Talon Build Guide

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Talon, the Assassin

written by ytram

Talon Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    I don`t like this passive. But atleast it`s a bit usefull since you CC with your E and W.

    Noxian Diplomacy
    Your bread and butter. With this you will own lanes. If you pop it directly after a auto attack it will reset your attack timer and you deal huge burst damage. With E + auto attack + Q you have a really nice harras.

    This is an okey spell according to me. Good to farm with and slows are good to catch up with ppl. Also okey to harras with, but if you do it to much you will drain your mana fast.

    Great tool to get to ppl. Perfect when ganking mages since they won`t be able to cast their slows/stuns on you directly after you jump to them.

    Shadow Assault
    A ultimate that I really like. Deals alot of damage, good to escape with, really good to farm with since it has such short cooldown.

  • Introduction

    This guide is based on personal experience and with Talon I´ve only been doing Solo Ranked games. So some information might be wrong in other areas (normal games, premade ranked).

    I play Talon in solo top which is the only lane he fits in. Hes not good mid, bot should be support/AD Carry and hes not very good in the jungle, however he can jungle but I will not inculde any jungling items or builds in this guide.

    When I play Talon I play him as an assassin. Just because he has okey base damage and good scaling with items. I´ve seen some ppl who build him as a tanky DPS (the usual build on garren, lee sin, irelia etc.) however I think Talon is more of a assassin.

    If you have anything you would like changed plz comment!

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries I go 21-9-0. This is because I want more dmg in the offensive tree and I also get 9 points in defensive to help out the laning. Most ppl say that you should go 21-0-9 but from the utility tree you only get extra exp, hp/mana regeneration and mana/reg or greed or buff duration. While the regeneration is good to have it`s so small amounts that it`s just isn`t worth it. And the extra exp will help you in the lane but if you compare to what you get in defensive I think defensive is better. So what do I pick then in defensive? I pick in extra armor, extra magic resist, hp reg depending on base mana and also you block 1 dmg. Since you often meet champions that are AD based in top this point is really good to have.

    This is my masteries:

    For runes I have 2 different setups depending on who I meet in the top lane. (Check the other team before the game starts and you often will be able to figure out who you`re up against.) If you don`t wanna spend 2 rune pages for 1 charater I recommend the first one since it`s the safest.

    Runepage 1:

    Quints: Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x 3

    Marks: Greater Mark of Desolation x 9

    Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Warding x 9

    Seals: Greater Seal of Resilience x 9

    This runepage will make you alot tankier and is basically made for you to survive the laning. This I use when I meet someone who I know I can`t outlane. So I pick up defensive stats for just staying alive and farming until my jungler comes and ganks.
    Note: Since you don`t often meet AP champions in top you could switch the glyphs. However it`s often the AP champions that I have problem with in the laning and mres is really nice to have lategame in team fights.

    Runepage 2:

    Quints: Greater Quintessence of Strength x 3

    Marks: Greater Mark of Desolation x 9

    Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Strength x 9

    Seals: Greater Seal of Strength x 9

    With this runepage you wreck ppl. Since Talon have good scaling your spells and attacks will make ppl fear you with this runepage. But you will be very easy to kill. Make sure you always have wards to protect you from incomming ganks. I do not recommend using this page when you meet someone that you can`t outlane, or when the enemy team has a jungle Noct since you can`t see his ganks with wards (if they are not all over the map) and you will go down from a good gank since you are very squishy.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I always go Flash and Exhaust since Flash is OP and Exhaust really helps you in those 1v1 combats in the lane. Exhaust is also good for slowing down carries that you are hunting.

    Other viable spells:

    Ghost It works good to get to ppl with. But Flash is much better and you have your E. You don`t really need it to escape since you got your ultimate.

    Teleport A really good spell in my opinion. And it works well on Talon since hes a great pusher but Exhaust helps you get kills so personally I go with Exhaust instead.

    Smite If you are jungling take it instead of Exhaust.

    Cleanse A underestimated spell I think. It can really do wonders. Just that other spells often are better. But it fits really good on Talon since you wanna get into the fight, throw all your spells, get out and wait for cooldowns and then go back in again. And Cleanse will help you get out of the fight when all your spells are on cooldown. I´ve played with it a couple of times and it works really good. However Exhaust is really good so I take it over Cleanse.

    Ignite I don`t like Ignite myself since it only does good dmg early game. And it`s made more to counter someone who heals alot rather then dealing dmg with. But if you are an Ignite fan take it. In my opinion Teleport, Cleanse and Exhaust is better.

  • Skilling Order


    I take W on lvl 1 for team fights. AoE slow is nice to have. Then I max Q cause it`s your main dmg ability. I get E on lvl 4 to be able to harras with E + Q. Ofc I grab ulti whenever I can.

  • Items

    Starting item: Boots of Speed and Health Potion x 3 is a really stable and good start since it gives you mobility and the Health Potions helps you with the laning sustainability.
    If you have a tough lane Regrowth Pendant and Health Potion x 1 into a early Philosopher's Stone help alot.
    If you have a easy lane go for Doran's Blade.

    Core build: Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Phage, The Brutalizer

    In what order you get these items I can`t tell you, cause it depends from game to game.

    If you have a hard lane get Phage for the HP. If you`re up against Singed and get Kited a good idea is to rush Ionian Boots to be able to catch him. If you wreck your lane and can full dmg for for Brutalizer first. You basically have to make your decision depending on the game. If you are not very good at telling what items you should have depending on what you are up against I`d recommend to start with Phage and then Boots and last Brutalizer.

    Next up is The Bloodthirster. It`s core to it`s just that you don´t wanna get this before any of the above items.

    Now it`s time for some defensive stuff. You want a defensive item depending on the enemy team. For exmaple if they have only mages you want [item_text=Force of Nature]. If they are all AD you want Thornmail. I will list some different defensive items and tell you when they are good to have.

    [item_text=Force of Nature]: If the enemy team have 4-5 mages this is really good. Otherwise other items are better.

    Thornmail: If the enemy team have 4-5 AD champions this is good. Otherwise other items are better.

    Banshee's Veil If the enemy team have alot of magic dmg (2-3 mages).

    Randuin's Omen If the enemy team have 3-4 Heavy AD dmg champions.

    Sunfire Cape If the enemy team have 3 AD champions and you want more dmg. (Since you won`t be in the fight very much this is not a very effective item and I don`t buy it often.)

    Guardian Angel The defensive item I buy the most. It gives both armor and mres. And the passive is really good for Talon cause if you are in a fight and die. You will have your ulti up or close to up when you are revived again. Which means that again you can use your ulti to eaither deal dmg or escape.

    After the defensive item pick up another The Bloodthirster. Remeber to stack both before you go into a fight.

    Now you should have full item build. So let`s take a look at Phage and Brutalizer, they can still be upgraded so go ahead and buy your Youmuu's Ghostblade

    Next up is the question, do you want Trinity Force or Frozen Mallet.
    I´d recommend Frozen Mallet if you`re getting focused. Trinity Force if you want more dmg.

    My usual build:

  • Pros / Cons


    High Damage
    Good Harras In Lane
    Alot Of Utility
    Good Escape


    Unstable Laning
    Easy Gank Target

  • Working in the team

    As mentioned Talon is a assassin. Which means that your goal is to take down their carries.

    Wait for your team to initiate. Try to wait for the enemy team to use their CC on your team before you enter the battle. When you feel the time is right, use E on one of their carries pop ulti and then Q right after. This will trigger your ulti and you will deal tons of dmg. After pop W onto as many enemys as possible and starting running into a safe place. Wait for cooldowns and go in again.

  • Farming

    Talon is really good at farming. Early you just take last hits with auto attack. Later on ulti is a great farming tool. It`s has short enough cooldown so it will be ready for next team fight and you easily kill all creeps in a wave with it. W is also great for farming late game if ulti is on cooldown or if you are close to engaging a team fight.

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