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Sona - Sound of Victory

written by Real93

Sona Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello Guys,

    I've have seen many guides about sona, which consider to go offensive ap - I was just shocked, this isnt the job of an supporter, you dont need an second AP Carry. A Support has following Jobs:

    1.Warding + Map Awareness = Know, where your enemy is and your position, cv before went in unknown places
    2.Keep your Team alive/die for mates = Its more important that you carry survives than you!
    3.Supportauras = Strenghen your Team

    So what do you exspect of this guide?
    I'll show you my way of Supporting with the Standard gameset:
    1 Jungler
    1 Sololane - Top
    1 Ap - Mid
    2 Bot - Carry and you as support

    I focus on warding and survivability, also the fact, that you dont need any creepkills to be effective.
    Also the Fact, Supporter DON'T NEED AP to be EFFECTIVE, know that!

  • Abilities

    Power Chord
    Usefull Passive, activates the various Effects of your Skills, always charged this up at the start! Keep in mind you need three spells to activate the effect - use it wisely.

    Hymn of Valor
    Active: Damages the nearest two enemies, prefering champions(nice!)

    Passive: Increases AD+AP to near allies

    Power Akkord: deals double Damage, use it to harass in Lane!

    Use: Harass your enemy with this Spell, it has a long range(learn how long it rly is!) and use the Power Akkord to harass. Only Offensive Use.

    Aria of Perseverance
    Active: Heals the lowest on health champion in range and doubles the targets resistsboost

    Passive: Increases Resistance of nearby Allies

    Power Akkord: Decreases the Targets Damageouput by 20%!

    Use: Attacking enemies in a small Fight(2vs2), the resistance is more important than your Damage! Use the Power Akkord to decreases the Damage of their Carry and double your Carrys Resistance, he should do pitifull Damage. Less Offensive then Defensive Use.

    Song of Celerity
    Active: Give your an short additional speedboost

    Passive: Increases the Movementspeed of nearby allies + Minions!

    Power Akkord: Slows(!) the Target!

    Use: Chasing and Slowing, when your Jungler comes to Gank and they have push to much. Slow their Carry and give your Team enough Speed to catch up! If you were ambush, use it to escape. Offensive and Defensive Use.

    A great Stun with nice Range - dont hold back to use this ult, it can save you an kill or save your life! In Teamfights, DON'T USE IT TO ENGAGE! Use it after Enganging from amumu ult or sth like that, but DONT ENGAGE with that! Disables your enemies quite.

  • Masteries

    For Runes I go quite heavy Defensive:

    Marks: 9x (Magiceresistance) Größeres Zeichen des Beschützens
    Seals: 9x (Armor) GrɃÂփÅere Essenz der Belastbarkeit
    Glyphs: 9x (Magiceresistance) Gr؃ÂփÅere Glyphe der Abschirmung
    Quints: 3x (Gold) Gr؃ÂփÅere Essenz der Habgier

    External Image

    Why i use this Runes?
    As Support you need to survive the various attacks of the enemies, because they want to focus you, so you get resistances - You hardly get Magicres in the Game, so we focus more on that. The Quints work quite well with my Itembuild, because you wont get any Farm at all.

    Masteries are quite defensive too:
    External Image

  • Summoner Spells

    Clairvoyance and Flash

    There are no other options for you, CV is a MUST for EVERY SUPPORTER!
    You want to take Flash instead of Ghost because you already got your Speedboost, why take Ghost?

  • Skills

    ULT > Heal > Movementspeed > Damage

    External Image

    Why do i consider this?
    After the Nerf on all Supporter, you wont heal that much anymore, so you need to keep this up in order to heal effective. In Most Cases you Damage isnt the reason why you cant kill the Enemy, its either Position(they are to near their Tower) or you cant catch up (They activated Ghost).
    In Order to prevent this, you need to boost your Speed AND your SLOW(!). Lategame, your Damage is quite nice to build an ambush, so save it for lategame. Dont need to explain Ult, right?

  • Gegenstände

    For Items i usually Start with this:

    External Image

    Because you dont have any Manaregeneration in you Runes, you want to start like this.
    You want to set your Ward at around Level 3-4, when your Jungler started his first gank, you should have already set the ward, otherwise you done sth wrong.

    When you have around 1000 Gold, you should consider to go back for items:

    External Image

    You get your first Golditem of Three, which should boostt your income a bit.
    You want to use the pink Ward in Order to have an advantage of vision, you destroy their Ward, so they have no vision. Perfect Time for your Jungler to gank!

    After a While you should begin to enter Midgame, the time to set up ganks. You want to buy oracle and upgrade you boots, so after another 1000 Gold your inventory should look like this:

    External Image

    You got your oracle, so theres no need for pink wards, you want to use green ones.

    You set up some nice ganks and get some assists, you should have around 1500 gold now.
    It's Time to get the other Gold Items for more Income.

    External Image

    This is what you Inventory should look like after entering the mid-lategame.
    Now you entering the Lategame, you want to Strenghen your Team more! Sell your Manareg Item and get Aegis:

    External Image

    Now you have an sitional Look at the enemy Team, in order to build your Next Item:
    1. Much HP? Upgrade your Kages to Deathfire so beat soon they arent that high HP anymore.
    2. Too much Attackspeed dependend Enemies or just need a slow? upgrade your Heart of Gold to Randuins!
    3. You got enough Survivability, but your enemies still escape the whole time? Build Shurelya!

    I consider this should be the End of your Game, if you get so far.

    1. Use you Skills wisely, DON'T spam, so you dont run out of mana! Quite weak mana/manareg!
    2. Get Wards whenever you can. Buy Oracle if you have died because of sth. Have MAPAWARENESS!
    3. Stay in the Background, next to your Carry. If you out of Position Flash out, dont get directly involved in the fight.

  • Farmen

    Let your other Teammates farm, whenever they can, dont lasthit any Minions, dont go Jungle, your Mates need it more then you. If you are alone in the Lane and theres no other choice, just do it, but its quite hard to lasthit with sona. And you are quite fragile alone, you just try to leech exp and stay safe.

  • Summary

    I don't know what you think about this guide, but I'm quite Happy with that one.
    It gives you Survivability, Map Awareness and done right your Team loves you.
    The Weak Point is the Mana - You dont get any Mana/Manareg, so you need to use your Spells wisely or go back often. I hope you like this Guide and Some Feedback would be really nice.
    Thanks for reading and hear the Sound of Victory with Sona!

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