Kassadin Build Guide

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Kassassinate your Enemies

written by DirtySammy

Kassadin Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi ladies and gents of Leaguecraft!

    I am proud to present you an unorthodox guide to our under rated champion...Kassadin
    In this guide, I will show you ways to play Kassadin that will make your opponents fear your absence...yes absence.

    But before I start, allow me to introduce myself.
    I play on the NA server under the name of "DirtySammy007"
    I am a huge fan of League of Legends and I have been playing this game for a good solid year now with 700+ wins. Sadly i do not play Ranked that much because I lack a teambuddy to play with. I don't even bother with solo queues, yeah... you know what I mean.

  • Why offtank Kassadin is the BEST Kassadin.

    Playing Kassadin off-tank gives you a stronger teamfight presence compared to playing him conventionally. You will be a perfect bait, you will be the most mobile offtank in the champion pool, and the best reason to play Kassadin offtank is balanced durability/damage.

    You can take more risks and have better chances of succeeding. Just don't be stupid.

  • Quick Reference


    9/0/21 4 points on [mastery_icon=Expanded Mind] and 1 point on [mastery_icon=Blink of an Eye]


    Starting Items:
    2x or 3x

    Core build:

    Final Build Sample:

  • Abilities

    Void Stone
    This build will utilize this passive to it's full potential. Bonus attack speeds from absorbed magical damage can rack up to 2.500 attacks per second.
    Wacking enemy champs everywhere 2.500 faster is very very sexy.

    Null Sphere
    What makes a Null Sphere a Null Sphere?
    The Silence

    2.6 seconds of helplessness is more than enough to unleash wrath upon his/her/it's pathetic soul.
    In general, great tool to harass, disrupt, delay, or eliminate enemy champions.

    Nether Blade
    Great spell for replenishing mana.

    A tool for farming, activating the ability allows you to last hit caster minions when hit once by a tower.

    Force Pulse
    ahhh, the Force Pulse...
    Force Pulse make champions that has a cone spell ability look like a bitch...gough*annie* cough*huehuehuehue* cough*talon* cough cough

    Force Pulse has an ABSURD aoe angle that makes other cone spell pale in comparison. To top that, it has a low cooldown and a slow.

    A con to this ability however, it needs 6 charges from spell casts.
    So casts from yourself, enemies, and allies charges Force Pulse.

    Charges are not a problem when it comes to team fights though. Why? 10 champions will frantically cast spells everywhere, making the spell available, always.

    Force Pulse can also detect unseen champions nearby when a cast is made. Great for on-the-spot scouting or a gank prevention tool.

    Think of the summoner spell "Flash"
    But with 2 second cooldown, longer range, and an aoe.

    This spell stacks eachtime you use it in a 7 second timeframe, meaning more mana cost and more damage

    Having unnecessary stacks with Rift Walk will leave you dry and worst of all, vulnerable to getting ganked or **** on

    With an ENORMOUS mana pool + Blue Buff, achieving that 10th* stack with Riftwalk proves to be fatal if landed on an enemy champ.. 1200+ magic damage, terrible terrible damage there.

    *yes, it is POSSIBLE but it will leave you vulnerable after you cast it. Leaving you with no mana for the next 7 seconds. So use wisely my friends.

  • Masteries + Runes

    External Image

    This masteries setup is a standard caster one. Investing on improved flash and 4 points on expanded mind is a must.

    External Image

    This is MY preferred rune setup.
    Gives me bonus movement speed for all around utility, magic resistance that allow me to dalay on a Negatron Cloak, and mana pool for more ability casts.

    This setup can be changed to your liking, but make sure to choose ones that benefit Kass the most.
    Alternative runes can be...

    Greater Seal of Clarity
    If your a fan of mana regen, be my guest take it. This is a great replacement for Greater Seal of Knowledge

    Greater Seal of Resilience
    Good against Dpsers, but its worth will dwindle lategame.

    Greater Glyph of Knowledge
    More mana=More Pwnage

    Greater Glyph of Celerityor Greater Glyph of Focus
    Great for reduced cooldowns, obviously.

    Greater Glyph of Clarity
    More mana regen=More Pwnage

    Greater Quintessence of Insight
    The only best Quint alternative for Greater Quintessence of Swiftness in my opinion.

  • Summoner Abilities

    and are the ones that always pick up.

    Allow me to explain,

    is an overpowered spell in my opinion. It gives you that "Oh hey some one is ganking me but shit...Riftwalk wasnt enough so what the hell, ill pop Flash and riftwalk again lol xD."
    Seriously though, Flash will save your ass when your Riftwalk happen to fail you. Can be also used the other way around, Flash over and rip your enemies.

    has given me countless kills in my LoL career. I get that satisfaction when I bust all my spell combo finishing with ignite, walking away like a boss. Waiting for that woman to say...
    "You Have Slain an Enemy" I then put on my sunglasses and proceed to cure cancer.

    Other Viable Spells:

    badass replacement for

    gives you that upperhand against DPS/AP champions.

    is an offensive/defensive spell allows you to stay in a lane longer and do a little 1 on 1 action without ooming.

    Baiting like ninjachurch!

    is another offensive/defensive. Quick shopping and ward ganking has never been easy.

    My playstyle for Kassadin revolves around staying alive and killing players. Every now and then I die but revive solves this problem. 10 minute cooldown for this spell is more than enough. Ok im not really that serious about revive, but you can take it anyways if you want to spice things up.

  • The CORE build

    Proper itemization on Kassadin is very important to his success, building accordingly to what you need is the key to success.

    Core Build:
    Tear of the Goddess
    Boots of Speed
    Rod of Ages
    Glacial Shroud
    Catalyst the Protector

    Boots is a choice between Mercury's Treadsor Sorcerer's Shoes.
    I am a huge fan of Mercury's Treads because it has more bang for the buck compared to Sorcerer's Shoes. Magic resist + Tenacity gets you out of sticky situation. If you think about it, Every goddamn champ has some sort of cc. A CC'd Kass is a dead Kass.

    This core build gives around a 100 point of resistances, significant amount of mana pool, decent ap, and
    an abundant health pool to backup those resistances.

    Once the core is completed begin to upgrade the items starting with Glacial Shroudto Frozen Heart and Catalyst the Protectorto Banshee's Veil. By this time you are ready to upgrade Tear of the Goddess since it reached the 1000 mana cap, then it gets weird from here...

    Tear of the Goddess to Archangel's Staffor Manamune

    I bet manamune made you say wat.

    Yes, Dps kassadin is still viable in my opinion. Even after the Nether Blade change. The only reason you might consider going Manamune path is when your opponents build up significant amount of magic resistances and your team is composed of more than 3 magic dealers including yourself.

    By the time you finished the core build you can consider yourself very tough and take/deal SIGNIFICANT amount of damage.

    In the next section, I will talk about the final item... you would be surprised how HUGE the selection of items you can have on this slot.

  • Deciding the FINAL Item

    If you get to this point of the game you should be very proud of yourself!!!

    You finished your build and the game is still going on by this time, you have 2k of gold which leave you stuck on the fountain deciding which item to buy. You browse through the categories, flipping through section after sections. Out of frustration you randomly picked an item. Surprisingly, you did well with that item.

    The moral of the story? you can buy any item and still dominate with it
    Yeah the story is kinda lame, but you get the point ;D.

    Kassadin's 5 core items is more than enough for him to be what he is... a lean mean purple rape machine. The 6th slot is just a complimentary item to his arsenal. So make sure to choose an item the fits perfect on the current situation.

    Allow me to suggest items that I had huge success with!


    Thornmail If you haven't notice yet. Kassadin's greatest weakness is DPS champions. Thornmail helps a lot by mitigating a huge chunks of their damage output.

    Guardian Angel A good balance of defensive resistance. The item gives good amount of armor and magic resistance, meaning a tougher Kassadin. Best of all! To add to their frustrations, your enemies have to kill you twice!

    Randuin's Omen Another good choice if you need armor. Gives you an on hit slow, activated slow that stacks great with Frozen Heart and armor!

    Warmog's Armor Great item to back up those resistances you get from Kassadin's core items and counter nukers. Be careful on getting this against champs that has damaging abilities base on the target's health, also watch out for the items they have.

    [item=Force of Nature] A Thornmail for mages! Health regen and movement speed? What more could you ask for!

    Sunfire Cape Health and armor + a passive that makes you stand out in a teamfight.

    This defensive items does not matter whether you went Archangel's Staffor Manamune build.

    Offensive Archangel's Staff:

    Rabadon's Deathcap A steroid item that will boost your AP through the roof!

    Zhonya's Hourglass Best item against DPS squishies that deals a lot of damage but has low defensive stats. Pop this when your combo is done and by the time the active is done, your ult is available again for escape or the finishing blow.

    Void Staff Great against champions who stacked magic resistance. Going through 55% of their magic resistance is amazing. Specially when you have stacks on your ult.

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter An all around item that offer both offense and defense.

    Abyssal Scepter Good item to get if your not the only mage in your team. The magic pen aura is great + magic resistance that will make you more of an anti caster.

    These are my preferred items in the Archangel's Staff path. Feel free to use AP items that I skipped, these are just my choices.

    Offensive Manamune:

    The Black Cleaver Mages will beg mercy when you wield this weapon, their resistance will only make your long blade hit harder and faster.

    Infinity Edge is The Black Cleaver's deranged brother. Hes a man of luck however, but when
    that a certain lady smiles... they wont.

    The Bloodthirster The third member of the brotherhood. His lust for carnage makes him stronger every soul he decimates. Every hit demoralizes the enemy gaining fortitude to whom who bear this damned item.

    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] A good item against Tanky champions. The extra stats are just a decent bonus.

    Wit's End Stacks very well with your Nether Blade plus the stacking magic resistance is a good choice if you need magic resist and some damage

    [item=Malady] A more offensive version of Wit's End that gives your Nether Blade more bang per hit. Works with every ability of course.

    Just like the one I said earlier, This is my preference.

    Speaking of preference.

    I am proud to present you the BEST!!... Final item to finish the cake. Whether you went to the unorthodox Manamune or to a more common Archangel's Staff.


    External Image

    Spell Vamp, Life Steal, AP, AD, and a NUKE THAT SLOWS!!!
    Hextech Gunblade is LEGENDARY for nuke healing. The spellvamp it offer gives you unparalleled sustainability especially when you have stacks on your RiftWalk.

    "With great power, comes great responsibility"
    -Stan Lee

    And that responsibility my friend is to kill them all.

  • Farming

    Early Game farming is a nightmare against competent champions.
    So try your best to dodge and last hit. Good thing Kassadin's attack animation is really fast.
    Try to farm with your Null Sphere if you have to, because getting his core items is vital to your success.

    By the time lategame comes, farming issues will be of the past. You will clear waves of minions like a genocide.

  • TeamFights

    I will break down Kassadin's role in teamfights into 3 phases.

    Phase 1

    The "no, you come at me bro" phase, nobody wants to initiate or be initiated.

    Stay out of sight, use your absence as an advantage. I can guarantee you that they will fear you, enemies will hug the tower as a result. While out of sight, try to maintain at least 3-4 stacks of your RiftWalk assuming you have blue buff. Having those available stacks will maintain your damage output if you happen to engage someone.
    Sometimes there will be that lone champion, on his or her way to a upcoming creepwave. Use your judgement if you can eliminate this champion or at least force him to retreat. This is a risky move so expect for the worse

    Phase 2

    The "shit is hitting the fan" phase.

    Your tanks or their tanks initiated, its a total chaos in there.
    I highly suggest diving into the fray with at least 6-7 stacks of Rift walk.
    Kassadin's job is to dish out damage, silence casters, bait, and protect your squishies.

    Target Priority list:
    -Champions that has channeling abilities that can be costly if not stopped.
    -Squishy Carries

    Common way of doing this is, Rift walk in> Silence > Force Pulse > Slap Slap > Rift walk out> cooldowns...repeat.

    Phase 3

    The "Fuck this shit im outta here!!!" phase... nope

    Everyone is low health, even you. This is the most exiting part of playing Kassadin, The Cleanup.

    Assuming your skills happened to get you blue buff from a kill, and you have 8 stacks of rift walk. You will have 2 choices depending on the situation

    Choice 1 will be keeping those stacks, meaning enemies are close by trying to get you (since you have low hp remember). Surprise them with the burst you can dish out with those stacks. I have gotten countless multikills with this because of overzealous players.

    Choice 2 will be refreshing it, since they are in full retreat, keeping the stacks chasing will drain your mana. Chase them from 0 riftwalk, by the time you close the gap you will get 4 stacks of rift walk. Be careful however, its kinda humiliating getting bursted down by 10% hp champs.

    "You can run but you'll only die tired"
    Boba Fett

  • Kassadin Tactics

    Proper Rift Walking:

    New Kassadin players often overuse this ability leaving them with low mana*.
    The proper way of doing Riftwalk is try to time using it again before the stacks refresh to 0. This way, you will allow your self to regenerate mana for the subsequent spell casts.

    Spamming it will just leave you dry around the 7th stack. But on the bright side, it gets you "There" faster. While on the other hand, using this method will allow you to use 2 casts of maximum stacked RiftWalk. But be careful though, casting that second RiftWalk will leave you vulnerable. This is where flash gets handy.

    *With or without blue buff, especially without.


    External Image

    External Image

    Yellow dots are the uncommon warding spots.
    Green ones are the ones smart people place.

    These paths are actually longer than walking straight to the lane.
    But it offers the element of surprise. So make sure to ask the lane your about to gank if there are wards around there. Who knows, you don't even have to use the long way.

    Baron Steal:

    You are watching baron get beaten by a team of 5 hostile champions, and you have a chance to steal it. Before going in for the kill make sure you have at least 5 Riftwalk stacks. The more stacks the more chance of stealing baron.
    You went for the kill and succeeded.
    But you find yourself surrounded by 5 angry players, very very angry players.

    You want to flash AWAY from the wall , leading them TOWARDS your allies. by the time you flashed away you will have your Riftwalk again ready.

    The reason you dont want to flash towards the wall is simply because you wont make it. CC's will hold you down and take too much damage. Remember, were talking about 5 champions.

    Stealing baron is fairly easy with a stacked Riftwalk, but suicidal.
    Just hope you survive 3 seconds of 5 champ beating.

  • Kassadin and KSing

    Don't be faltered by ignorant players who whine about you KSing their precious kills.

    Educate them about this word. Tell them what it really stands for...


    They're just jealous of your KS skills

  • You vs. _______!

    Under Construction!

  • Dominion

    Under Construction...

    This build is not meant for dominion, but its pretty good though.
    Trying to make the perfect build to maximize Kassadin's potential in this map.

  • Pros / Cons


    - Terrible Terrible Damage
    - Unparalleled survivability for a mage, or any other offtank out there.
    - Good CC's
    - Psychological Taunt
    - Psychological FEAR
    - Unmatched mobility
    - Great Farmer (mid-lategame)
    - Blue Buff GOD
    - Flexible Build
    - Escape artist
    - Best Chaser
    - Huge Mana pool to spend
    - Short cooldowns
    - Great AP Scaling


    - Terrible Terrible Early Game
    - Mana hungry with or without Blue Buff (early,mid, and late)
    - Can be harassed early
    - Blue Buff dependent
    - DPS vulnerability

  • Thanks!

    Many thanks for reading this guide!!! and I hope you enjoy the guide/build!

    Stay tuned for updates, hopefully not nerfs.

  • Author's note

    Kassadin is a fun champion to play. Don't get clouded by people who question the viability of a champion. PLAY what ever goddamn champion you want and BUILD what ever items you want, its your game not theirs. So have fun.

    Excuse my English for it is not my primary build.

    I will be updating this guide based on the success it gets.

    Rate and Comment!!!

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