Sion Build Guide

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[Sion] your Facebone! (AD)

written by ScarPe

Sion Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hey guys, i just want to show up how i play AD Sion, as is works pretty well for me.
    Core of this build is getting the possibility to farm very good with sion,
    aswell as getting a basic hp/manareg up, so we do not need to leave our lane too often.

    In my opinion, Sion is the strongest AD Melee DPS in this game, but he just needs a lot of farm to do so.
    We will take care of his lack of farming capabilitys, to support him lategame with great damage and healing for our teammates.

  • Abilities

    [spell=Feel No Pain]
    This passive is not the best i could think of, but its
    basically a decent ability. less damage is allways good, no question in that.

    [spell=Cryptic Gaze]
    Good Stun. 1,5 sec duration is incredibly awesome.
    do not only use it to chase.

    if there are champs like katarina/nunu/fiddl in this game,
    you probably should save it to cancel their ultimate.

    Note: when facing a irelia/xin zhao e.g. try to first "run away" into the brush,
    then activate ultimate and shield first before you use the stun.
    you should do so, because i never ever had the situation,
    that i got killed straight up in a 1on1, when my ultimate was up.
    this also increases the stun effectiveness, as you dont have any castanimations stopping wour attacks in any way.

    [spell=Death's Caress]
    use it to soak up damage, not to burst someone down, sion is a "high priority target",
    as he is capable of healing up his entire team in a teamfight.

    thats why we need this for survivability.
    (of course you should blow it up, if it would run out the next second anyways)

    this skill will bring us good damage and like 400-600 hp,
    which are both like a free midgame item, that does not cost space in our inventory.

    we will skill it on level 2 and this will be our 1st priority spell to skill.
    the reason is mainly farmingcapability aswell as getting more and more hp via this spell,
    along with its damage of course.
    even if enrage is only at level 1, you can kill ranged minions, when they are hit by a tower once.
    thats why we are able to defend a tower quite well.

    Remember, that cleavekills with [item_icon_tiamat] also adds hp via this ability.

    Attackspeed, incredibly high lifeleech, that even heals your mates for 50% of your damage.
    this skill is, what will break any opponent team, if they ignore you.

    1) Activate enrage (should be activated all the time though)
    2) use deaths caress
    3) active canibalism
    4) try to get in hitrange
    5) activate cannibalism
    6) use cryptic gaze
    7) GG

    With the game progressing further and further, we will also finish our itemcore.
    at level 7-9 when your team has mapcontrole, it is no problem to use your ultimate
    to kill a tower. a complete ultimate phase should be enough to crush it.

    With the itemcore built in the right order, sion is able to kil the dragon at level 6.
    thich makes him a fairly good bot lane champ also.

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros (in this build) are:

    *good farming capabilitys
    *high damage
    *groupheals (sometimes 600+ lategame)
    *strong singlestun
    *tanky in terms of good amount of hp, even without hp items.

    *needs good farm to be effective.
    *hardcountered by stunlock.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries i go for:
    External Image
    Getting as much damage and survivability as possible.

    Possible Runesets are:
    External Image OR External Image OR External Image

    All can be played, but i personally prefer the 1st.
    Amor pen + amor and magic resist, will make you even harder to kill with your ultimate.
    Max Critdamage will make you a total beast, but much easyer to kill.

  • Items

    Starting Items:
    + + OR +
    Still, i recommend the first possibility, as it is the first step to complete our itemcore.


    [item_icon=Tiamat], ,
    health- and manareg, attackspeed and crit. all. we. need.
    even if you dont buy bloodthirster as your next item, is always nice to have a bit earlyer.

    with and you can also do the dragon at level 6.

    Options for further items are:
    , , ,
    + for crit, damage, amor and mass hp,

    to not be stunned the full duration, while still having pretty good damage-stats on this item.
    (i highly recommend one of those "+X Tenacity" items)

    Items to consider
    - great item, with good overall stats and funny activate,
    as we do have high autohit damage by default and can be used as a second ultimate OR even get your ultimate more powerfull.
    - good hp and a nice slow, that will stop our enemys from running away.
    [item_icon=Stark's Fervor] - attackspeed and lifeleech combined with amorepenetration. this is not the worst item we could think of, but it is not increasing our damage directly.
    - many people like TF on sion, but i do not, as its not consttantly increasing our damage in the way we want it to. burst can be very nice, but i ersonally do not like it.

    as you may have all slots full of good items, you may change [item_icon=Tiamat] into sth. "better".
    Though 50% cleaving works out pretty well with ~1000+ crits, as you may have to defend a lane.
    Cleave-kills also add +3 hp each from your E skill.

    If it goes well, a ~20-25 min surrendergame could look like this:
    (i was solo top against Xin Zhao)
    External Image

    or (for a long game:

    Double lane as far as i remember.
    i had like 4,5k hp and 504 AD with baronbuff.
    External Image

  • Skilling Order

    Q - E - E - W - E - R - E - W - E - W - R - W - W - Q - Q - R - Q - Q

    Q first, is a must have in the beginning.
    as the stunduration does not chance, 1 level is enough.

    W great skill to soak up damage, this is our second priority.
    (should be used to soak up damage, rather than initiation with burst)

    E ist 1st priority to get damage and max hp.
    3000+ hp without any healthitems is not rare on sion.

    R Ultimate everytime possible.

  • Summoner Abilities

    There are 2 things that can stop a sion, when he has decent farm aswell, as his ultimate activated.
    those are burstdamage while he is stunned.

    to prevent that, i usually go for:
    or and . (recommended)

    is a good option as well.

    Summoner spells to avoid are:
    , ... and so on
    they will not grant us any utility we do need,
    as we want to engage, defend and reduce stun duration and damage of our opponents.
    ignite can be usefull to bring down champs with good healing or have a supporter with them,
    but i still do not like to get it on sion. it feels like the ones mentioned at the top fit a lot better.

  • How to play on lane

    You may choose double lane with another supporter or stunner which both works out pretty well,


    go solo top, if there is a jungler in your team.

    Double lane:
    Try to engage as you reach level 3/4, but do not overextend.
    the reason why you should try engage mostly is, because of your E spell,
    as it increases your basic dps, without any further items,
    while your opponents mostly "just" increase their burstdamage.
    you should be able to sicnificantly reduce that burst with exhaust and your stun/shield.
    (your passive helps out, too)

    if it does not work, as your opponen could be very passive/defensive,
    just LASTHIT. you dont want into the enemy tower before level 6.

    1. you cannot kill them him in towerrange, as you are melee
    2. you need farm
    3. you may reduce your opponents exp and farming greatly, as he may be forced to hug tower.


    (as the game progresses, you should be able to kill their tower with 1 ultimate phase and tiamat.
    so do not try to rush their tower and autohit in that regard.)


    lasthit and hug tower if necessary.
    with level 2, sion is able to kill rangedcreeps with 1 hit after they are hit by the tower.
    so its safe and great farming.

    you should eigther play very passive, against a range DD.


    play quite agressivly against melees.
    try to hit em now and then with auto attacks,
    also try to hit em at least once, as they use an ability on you,
    like xin zhao charge or sth, so their poke will be answered with 1-2 hits of great autohit damage.
    this scares most players at that stage of the game pretty much.
    if they continute, stun and kill them ;).

    Mid to Lategame engages

    as you go in, always activate your shield, use stun (if there is no other important target to interrupt)
    and activate your ultimate as you start hitting the opponent.
    do NOT use ultimate and THEN start chasing.

    as you are kind of a HP-tank, you go in early, but not first, this is very important, you do not want to be stunned and burst away right in the first place.
    be patient, and go in SECOND, even if there could be a possible kill for you.

    Target priority should be eighter support or DDs, i prefer DDs,
    as support dont do shit against the healing of your ultimate,
    once their DDs are down.

  • Closing Words

    i hope you guys have fun with this build
    and bring honor to my favorite melee-dps-champ in this game.

    i'd love to get your feedback.


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