Fiddlesticks Build Guide

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Fiddle...just an Ultimate Ganker (FOTM)

written by player199

Fiddlesticks Build

Table of Contents

  • Intro

    Hello guys again! This time I've made a guide to Fiddlesticks, whom I used to hit 1500 many many times.

    So this time IM gonna explain you how to JUNLGE as fiddlesticks, it's pretty viable but also counterable if your blue isn't covered well enough or somehow the enemy manages to steal it.

    Lets get into it many ppl hate this champion beacause of the ammount of crowd control effects and the high dmg in ultimate +disable combination so once you guys catch an enemy with an ultimate and fear there will be no escape! Im gonna show you how, so lets get into it!

    *spread this thread if you like this!

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries I play only with these ones

    9 points at offense cause we need the [mastery=Archaic Knowledge] which isn't bad with our passive plus some magic penetration runes
    plus Sorcery
    plus [mastery=archmage's savvy]
    9 points and we had pretty useful stuffs from offense

    Then I put my 21 remaining points to utility, I think i dont have to explain where to put it.

    About the runes now

    9x Greater Mark of Insight
    9x Greater Glyph of Force
    9x Greater Seal of Force
    3x Greater Quintessence of Potency

    Im using AP / lvl runes because with the 15 ap from flat quintessences are enough with a lvl 1 !Doran's Ring! And by the time I hit level 7 or 8 my AP/ lvl runes are alrdy giving the same or even more AP then the flat ones. If you think the flat AP rune is better for early gank I disagree with you because early gank doesn't need that much AP because you penetrate almost all of your enemies magic resistances if they have no runes for magic resist and also...low lvls die easier

  • Items

    When Im jungling I always buy Doran's Ring for first item because I need the bonus ammount of health and the ability power to be able to kill the blue buff at lvl 1. I have also tried it with Amplifying Tome But had to flash away and couldnt pick up the blue so i had to go back...etc etc it's just slow if you dont have blue as soon as possible.

    Boots: this one is a really important point of my guide! I ALWAYS buy Boots of Mobility
    Your face must be WTFLOL now, but let me explain why does these boots gonna carry your game.

    So, if you are not a sure you had situations when after a team fight some of your opponents just escaped with a very little health, or you didn't manage to get to a ganking situation in time.
    With these boots you will easily pick up the last guys standing because after you came out of combat you start running towards them much this point make sure that all or atleast 2-3 mates are with you, and when you reach your enemy open up a !fear! on him...that is just 2.5 sec disable which is quite imbalanced in my opinion.

    The second item will depend on how succesful you are with your ganks.
    I usually rush Abyssal Scepter if I manage to pick up some nice early kills and my teammates are good and engaging the enemy at the right time. (later about the good engages).

    But if you don't manage to gank that much you can also buy a Catalyst the Protector and later a Rod of Ages so this one will make you less squishy or just another Doran's Ring if you are hoping the "better times" are about to come.

    After this you may go for a Zhonya's Hourglass or Banshee's Veil if you are getting focused out, but i prefer buying the hourglass because of my playstlye and the situations of engagement (later about the good engages)

    After these items you may go Void Staff or the item that counters your enemies item build or tactic.

  • Skilling Order

    I pick W @ lvl 1 because you cant kill the blue if you pick something else, it's alrdy tricky enough to kill the blue with fiddle because those golems hit so hard so after a pull and the second drain you should kite the golems until the CD is down from the drain, after the blue you can keep up the lvl 2 W non stop

    E @ lvl 2 is important cause we are going on the blue->wolf->ghost route, and this bouncing ability will help us much to kill multiple targets fast

    @ lvl 3 I lvl fear because of ganking and while im killing the ghosts Im alrdy scouting the three lanes for a possible gank. !BUT! you can lvl the fear @ lvl 2 too if you see possible ganks at top or mid...but that requires such an agressive team mates to do.

    Generally thats all about skilling order...the main thing is that I lvl Q asap to keep the enemy in place which is good at ganks and teamfights, then I priorize Drain if I meet somebody in 1v1 or just simply want myself to see at full health more ofthen when im in the jungle and progress the jungle faster.

    E isn't that good unless it's bouncing randomly and you have only sure silence on the 1st target but it's useful when you are facing only enemies and no minions around the fighting zone.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Smite + Flash obvious... Smite to progress fast and pick up buffs early, Flash is to combine with your ultimate

  • Build Example

    Boots of Mobility - Abyssal Scepter - Will of the Ancients - Zhonya's Hourglass - Banshee's Veil

  • Pros / Cons + Working in the team

    Working in the team thingy is mentioned below, but still !boots of mobility! + chasing + fear
    but be careful if you don't have CV around the brushes you are rushing in your might die. Also beware of chasing because "Chasing is bad". some say, and i totally agree with them.

    This champion is a very effective ganker because there are some spots on the map that is never warded and you can simply pop an ultimate from the corners...if you know what i mean take the top lane for an example there is a corner for a possible ultimate on the way from the blue buff to the turret ( the way that is closer to the river ) by casting an ultimate there you can gank very good, doesn't matter if you are blue or purple but you can also cast an ultimate from the corner to a brush that lays in the river very close to the lane and flash out to the lane. I'm gonna upload a picture of these places at the "Unique Skills" box.

    With fiddlesticks you can also turn around the teamfights really easy, thats the thing i used to do.
    Its done this way: -My team simply pushing the enemy at middle when i arrive to near the possible fighting area THEN a tank rushes in or all of my teammates, then the enemy hopefully tries to catch the carries whose are located far behind the tank ( good for you cause your carries are more close to you ) and after the whole enemy team is rushing down your mates you start casting your ganking with fiddle this way is succesful most of the times because seeing that your team is only there with 4 ppl your opponents gonna pop some cds to nuke somebody out as fast as they can, the might waste some summoners too if they are greedy. Then your pop into the teamfight when all your enemies rushed your team and got most of their abilities on CD and you just simply nuke them down. You can also silence the low health target and fear another non-tank target.

    This champion is really squishy, however a !roa! is not enough most of the times.
    Basically you won't manage to kill anyone if your team doesn't saves you or moves to the locations you can gank really good.

    But if your team just ignore your and doesn't build a possible ACE on your tactic, then you and your team is in a kinda big trouble.

    EDIT: Cons : if theres no enemy ward in the brushes but you are near an enemy, your passive's icon appears on the enemy's buff bar, so you can get noticed easily.

  • Unique Skills

    I think there are no Unique Skills of this champion just simply well designed ones. Fear+Drain is often turning around a 1v1 fight and giving a some sustain ability in teamfights.

    I mentioned the Unique Skills of this champion @ the pros/cons box

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