Mordekaiser Build Guide

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Mordekaiser the tanky DD beast

written by Jyggalag

Mordekaiser Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Iron Man
    This Passive shields you for Magic DMG.

    Mace of Spades
    A nice Spell in teamfights or just to Smash a single champ. Enormous amounts of DMG in a 1o1.

    [spell=Creeping Death]
    A shield which boosts your armor/MR by 10/20/30/40/50 and deals damage to nearby enemys.

    Siphon of Destruction
    A great AOE destruction spell use it to farm, toharras etc.

    Children of the Grave
    This is what makes Mordekaiser Mordekaiser. Deals lots of magich DMG to a champion casted on, and if he's killed in the next 10 secs, hell be your pet for 30 secs. Nice to steal a carry and let him kill the team. The damage u deal is magic, so with spellvamp it heals u if the carry smashes a tower.

  • Einleitung

    Hello everyone this is my 2nd Morde guide i made another one with (pure) caster, but now i think this one is better. Enjoy and please leave feedback.

  • Meisterschaften + Runen

    For masteries i go 9/0/21. (if someone shows me hoe to put this as link or gives me a picture that would be nice.
    My Runes are:
    MPen Reds,
    Dodge Yellows,
    CDR per lvl Blues
    and Flat HP Quints.
    Most important masteries:
    1. [mastery_icon=Archaic Knowledge]
    2. [mastery_icon=haste]
    3. [mastery_icon=burning embers]
    4. [mastery_icon=Ardor]
    5. [mastery_icon=Tenacity]
    6. [mastery_icon=Veteran's Scars]
    7. [mastery_icon=nimbleness]

  • Gegenstände

    I start with a and a [item_icon=heal pot].
    Then i go for another one, an and .
    Next item is [item_icon=Force of nature]. There should be at least one magical on ur lane, or u replace [item_icon=Force of nature] with or . Next upgrade ur to . If there was at least one magical, now decide for the next item.
    A) - If they have at least 2 physical DDs or one whos smashing u down.
    B) - If they have an AS heavy like Jax or one physical DD.
    C) - If ur horribly fed, they have no or a noob physical DD.

    Now, get an . This will give u survivability and some nice DMG output. The slow also is very useful.

    Next, go for one of the items u didn't pick. Which one depends one u or their team.

    The last item can be either starting with or .

  • Fahigkeitenreihenfolge

  • Beschwörerzauber

    For summoner spells i go and . I also like picking a mastery point in them as I'm not level 30 yet, cause it will empower u a little.

  • Build Beispiel


  • Zusammenfassung

    I like Mordekaiser very much as he's a very tanky Guy who deals Tons of damage and looks very badass.

  • Pro / Kontra

    +Can't be killed(mostly)
    +Never loses 1vs1
    +Tons of damage
    +U'll kinda carry ur team if a little fed
    +Ur the master of metal
    +U look badass
    +Ur a melee midlane(possible)
    +U can pick a 1vs2 lane easily
    +All ur abilitys are Metal songs(i put them in the top

    -If ur killed some times in the beginnig it will be really hard for u
    -Vs two physicals u can suck early

  • Creep Jungling

    Morde does not jungle, but pick dragon with a teammate i u like or lizard if no one else picks it.

  • Aufgaben im Team

    Ur the tank, ur job is pretty clear, right?

  • Background information


    Every one of Mordekaiser's abilities is in reference to a heavy metal song:
    Children of the Grave / Iron Man are both songs by Black Sabbath.
    The buff to the prisoner from Children of the Grave is fittingly called The Prisoner, an Iron Maiden song.
    Mace of Spades refers to the song Ace of Spades, by Motörhead.
    Mace of Spades is translated to "Morgenstern" in the French version of the game. "Morgenstern" is in German the name of the Flail he uses. Morgenstern is a song by Rammstein. Morgenstern translates into Morningstar, which when translated is the common name for a Flail in the nordic countries.
    Siphon of Destruction refers to the song Symphony of Destruction, by Megadeth.
    Creeping Death is a song by Metallica.
    Creeping Death is translated to "Metallische Luft" in the German version of the game, which translates back to Metallic Air, also a reference to Metallica.
    Mordekaiser is one of the four champions who use health as a resource for casting spells. The other champions are Vladimir, Dr. Mundo and Tryndamere.
    Mordekaiser's name is derived from the online identity of Yun "Stich" Lam, the girlfriend of a Riot designer.
    "Mordekaiser" means "Murder Emperor" when translated from German.
    Currently Children of the Grave applies the longest damage over time debuff in the game.


    Mordekaiser's quotes are metal references as well.
    "Misery loves company" is a song by Anthrax, as well as a song by Bon Jovi.

    Mordekaiser breaks the fourth wall on occasion, saying "You only need to click ONCE, fool!" when he is ordered to move.


    Classic skin bears similarities to Megatron from the Transformers film series
    The skin may also be a reference to Peter Jackson's depiction of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings franchise.
    The skin also bears the name and looks of the anime character Mazinkaiser.
    The skin may also be a reference to the main character from the game Overlord.
    Or it may simply be a spike-ridden armor suit, as used in many, many other places without being a reference to anything.
    Mordekaiser's Dragon Knight skin shares the same color scheme as the World Eaters from Warhammer '40,000.
    Mordekaiser's Dragon Knight skin also shares a strong resemblance to the Stormbreaker monster from Maplestory.
    Mordekaiser's Dragon Knight skin changes the color of his Creeping Death from gray to gold.
    Mordekaiser shares a Pentakill skin theme with Sona and Yorick.
    The Lord Mordekaiser skin looks very similar to the Overlord from the Overlord games.
    The Lord Mordekaiser skin is a clear reference to the various Chaos Lords and Chaos chosen of the Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 franchises, most notably ones such as Archaon, the Everchosen(Fantasy) and Araghast, the Pillager(40k).
    The Lord Mordekaiser skin originally had a spike on its belt, which was removed for suggestiveness. This can still be seen during the loading screen.


    Mordekaiser's origin is unclear.
    Mordekaiser is known for stalking the slums in Noxus.
    Mordekaiser is in a metal band with Sona and Yorick and now Karthus called Pentakill. According to the Journal, the band is said to be successful across Valoran.

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