Tryndamere Build Guide

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Just a simple deadly TRYNDAMERE

written by uther4117

Tryndamere Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    First of all my english is not good so im sorry for the tryping mistakes i may make... This is my first guide. I hope u can find what you are looking for...

  • Abilities

    Battle Fury
    Just super...

    This skill makes u great laner. U can hold the lane without going back to first 20min. Dont be afraid to use this without furs stacks. If enemy pushing hard, hit a couole of time to the creeps under ur turret then use this skill.

    Mocking Shout
    When ur enemy fleeing use this then spin to them and kill them.. u can use this also against heavy dps heroes in 1 v 1.

    Spinning Slash
    Great for everything. Farming, escaping, ganging etc. U can go through the walls. And cooldown is reduce 1 sec. per crit dmg. Just know the places u can go through

    Undying Rage
    If enemy havent got a silince stuns etc. use this skill the last possible second but if they have stunner, silincer then use it before dying. I mean u should know how much second they have nned to kill u. If they can kill u in 1 sec. then open it with full hp. U understand what i mean ;). Use ur q skill 1 sec. before undying rage over. When ur ulti is over and u are still in the enemy group, then flash and spin.

  • Masteries


    I personnelly use 2 armor 6 mr and go for nimbleness

  • Runes

    For runes;

    I personnally use ap marks and quintessences, 1.41 armor seals and 1.49 mr glyphs

    but u can also take full crit chance runes if u believe that "My lane partner and i can easily take our opennents so lets kill them!!!". Crit chance runes are useless in late game but if u have them, u can change ur item build and make them usefull.

  • Items

    For full crit chance runes;

    Brawler's Gloves and 2x Health Potion.
    First back= Zeal and Berserker's Greaves 1695 gold
    Second back= Phantom Dancer + Vampiric Scepter 2120 gold
    You may say WTF 2000 gold are u kidding? Tryn self healing ability allowes him to staying lane as much as he want.

    After second back items u should go to Infinity Edge start with BF sword then crit. After Infınıty u are unstoppeble. After this there is situational items. If u havent trouble about dying in team fights then buy 3x The Bloodthirster and have fun. If u want to take turrets down as soon as possible then 1 more Phantom Dancer and 2x The Bloodthirster and then sell ur boots and buy one more Phantom Dancer. If u dying before activate ur ulti because of stuns and slinces then buy a Guardian Angel. If killing their tanks is ur job, buy Last Whisper for armorful heroes or buy [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] for hpful heroes like Cho'gath(Sometimes they have 6k hp). U can configure this items on situations, u know what should u do....

    For ap and def runes;

    Start with Brawler's Gloves and 2x Health Potion.
    First back= Zeal and Berserker's Greaves 1695 gold and as an option u can also take Boots of Speed and Vampiric Scepter
    Second back= Upgrade boots to Berserker's Greaves and buy Phantom Dancer
    Then Infinity Edge start with BF sword then crit.
    For now everything seems like full crit rune build but here is the differience. Second Phantom Dancer. From now ur all attacks are crit. After that u can buy 2x The Bloodthirster then sell boots and buy one more phantom. Now u can kill baron alone easily and turrets are nothing for u. As a situational u can change The Bloodthirster to a guardian angel.

  • Skilling Order

    q => e => w => q => q => r then max. q's then if heavy dos enemy max w first otherwise max. e first then w.

  • Summoner Spells

    I personally use exhaust and flash.

    Flash: Sometimes u should go into the 5 enemy champ. when u distract them ur team appear and suprise. Team fight begin. But if your teammets cant reach the fight in time or bad something happend u can flee easily. flash and spin and here u are alive and ready to make hp full to hitting something
    Exhaust: Usefull every phase. U can kill everyone but just takes different times. Most of the time they are dead in 3 shot but if they are still alive and fleeing. thanks for exhaust they cant flee :D
    Ignıte: For early game and fb. Possible and good and deadly thing.
    Heal: I use it for a couple of time and it works well. After undying rage u may die with ignite or mordekaiser's ulti so this skill keep u alive... And good for fb and early fights...

  • Farming

    Last hits is important do it. If around is clear of enemy champs and enemy creep wave is coming. Spin into them kill wizs first then kill the others. In end game u kill one of them in one attack. Important thing is after vampiric scepter u should trip in jungle and kill wolwes wizars buffs golems and gain extra exp and gold. After first enemys turrets fall, u should go for a long trips in jungle not only for jungle creatures but also for enemt champs that killing buff monsters. U can put wards on enemy jungle especially on buffs. If u see a great enemy minion wave then go and kill them all. After phantom and infi u can kill monsters easily and that means after this 2 items u can make money everywhere. And a couple of exemples for jungle gang. u are on the river and u saw the enemy that attaking the buff. U go there spin through the wall then hit him. Most of the time they start to fleeing. İf they are not fleeing they are probably already dead :). Then use mocking shout and kill him right there. U can use exhaust too if cant kill him.

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