Leona Build Guide

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Leona, The Radiant pwnage

written by zednael

Leona Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    My First guide ever, and I need to say that English is not my original language, so correct me if I spell something wrong.

    I just bought leona a month ago, and after 10 games she became my favorite champ and I only play her ( unless team compo isnt great for Leona, like to many supports)

    ***I need instructions about how to put skills images and links to masteries, its really my first time ever, I'm a Virgin here***

  • Pros / Cons

    -Crazy tankyness with W up
    -DMG soaker
    -Great initiator

    -Team dependant
    -Low Dmg if alone
    -u lose a 1v1 against Dps with lifesteal (even if u have more level or gold)
    -U can tank a whole team for 5sec at least, soak lots of their ults and stun them for lots of time, but most teammates doesnt know that and choose to flee from a 5v5, or come later 1 by 1 (this doesnt happen when I play with friends)
    -U may start to hate solo games
    -No dmg at all if ur partner is a support champ (this is when I switch Leona for Xin or Brand)

  • Quick Summary for lazy ppl

    Masteries 9/0/21

    marks Armpen
    Yellow health per lvl
    Blue CD per lvl
    Quint 1 CD per lvl, 2 pure AD

    Skill Order


    Philosopher's Stone Mercury's Treads [item=Heart of Gold

    Late Game (in order of importance)
    Sunfire Cape Shurelya's Reverie Banshee's Veil Trinity Force Randuin's Omen

  • Masteries + Runes

    Because CD and movingspeed are Leona best friends
    15% Mpen helps a little
    2% crit
    1 gold/10sec (A good Leona should let her partner get all farm, u get gold from assist and gold/10sec items)
    the others are obvious options (exhaust and flash improvement)

    RED = 6 Arpen and 3 AD or full Arpen ( the first option helps to get FB easier at lvls 2-5)
    YELLOW = Health/lvl
    BLUE = CD/lvl
    QUINT = 1 CD/lvl and 2 AD

    CD just from runes and masteries get u to 20%, plus 15% from Shurelya's Reverie and 5% from Randuin's Omen u get to 40%, without losing tankyness

    Arpen helps a lots in the first levels vs squishy champs (most champs start with 20 armor, tanks with 30 without runes) AD quint instead of Arpen increase dmg done in the first lvls. Example 1 autoattack+stun against a lvl 1 teemo with boots = 50% of his total health + 1 attackfrom friend and my passive = 70-80%

    Healt/lvl because u already get lots of armor and Mresist from ur W, which is gona be up 70% of the time in fights

  • Skilling Order

    1=Q (to save ur partner in case enemy go crazy, to ward your Wraiths and hit&stun the enemy jungler)
    2=E (u can start getting aggro from now on)
    3=W (more aggro and less dmg recived)
    from here Max W and Ultimate when its possible, Then max E and leave Q for last

    E Its ur best dmg, and its aoe. But what really shines here its how tank u get with this skill only

    Most ppl upgrade Q over E, but I prefer E first since u ALWAYS need to hit E to start a fight, so if u miss it, u need to wait less to try again. and W dmg is AOE (more passives)and it increase more than Q with lvls. and u cant catch running enemies with Q, but cant insta lock to them With E. The other thing is that E can save ur life, just flee into brush, wait, hit E on the farest enemy and then flash away + Shurelya's Reverie. I have done this so many times and I always LMAO after they couldnt last hit me.

  • Summoner Abilities

    If solo queque FLASH/IGNITE
    With Friends FLASH/EXHAUST

    Seriously, most of the solo games, ppl doesnt believe im gona jump at enemies even with 3 pings over their heads. and enemies escape almost dead, because partner got into fight to late. thats when ignite comes in handy and I get FB.

    Friends knows im gona go crazy, and they insta charge the enemy after me, so I save exhaust to save asses

  • Items

    Philosopher's Stone Mercury's Treads [item=Heart of Gold

    Late Game (in order of importance)
    Sunfire Cape Shurelya's Reverie Banshee's Veil Trinity Force Randuin's Omen

    U can change Randuin's Omen for Atma's Impaler If ur team have lots of tanks and need the extra dmg or for an Abyssal Scepter if most of ur enemies r doing magic dmg

  • Build Example

    start with Health Potion and Regrowth Pendant

    Upgrade to Philosopher's Stone when possible and buy more Health Potion

    Now, try to stay in lane until u have enogh gold for [item=Heart of Gold] + Boots of Speed, if dont have enough choose [item=Heart of Gold] over boots

    Buy lots of wards, at least 1 every time u blue pill after getting the 2 gold/10sec items

    Next get Mercury's Treads, but if enemies dont have lots of CC rush Sunfire Cape and stay with normal boots until u finish ur sunfire

    our next item is Kindlegem to help our CD, I recommend getting a Negatron Cloak before finishng Shurelya's Reverie This way Gold keeps coming

    Now is the tricky part, enemies dps are fat and dangerous? go for Randuin's Omen

    So many CC u cant even flash to get away or move to get a good initiation? Banshee's Veil

    Enemy mage does lots of burst dmg but is a glass cannon? get Trinity Force The dmg increase just from Sheen its going to oblige them to run b. Of course u need to do ur full combo on them (E-autoattack-Q-W-R-auttoatack-ignite in case u have it)

    most dmg in ur team, come in form of Magic then Abyssal Scepter Even a full Dps Kog or WW does a lot of magic dmg from skills or [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]

    U r the carry of ur team?? (happens from time to time,lots of lats hit from sunfire or W or Passive) then u can use Atma's Impaler+ Trinity Force+ Banshee's Veil + all ur other health items end in lots of AD and health,a solid armor+mresist thanks to W + items.

  • Working in the team

    from start, just hide in brush, let ur partner get all farm and wait to lvl 2. depending who r u against, just aim the squshy and E,attack+Q stun+ignite, make sure u ping a lot so ur partner follows.

    and really dont u ever think about farming, normally by 12 min of game my minion farm is 0. Farm when u r alone and last hit only. Its amazing to have a friendly champ with a BF by 8min of game, u stun he kills its a perfect deal

    In time fight always try to initiate with their carry, but u should aim ur ultimate where it can stun the most enemies, 3 stuned champs> 1 stuned carry, and u r still stuning the carry with QandE

    Wards and brushes the best combo

    When doing baron, stay in a position where u can jump to enemies before they initiate (ex, near their jungle if they r Purple, or near entrance if they r blue)

    Cant think more for the moment and Server is up xD, so im gona update later
    Thx for reading, and im expecting lots of tips on how to improve this guide, C U

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