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The expendable Warwick

written by olelen

Warwick Build

Table of Contents


    This guide is under construction yet, but I think it has enough information to publish it. I will work on it.

  • Introduction

    Hi there! Maybe you remember me from the other guide "In depth jungler Warwick guide". Lots of you like it, but it has a problem now, it is OMFG out of date. Other problem with that guide (for me) is that it isn't scalable.

    I said in my lasts commentaries that I was redesigning ww because of the metagame. It has change so much that the guide was unmaintenable, but I'm playing a new ww that seems to me a bastard killing machine with a high rate of wins so I have decided to create a a new guide for this new ww.

    Hope you enjoy it! Let's go.

  • Abilities

    Eternal Thirst
    This is what makes you be the best jungler in conjunction with Hungering Strike (see below).

    TIP 1: If you are in a 1v2+ (i.e. your mate has just been killed) focus one enemy until kill him to prevent Eternal Thirst to starts staking over and over. This is important also for jungling.
    TIP 2: The amount of life healed will increase at level 7 to 12/18/24 and at level 13 to 18/24/36.
    TIP 3: The amount of life healed doesn't has any relationship with the amount of damage done.
    TIP 4: The faster we attack, the faster we heal.
    TIP 5: The duration of the stacks is 4 seconds. If you are attacking an enemy (champion, creep, no matter what) and you stop for more than 4 seconds, you will need to start stacking again.

    Hungering Strike
    The other ability which makes you the best jungler. It deals in most cases a huge amount of damage, other times it will be your salvation in a really hard battle.

    TIP 1: It makes MAGIC damage.
    TIP 2: It is not affected by blind, so if an enemy Exhaust you, Teemo Blinding Dart you or anything else... show him your teeth and eat him.
    TIP 3: It is one of those "can-be-casted-twice-in-combat" (abilities with 8 secs cd or less).
    TIP 4: It has more range than autoattack, many times will be the finisher against a running away champion.
    TIP 5: If you have just kill an enemy and a tower is hitting you this ability can be your salvation casted against a minion.
    TIP 6: You shouldn't start a combat with it unless you are already hurt. If you have the whole health and start the combat with it you will loose the healing property, start attacking 2, 3 or 4 times (depends on attack speed and the enemy you are facing) and then use it.
    TIP 7: In combat use it as early as you get hurt, not when you are nearly to die. As mentioned above, this is a "casted-twice-in-combat" ability but just if you use it early, specially when it is not maximized.

    Hunters Call
    Nice for teamfights, destroy towers quickly and speedup your jungling.

    TIP 1: Don't be too conservative with it, cast it everywhere, against minions, towers, champions, jungle. It's almost always ready when you need it and it doesn't spend too much mana. The only situation that you should reserve it is when you know that there will be a fight soon (in less than 10 seconds).

    Blood Scent
    This ability is a double-edged sword, but definetely is great.

    TIP 1: You just need run a bit more than your enemies so this will be the last increased ability.
    TIP 2: If there is a weak champion near you, blood scent will disclose you, this can be used in lots of ways, there is not only what you see, but also the psycological gameplay. For example you can use it to walk near a weak enemy and scare him by making him believe you are preparing a gank, then you can go jungle again an even if the mask dissapear in his head he will still being frightened for a short time.
    TIP 3: Is activable, remember that, sometimes it's useful to prevent an enemy champion from running away while you reach a better gank position. For example, lots of times before a mid gank I disable this spell and wait in the bushes until the mid laner enemy is pushing my tower near enough to let me reach him without using Infinite Duress, then before get out from the bushes I enable blood scent again. This cannot be done if the mid laner enemy knows that you are near because of the mask.
    TIP 4: Doesn't reveal stealth champs but gives you the movement speed bonus anyway.

    Infinite Duress
    TIP 1: Remember, this ability can interrupt another champion's ultis (kata, galio, nunu, janna, miss fortune...) so it has another use than just making damage. In fact, in late game it MUST be use to interrupt an ulti.
    TIP 2: It makes ww attacks 5 times so any item that says something like "attacking an enemy" stacks with it... There are at least 4 interesting items than have sinergy with this spell, Wit's End will stack at max and make quickly more magic damage, Sword of the Divine will always makes 100 extra magic damage, and if you really control it could even do 200 extra magic damage ;). With Malady it makes +100 magic damage and also will stack at max. An finally the nerfed The Black Cleaver :(. This item is no more what it was, but still has a bit of sinergy, it will reduce 45 the enemy armor.
    TIP 3: Hungering Strike + Infinite Duress + Hungering Strike makes an abusive amount of damage and heal about 80% of your life, this combo means almost enemy kill or tank running away. He has to be really fed to resist it.
    TIP 4: It is interruptible so every stun, silence, dance, terror, etc... will stop your ulti and the damage will not be done, so take care with that.
    TIP 5: This stun is UNCLEANSEABLE (in fact it is called suppress).
    TIP 6: It let you jump over walls, this could be really funny if you have wards (and you should).
    TIP 7: Since it strikes 5 times, blind and damage reduction effects affect it.
    TIP 8: In teamfights use it with care and no for initiate, they are waiting for interrupt your ulti.

  • Masteries + Runes


    Here you have two options, the classic 21-0-9 focusing on jungling or a not so classic 20-0-10 maximizing auras. This will penalize jungling speed, not having the +5% damage makes that almost every creep in the jungle will need one hit more. The counterpart is that this will give us advantage against the enemy jungler because of the red buff duration. You will notice that I always expect an enemy jungler, don't have it is almost always an easy win. Not having a jungler is almost the same as 4v5.


    My runes right now are quite simple, focusing on AS (sinergy with Eternal Thirst and also it means more damage), except seals that are focused for early jungling.

    Greater Quintessence of Alacrityx3
    Greater Mark of Alacrityx9
    Greater Glyph of Alacrityx9
    Greater Seal of Resiliencex9

    This will give us a starting AS of 0.899 and 0 problems against creeps jungling.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Some of you that read the other guide will love this. I FINALLY USE SMITE!. These are the abilities:

    Flash + Smite

    Since the finals of the first season (hail to Fnatic) it has been heavily demonstrated by "THE PROS" that flash is THE spell, who am I to discuss with them?.

    Why I'm using smite right now if I had explained why it isn't needed for ww? Well, as the metagame changes, your champion progression has to change too. I have orientated this ww to fight against other junglers, the other ww had a method to do counterjungling if needed but it wasn't the main idea. With this ww counterjungling is the main idea so ensure the steal is MANDATORY. Even though I miss Exhaust :(.

  • Skilling Order

    Now the skills, this is not a surprise.

    I think it is self-explained. Hungering Strike is your bread and butter so you maximize it first. Then Hunters Call since it means more damage and will help you a lot to take down towers and to take nashor (continue reading :). Blood Scent is just needed at early and mid to chase that enemy that is being a (not so) bit lucky and is trying to scape with 150 life or less, FINISH HIM!.

  • Items

    The big part. Here is were the expendable Warwick gets defined.

    Everything begins a cold day (well, in fact it wasn't cold but it sounds more epic), I decided to play a premade of 5 with some friends and I was bored of my regular ww, so I decided to get fun with the items and try new things. I always was impressed by Wriggle's Lantern because of its prize and the ward External Image

    So I decide taking it instead of [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]. It was so cheap that I decided to buy everything as cheap as I could. And here is the main idea. Only buy items of 2k gold or less.

    So I was buying something really cheap that gave me what I needed in that moment.

    Starting items


    The armor is needed for jungling at the beginning and will be transformed later into Madred's Razors. The pot will be used against the Golem at level 1, it can be killed without it but it will make us finish it with almost all the HP what will makes us a dangerous counterjungler. The ward will be used to control the enemy jungle at enemy lizard and to steal it.

    Immediate items part 1

    ++ (one or two)

    Since we have 1125 we must start thinking about going b to buy this. Madred's will give us not only damage, making us a dangerous ganker (and counterjungler), but also speeding up our jungling a lot. The early boots will make us one of the faster, if not the fastest, champion in the match because we buy them early. Champs with boots are now gankeable, champs without them won't escape easily (just with Flash + Ghost, remember we will have red buff and will slowdown the enemy. The wards will be used again for counterjungling, if you have just one use it at their golem, if you have two, first put one into their golem and then into their lizard.

    Immediate items part 2

    Mercury's Treads++ (one or two)

    First of all our boots, we want to maximize the time we have a speed advantage because we are in the ganking phase so the earlier we take increased move 2 the better. Right now the metagame is full of cc so these boots has become really really used, we haven't Cleanse also so their tenacity will be really important, also they have sinergy with the lantern since they give mr and the lantern armor, so we will be balanced. You will realize that right now we have 3 wards (two regular wards and the lantern), from now we have to ward what we feel it's better for our team. Possible places are Golem, Lizard, Dragon top/mid/bot bushes. This depends on the match, check the "Warding" section.

    Immediate items part 3

    + (one or two)

    This item is just AWESOME on ww, moreover it will let us take nashor (check nashor's section :P). With it we will heal as hell (DO YOU GET IT!? sorry, bad joke).

    Immediate items part 4

    or + (one or two)

    Here we start taking items depending on the enemy team, what we need now is AS so we choose among these two items. If their AP carry is already fed or if there are more magic damage in the enemy team take Wit's end. On the other hand, they are quite balanced and the AP carry is just a regular AP carry I would recommend SotD since it is a bit cheaper (just 25 gold :S) and it gives more AS (what is what you are looking for) and in teamfights you will hurt a lot their melee carries.

    Immediate items part 5

    + (one or two)

    Here comes the damage, right now we lack a bit of it so our best option is Hexdrinker. Why? there are more items that gives damage. We are looking for items with max cost 2k gold, among these items we already have the lantern, the bilgewater cutlass gives lifesteal and we already have some, aegis gives low damage. The brutalizer is nice but we already have armor penetration with SotD if we bought it, and if we don't that means we bought Wit's end because there is a big AP carry or because magic damage is greater... Hexdrinker gives mr :).

    Reaching the end


    Now become resistant in battle and they will cry. Choose what you need depending on the enemy team, most of the times I take GA. This item must be completed with two trips, one for the Chain Vest or Negatron Cloak and the other one to finish it.

    This equipment can be finished at level 16.

    Once you have bought the first item for your GA or Banshee's you should buy pots, lots of pots, Elixir of Fortitude+[item=Elixir of Agility]+ Elixir of Brilliance. In that order and at least 2 of them. From now until the end you must have the 3 pots as much as you can.

    This is going crazy...

    If the match takes so long (or you are being so fed) that you have too much gold I recomend sell the AS item and buy the BIG AS item, Phantom Dancer. After that if you save again enough money you should sell your damage item and buy the BIG DAMAGE item, The Black Cleaver. If this is OMFG hilarious, you should sell your lantern and buy The Bloodthirster(but you know that this will never happend)... even though my next items would be Phantom Dancer for boots and Banshee's or GA for Spirit Visage... and pots, pots, pots.

  • Build example

    Let's take a look to the most usual progression with this ww.


    This is how we start, as you can see we focus on armor, because of the money and the jungling.


    Here is were we start ganking (sometimes we sould make an early gank, it depends on the match), double buff of speed with the boots and Blood Scent and damage with the razors. And also a faster jungling.


    This is the best part of this ww, when you reach level 13 and have these items. These items gives lots of stats so you will be very polyvalent, and only for 5'4k gold. Other champs would have just one huge item (Madred's, Infinity, Rod of Ages, Deathcap, etc...), boots and maybe an item for starting the next huge item. We will be getting advantage of all our stats much earlier than them. Also here is the point where you can start thinking about taking Nashor (check Nashor's section below :).


    And here is our equipment completed, yes it is at level 16, it's quite usual to finish it between level 16 and 17, it depends on how much wards have you bought and if you bought Elixirs before finishing GA (it is not a bad decision, I use to do it). Look at armor/mr really balanced and high, even with cheap items you are a rock, plus the healing this makes you quite difficult to kill. And just for less than 11k gold! Other champs use to finish their equipment with 18k gold!.

  • How to play it

    Under construction.

  • Warding

    Ward the map is really important, don't think about wards as "75 less money for my next item", look at them as "avoid ganks, control where they are, annoy their jungler, don't let them take dragon... and only for 75".

    The right place for a ward depends on the situation of the match. There are places that I call as "defensive places" and others that I call "offensive places". When I'm winning a game I put wards in offensive places most of the times, but when I'm loosing I use to place them in the deffensive ones.

    Here you have my prefered places for wards

    External Image

    Supposing your b is left bot, blue dots represent deffensive places and red dots offensive ones. Of course you have to invert them if your b is right top.

  • Hey Riot look at me! I take Nashor solo at level 13...

    Even with all the nerfs since the last guide, this ww can still take Nashor solo at level 13. It is really fun when you ask the team to def without dying because you will give them Nashor. Some of them will say "No you can't", then they will see you and will think "LOLOLOLOLOL!".

    Taking Nashor at low levels its really important because the lower the general level of the match, the more incidence it has on the match. It is not the same getting +40 damage and +40 AP when the average of damage/AP in the team is 150 (at those levels), than when average is 400. In the first case it represents an increment of a 40%, in the second case it is just a 10%.

    For taking solo Nashor you MUST have:
    - Wriggle's Lantern and Spirit Visage, without them don't even start thinking about Nashor.
    - Level 13 and the skills as shown before, with Hungering Strike and Hunters Call as maximized as you can (both at level 5).
    - Blue buff with at least 1/3 duration remaining, the battle will take about 1 minute.

    You SHOULD have:
    - Vision Ward to ensure that they are not seeing you.
    - Regular wards covering paths to Nashor to see if an enemy is going around.

    Things that will help a lot, even though you can take Nashor with np without them:
    - Having already the Recurve Bow for the AS item will help a lot because you will heal much more with your passive and will significantly reduce the time of the battle.
    - An Elixir of Fortitude will give you much more survavility against Nashor.
    - Having Sword of the Divine or Wit's End completed makes you don't fear Nashor. Use SotD passive against him.


    Don't think that with these items you just have to go to Nashor and fight against him. There are a technic that you must follow to successfully defeat him. Don't be scared, it isn't complicated:
    - If you cast Hungering Strike all the time you will consume all your mana. You have to cast it if you know that you will benefit of all the healing, so don't cast it if you have almost all the HP.
    - The green waterfalls Nashor casts are really dangerous, this is a moment to cast Hungering Strike.
    - When the green waterfalls had been casted take a look to the stacks they puts on you, if Nashor cast the waterfalls again before those stacks has gone, run out of the pool!. Wait until the stacks has gone and then return to the battle. If you stay inside the pool you will probably die.
    - Take a look at your feet, if you see those green bubbles then move to another position, they will damage you and also will interrupt you from attacking, you don't want that.
    - Use Smite when Nashor is at 750 life or less.

    I'm planning to record a video an link it here, it will be as soon as I can.

  • Pros / Cons

    - Lots of unique item abilities.
    - Master of the wards.
    - Really nice jungler.
    - Counterjungling is really fun.
    - Flash + Infinite Duress it's an awesome gank.
    - If you get a bit feed early (3 kills more than deads and 1 or 2 assists) you will enter in a tornado of destruction because you will get the items really soon and will have much more benefits than anyone in the enemy team.
    - Really balanced in armor/mr.
    - At the end of the match it shines!
    - You can interrupt ultis with your ulti.
    - You can take Nashor solo really really soon, the enemy team don't expect this... neither your team ;).
    - Doing a good counterjungling could means easy win.

    - You need an awesome timing of the jungle, both of them, your jungle and their jungle.
    - If you get ganked early and they steal your blue buff you will be really fucked up, this could means easy loose.
    - At the beginning you don't gank too much and sometimes the team will cry for that. You don't because you will be counterjungling... Hey guys! there's is a battle too, you aren't the only ones that is fighting.
    - If your counterjungling goes bad, and you get killed 2 or 3 times it will be VERY difficult (much more than with other progressions) to get out of that situation.

  • Glossary

    Ww: Warwick.
    AS: Attack Speed (capped at 2,500).
    Pot: Potion, any one of them but usually refered as one specifically.
    HP: Hit Points, the life of your champion.
    Champ: Champion.
    B: Base.
    Mr: Magic resistance.
    AP: Ability Power.
    SotD: Sword of the Divine.
    GA: Guardian Angel.
    Bot: Bottom.
    Def: Defend.
    Np: No problem.
    Cd: Coldowns.
    Regen: Regeneration.

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