Nocturne Build Guide

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Jungle Nocturne - Climbing ELO Hell

written by S-Fate

Nocturne Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hi guys, I'm S Fate and I'm here with another take on yet another champion. I made this guide because my constant success with this build in ranked games has really surprised me and I'd love to see what the community has to say.

    Nocturne is a...


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    What's my ranked game history?

    Well, I started out normally, as a derp. I lost 3 games with my friend that was playing on a smurf which was the same ELO as I, he currently plays at 1700 ELO. He didn't know the key to climbing solo queue ladder and that it was to play the character you are most skilled with. So we lost 3 games. Afterwards, I won a about 2 with Jarvan (this was before Nocturne release) and dodged 8 ranked games. I was put at 1000 ELO, and I did not know why. Then I played a bit of Renekton and Nocturne and other random Champions and got to 1050. I won a tad bit more than I lost. I then played Janna and got to 1200's. I then played Nocturne and got to 1270, winning and losing. I was 22 wins to 11 losses at that time. I then played other champions to fit the team compositions I was in and just failed and fell back down to 1100's. I stopped playing ranked and played normals. I became my LoL scrim team's dedicated jungler afterwards and mastered Nocturne. I started playing ranks about 2 days ago and then climbed 200 ELO points in 22 games. 18 of them being Nocturne, 2 as Morgana, 1 as Mordekaiser, 1 as Singed. I won 17 out of my 18 games as Nocturne and this is where I am now.

  • Change Log

    -Added in the rune info and fixed typos I
    tried adding/fixing before release
    -Added in Change Log
    -Fixed some problems in the update caused
    by cookies in browser
    -Updated Item Building


  • Masteries + Runes

    External Image
    These are safe jungle masteries, it gives you nice survivability in the jungle and will help you survive a lot more late game. These masteries work really well and I wouldn't replace them with anything.

    External Image
    There are my jungle runes and I wouldn't switch them out either. They keep you tanky, optimize your jungle time, and scale REALLY well into the late game.

    Why these runes?

    Greater Mark of Alacrityx9 - Attack speed, it procs your passive more often and optimizes your jungle speed.

    Greater Seal of Resiliencex9 - This gives you armor so you can jungle safer and have some armor late game.

    Greater Glyph of Shieldingx9 - This scales into late game magic resistance and will help you survive AP carries.

    Greater Quintessence of Desolationx3 - This scales into late game and greatly increases your damage.

  • Item Building

    Start : x5
    This is the standard start and the best start for the route that I supply in this guide. This will give you the early armor and health potions to stay in the jungle and get a fast clear.

    First Back :
    You grab boots before your Razors for added mobility through the map and stronger ganks. Place this ward by their blue buff (if aganinst orthodox junglers) or by their red buff (if against someone like Shaco). Another good spot for this ward is by Dragon. You need the health potions to continue jungling, but it isn't completely necessary.

    Second Back :

    You grab Wriggle's Lantern next for life steal, damage, and faster jungling. It also comes with a ward that you may place anywhere when needed.

    Core : OR

    Grab Mercury's Treads if against a balanced team, Ninja Tabi is against strong physical teams and/or light CC teams. Wriggles for the reasons stated above. Youmuu's Ghostblade for the haste, damage, and armor penetration. It's too good of an item to pass up on Nocturne

    Decision Making

    - If you are against a kite composition, get this instead of Warmog's Armor. If you grab Warmog's Armor first, this may be grabbed afterwards if needed.
    - If all is going well, you'll grab this first.
    - If you need a quick boost in beefiness and/or damage output, this is a good pick.

  • Items

    Boots Choices

    Ninja Tabi - These boots are used against strong physical teams. This will allow more nimbleness procs, better tankiness and may substitute Mercury Treads.

    Mercury's Treads - These boots are used against balanced teams. Buy these to get extra tankiness. Get these over Ninja Tabis even against stronger physical teams if they have a ton of CC.

    Berserker's Greaves - No.

    Damage Items

    Atma's Impaler - With your Warmog's, this is just fantastic.

    Wriggle's Lantern - This is a great jungle item and a must have.

    Youmuu's Ghostblade - A must have, haste, armor penetration, damage, cool down reduction.

    Hexdrinker - Against Karthus or really strong burst.

    Last Whisper - Against armor stacking teams and against low CC teams, gives you great damage.\

    The Bloodthirster - Against low CC teams, crazy damage, crazy life steal.

    Wit's End - Attack speed, on-hit damage, tankiness. A great item.

    [item=stark's fervor] - If you have a strong physical team.

    Frozen Mallet - A good item to go with Atma's Impaler and a good pick against kite compositions.

    Defense Items

    Warmog's Armor - Great HP and apart of your core build.

    Banshee's Veil - Another spell shield, added beefiness, a good item.

    Guardian Angel - Always a good item against nuke compositions, AoE compositions, or crazy physical compositions.

    Quicksilver Sash - Good against strong CC compositions and suppression characters and Mordekaiser.

    Randuin's Omen - A good initiation item and will really help your team against strong physical teams.

  • Skilling Order

    Pretty straight forward. You need the W early on to make your jungle faster, you start maxing out Unspeakable Horror afterwards for the stronger CC.

    This skill route is if you're going for the level 2 gank route. You want the early CC to get an effective gank.

  • Abilities

    Umbra Blades
    A great passive, you may clutch heal with this, farm, burst, anything. Just a good passive overall.

    Great damage steroid, haste and minor nuke. A skill shot though.

    Shroud of Darkness
    A great attack haste an a great spell May clutch this skill to save your life, you'll use it when you initiate fights as they will focus you with nukes. This will help you survive a ton of burst.

    Unspeakable Horror
    A strong CC with a slight damage to it. A good spell.

    Your initiation in ganks and team fights. YES, Nocturne is an initiator.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Best Spells

    Flash - Why is this the best? It's the best spell to use when needing to clutch an escape or clutch a kill that my win a game. This is the ONLY spell I'd take.

    Smite - You need this to jungle. There's no "Herp derp, I don't need smite to jungle" in competitive play. This allows you to steal buffs, Baron, or Dragon and will save your game.

    A Spell to Consider

    Ghost - This spell is not the best in my opinion, it helps during long chases and long escapes and can have better potential than Flash. Flash allows you to get clutch, this allows you to endure long chases and long escapes.

  • Build Example

    Against Balanced Teams

    Against Strong Physical

    Against Weak CC

    Against Strong CC

    Against Kite Compositions

    Against a team where you don't know what to get

  • Creep Jungling

    External Image
    If you have the jungle runes that I prefer, this is the best jungle route. A fast clear, Nocturne is capable of going for fast clear as he has a haste and CC that is reliable when ganking. It is also completely safe, with the rune setup I use, you'll have about 400 - 500 health at the clear.

    External Image
    If you don't feel confident in the fast clear route, you may use the fast 6. This includes getting buffs later and relying on ganking after 6. I usually follow this route only if my jungle is getting countered or if I have the wrong set up for runes.

    External Image
    This jungle route is the level 2 gank route. You grab red first, smite the wraiths and gank mid. You then finish off wraiths and go to wolves. This will give a REALLY unexpected gank towards mid. I use this route if my mid is one of the weaker laners (ie. Kassadin) or against one that is just completely, outrageously strong. (ie. Mordekaiser)

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