz but really hurts the opponents cs even more when they are trying to run away from Mori and friends.

    Backing order, First trip back make sure you can afford  and Boots 1, a ward and a couple health pots if you can spare. Basically B at about 1kG and you can get tear,  boots and 1 ward.


    It will apply the cloned heroes on hit effects, black cleaver, razor, etc. mallet. w.e you get the idea
    It will have the same movespeed as cloned hero.
    As far as I know, only benefits from Starks aura. not aegis, neither do your little buddies.
    When used on an ally, it will pop ON TOP OF YOUR TARGET NOT YOU, so you can save an ally from cait ult for example, by ulting them.... and watch her shoot the double. REAL FUNNY HAHA YORICK SO GOOD.

  • Working in the team


  • Summary

    Yorick is very strong, and I believe he should be primarily a tanking hero, and should always get a solo, because he can deny every solo and poop on all lanes whether it be mid or top, just remember to WARD ALL YOUR SHIT SO YOU CAN BE YORICK IN LANE, You need to have the ability to control the lane at all times, so remember to keep your spots warded. at all times, money shouldn't ever be an issue because yorick can farm, he can farm well, and he can deny well, this gold gap should warrant wards, if it didn't. you'd still be buying wards

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