LeBlanc Build Guide

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AD LeBlanc. Double gun - double fun!(troll/bug exploiting guide)

written by TwiceBorned

LeBlanc Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    AD LeBlanc sound like a joke.. and she is. This is trolling guide, actually, but.. there are some bugs, that can make this build viable, and even more powerful than AP and 100 times more fun.(only downside - you probably will be reported..).

    Build isn't complete and many tips and tricks will be added(how to split push and backdoor with this and why it work for example)

  • Abilities

    Mirror Image
    THIS is a thing, that allow this build to work at all. So bugged, so fun passive in right hands.. With some manipulation(more about it later) your double will last forever AND do damage.

    [spell=Sigil of Silence]
    Silence(unreliable) + harrasing tool. Nothing more for you. Don't even bother about this spell.

    Escape tool and should be used for this. Or, may be, for farm. Not for damage. Never. You need all escape skills you have, since you HP MUST be no less than 50% all the times. Escape every attempt of gap-closing from enemy Xin etc.

    Ethereal Chains
    Snare, slow.. just not-to-good CC spell. Sometimes can help with getting kill, sometimes not.

    For doubling your W(sometimes for Q, if you REALLY need to silence someone). Two escapes are better than one, this is obvious.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Your standard AD carry masteries and rune page. Nothing more to say there.

  • Items

    Look at any "good"(or better) Ashe or Caitlin guide, find "items" section in it and read. I have no desire to make a list of all AD, AS and crit items one more time. Just don't forget to buy Banshee's Veil, it helps. And may be, for funs of this combo, "atmogs" can be viable too.

  • Skilling Order

    Doesn't matter. You need ine point in W for escape after you have your "permanent clone".
    Remember, at early levels you play like "normal" LeBlanc, so play like you play usually(I don't like LeBlanc in general, so if you are good with her you know skilling order better)

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash is mandatory. 3 escapes are better than two AND people actually rage when they simply can't kill this annoying troll.. and their rage is our pleasure, right?
    Cleanse is good too, even CC can't stop us from escape.
    But if you think other vice take what you prefer.

  • Working in the team(VERY IMPORTANT. sorry for caps)

    The most important part - how to do it. Explanation why this work at all.
    First of all - you need a good(or even bad, but smart) Zilean in team.
    Second - you must trigger your passive, vait for 4-5 sec, put your clone under heavy fire(tower or baron) and ask Zilean to ULT ON YOUR CLONE. If this "8 seconds life timer" will be over while your clone is resurrected by ult then.. Then after resurrection it will last forever(until killed or you create a new one by dropping below 40% or you die) AND do your normal auto attack damage. Sweet. Since you and you clone both attack, your damage will be actually doubled AND enemy will be.. in question what was happened at all. So fun to see this.

  • Pros / Cons

    so much frustration!
    never alone
    do not fall off late game(you is a carry somehow)
    AD LeBlanc(not always a bad thing, look at "normal" AD LeBlanc guide from Aperture Lab Rat, it's just below my guide in list)
    you will be reported(for trolling, stupid build and bug exploiting)
    this can be fixed at any moment(may be this is even fixed already)

  • Unique Skills

    TWO Carry with the price of one. This is unique)

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