Fiddlesticks Build Guide

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Fiddlesticks, ganking you teammate's gankers

written by coolasc

Fiddlesticks Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    A coin with two sides, either you love him or you hate him, fiddlesticks is a great champion but it's anything but newb friendly, your position will get you half of the kill while the correct use of your crowd control skills will get you another half.

  • Abilities

    One of the best synergy passives in the game, this will reduce your opponents mres making them more vulnerable to your ult or any other of your skills

    This will guarantee target opponent will stay close, otherwise that it doesn't attack you, use it on the opponent's team carry so that you can finish it and you avoid it's damage.

    With this you'll drain about half or more of a champions life if well positioned (and the opponent doesn't cc you), cast this after Terrify or mixed with Exhaust for max effect

    Dark Wind
    Your silence, it's duration is the same at all levels so, unless u feel you aren't getting enough kills with drain or crowstorm, don't level it till late game

    How could you F* kill a full team? well here's your answer, this skill does tons of damage, flashes you over walls (remember if there's a MIA champion with any cc won't be much safe to use, and you can always end up in a ward from the other team so the flash over wall isn't a flawless tactic)
    your main skill, if i use CDR on my build this is the reason

  • Masteries + Runes

    I go for 9/0/21 or 9/0/21


    Greater Mark of Insight x9, this will give you nearly no magic resist in any opponent on the begin
    [rune=Greater Mark of InsighGreater Seal of Clarity] x9, your skills cost increases by level, so why not your mana regen too?
    Greater Glyph of Focus x9, who wants to ult more often? you do, you do

    For Quints choose among the below mentioned
    Greater Quintessence of Avarice this will only be used if you're new to fiddle and can't get the items so fast, as it will not benefit your skills in any way and as you are a good ganker you can get nice amounts of gold without needing it
    Greater Quintessence of Insight well this will complete your early magic penetration, ready for a first blood?
    Greater Quintessence of Potency flat AP, this will have about the same effect as the previous
    Greater Quintessence of Swiftness you may ask why do you need movemnt speed? well i see many dps chars buying items such as Phantom Dancer making them hard to kill with your ult, so this helps with the issue
    Greater Quintessence of Wisdom well this will bring you to lvl 6 faster so you can start killing teams with your ult sooner

  • Skilling Order

    I use

    Early dark wind for last hitting when needed,
    Drain next to start on the kills (careful with opponent's cc's as this skill is needs you to stand still for it's duration, also choose your location wisely, when using this skill you can usually take hits from the minion waves but hardly a tower)
    Terrify next to make sure you can get the most out of drain's damage, start by terrifying opponent then draining, the 1-3seconds of terrify and an extra 1 the opponent shall take to run away are guaranteed damage (1on1, remember to watch for cc's on team fights)
    Crowstorm on every level possible, this is what makes fiddlesticks the great champion he is, you can gank a team, remember it flashes you, so hide behind a wall to surprise your opponents with this, they will likely split after, so try going after the most dangerous character of the opponent team, the carry.

  • Summoner Spells

    Best Choices:
    Exhaust to slow down target opponent and either drain or crowstorm it (or both)
    Flash well you can flash once with your ult, so why leave yourself vulnerable afterwards? flash back into safety

    Good choices:
    Ghost this will help your ult, especially chasing after faster champions
    Ignite this will help you deliver first blood but that's pretty much it

    Not that bad but not good choices:
    Heal Your drain already heals you a lot, why do you need more? if u rly wish more healing get spell vamp items
    Cleanse wait for your opponent's team to discharge their cc's and the crowstorm, but this will hardly help you anytime
    Clarity If you're new and still not learned to control mana usage, little use otherwise

    Please don't take:
    [spell=Rally] not that great help
    [spell=Fortify] leave this one for a tank
    Clairvoyance leave this to a support
    Revive well are you going to feed opponent's team? no? then why should you take this spell?

  • Let's go shopping!

    Good items for you:
    This will give you mana to cast more spells, HP to survive and AP to deal more dmg, and will help you a lot during the begin
    Who has ever ran a mage that uses mana and not tried this item? this will give you a nice mana boost (up to 1k) and also a nice AP boost
    After you draining your opponent auto attack once to finish him with this, also the movement speed bonus will help as explained on the movement speed quints
    A snowballer, a risky item, get it only if you are feed, it's 20stacks stats will give u a lot of AP and cdr
    Well, again, if you played a mage you shall know this, will give a nice AP boost
    Offensive and defensive, a great choice if you find there are many dps on the opponent team
    Your passive reduces mres from opponents around you, well this does the same reducing it further, as read on another guide opponents with 70 or less mres will be more heavily affected by this than by the next item on our list, also nice choice if the opponent team has many ap characters
    As said above get this only if opponent has 70 or more mres, otherwise the other will favor you much more
    well again gives you health to survive and gives an extra of AP and slow on the opponent, this slow will help you finishing teams with the ultimate or finishing champions alone with drain
    well drain gives you hp, this gives you more steal, with this drain heals you for 105% of it's damage, also makes you able to ult into a enemy team and survive the carry hitting you
    [item_icon=Morello's Evil Tome] or this will give you a nice cdr, and ap, on the 1st item you have a better ap, mana regen and cdr, but on the second you'll have a great skill to start battles and help you KO

    this will help you chase with your ult for longer
    feel your ult's cooldown is too big? this is a possible choice, but i don't really advise
    well you got your passive that reduces, this will remove the initial mres of most champs (won't fully remove from many tanky dps or after bought a mres item)

    Not end items but you'll likely use them during the game:
    you will get this item, the cdr of the upgraded items will help you ult more often
    [item_icon=Kage's Lucky Pick] this will help you get some cash outside farming and ganking, also will upgrade to
    i usually get this early in the game, making me able to get kills even if u are in the middle of a minion wave (which early game still damages a lot)
    a good starting item, u'll possibly get multiple of this if having trouble early game
    great item for the laning phase, this will keep your health and mana up

    If you are getting killed too often (wtf are you doing?)
    if the oponent's team is AP
    if the oponent's team is AD and isn't enough

  • Ok items are explained, but what are my choices?

    to begin get either or
    on first comeback i get, depending on the situation and 1st item, or , usually the second one
    from there i keep going either to or upgrade the revolver to

    from here you see what the game needs, in the list above you can check a lot of ideas
    usually i end up with something like this:
    [builder=Fiddlesticks/6d2c7f619e8b97ebdf506c6e3a96e87a], usually with a , unless u needed to use the cash from it, and a or or [item_icon=Morello's Evil Tome] (personally my 1st buy choice goes for the 2nd item since the slow will assure your ult kills, or the last to get your ult more often)
    if your support hasn't got a , that's one item i truly advise

  • Playing

    Along this guide i kept describing some of it's tricks, but here goes:
    -your positioning can mean everything, always place yourself on top of the opponent or behind, if there is a teammate that can assure he/she won't run towards your side, when going for a drain
    -surprise is a key ingredient for your ult, if your opponents know you're using it they'll hurry to cc somehow, but if you hide behind something and use it's flash to get into the battle, they won't be able to cc you
    -fear is used to keep the opponents in range or to avoid that they kill your teammates, most often use your drain and fear in order to kill their carry
    -your dark wind will often be used to last hit minion waves, but try to make the 1st hit an harass on the opponent champion
    -you are NOT a tank, i know with a you get insane healing but that won't make you survive a gank (especially if there's any hard cc in the gankers)

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