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Fuckerina, yes she will fuck you!

written by Zomp

Katarina Build

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    Oh dude... first of all: Yes Kat is defnetly OP.
    She is! All of the guys who say " OMG noob dontz take Kat shes useless noob omfg QQ report bla"....
    just STFU holy shit.

    Dont get mad of these kind of flaming trolls who have no idea what Kat is able to do.
    They just have no clue cause they played Kat maybe 1-2-3 times and failed hardly cause they're noobs.

    Even if the enemys team is a full CC team feel free to take Kat. If yoou know how to play her you will rape them anyway.
    I, my friends will explane you how you have to act as Kat cause i played her like 200 times +.

    Well my english is not the best by the way cause im a lazy german guy who wasnt that good at school but anyway let go on.

    This guid wont be one of the big fat and super detailed guids... these kind of guids are just to long and there is nearly nobody who realy wants to read a guide wich is long as the fucking bibel.
    I will tell you what you need to know so enjoy.

  • Abilities

    Oh dude... this nice passive is maybe one of the best in LoL.
    Srsly - Kill a champ and u get less CD on your Spells - when u kill 3 champs u can use ur ult again. Or u just kill 1 and get some assists.

    This passive makes Kat so dangerous!

    Bouncing Blade
    This will be your Farmingtool. You lasthit creeps at lvl 1 - when you are lvl 5 you will farming as hell with Q.

    Of corse its a nice harras spell too.

    [spell=Killer Instincts]
    some nice extra dmg when u activate it before using Q!

    E will melt faces!! If a champ is running away with low HP u just kick his ass with E and hes done. If you kill a champ u can use it without CD again.

    Death Lotus
    Dam Dam DAAAAAAAAAAAAM ( crazy looking squirrel )
    What should i say.... use E to get in a teamfight after you use a nice W/Q combo and just press your fucking R button and get a nice double/tripple/quatra/penta kill then just spam E and R like a lil crazy monkey! god damn it - i love Kat!


    Doran's Shield Holy fuck, pls...PLSS!!! start with this item as Kat!
    I saw like 12847289457382 Katarinas who starts with Boots of Speed or Amplifying Tome
    DONT DO THAT!!! If you want to rock with Kat you have to start with Doran's. You need the extra HP and the regen as Kat - she is to squishi otherwise. Dont worry about your AP! With the right Runes + Masteries you will have enough AP.
    Most of the Kat's i saw was way to focused on getting Ap as fast as possible and i raped them everytime early at mid 1vs1 cause they just was to squishi.

    Sorcerer's Shoes After you farmed like 1200 - 1300 gold you go back and get Sorcerers and this one:
    Amplifying Tome then you rush Hextech Revolver the spellvamp is important as Kat!
    Blasting Wand then u get this and finaly Rylai's Crystal Scepter belive me you need Rylai's.

    1. the extra HP is very nice for us cause we are squishi!
    2. you slow the enemies with your spells = Teamfight -> R -> they run away cause of the OP dmg -> they are slowed cause of Rylai's -> ownage!

    Well when u did well and the enemies are just fucking noobs who realy needs to delet LoL u can get Rabadon's Deathcap before Rylai's. But never try to rush 1st Rabandon's when u fail! It just takes to long and you will fail even harder! ( well if you play my style you wont fail at all )

    Okay my lil Padawan now you got Doran's Shield Sorcerer's Shoes Hextech Revolver Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Rabadon's Deathcap now u can try to end your Hextech Revolver to a Hextech Gunblade for the lil extra attack dmg on R.

    And when the game just dont want to end get a fucking Banshee's Veil after you sold your Doran's.

    Guys I use all the time this items with Kat - its all you need: Vitamin AP / AP / mresis / HP / Slow / and a fucking clear with Banshee's.

    Dont stack Hexteches!!!! JUST DONT DO THAT! God damn it every time i see a Failarina who stacking a freakin Item like Hextech or Rabandon's i feel like i getting eye cancer!!! Its just too expensive and you will miss some of the important Vitamins!


    You have to conzentrate on pushing Q - cause Q will your harras tool and your farming tool.
    I saw many Kats who pushed E first but i wont do that. E is to dangerous in early game for Katarina. Shes just to squishi. If you jump to your enemi in earlygame with E to harras he just can cc you and your dead.
    So belive me and push and use Q - no dont use it... SPAM IT hell yeah!! If you spam Q and hit the enemies with your crazy dmg at lvl 5 with the right runes they will go crazy and rage!


    Classicla Kat Masteries =

    Guys the runes are so important. If you use the wrong runes you wont own that good and early as Kat.
    I usually use this runes:

    9x Greater Glyph of Force
    9x Greater Seal of Force
    9x Greater Mark of Insight
    3x Greater Quintessence of Potency Why that Marks? Well i prefer this Marks cause the bonus AP on early game. Then you dont need to take any fucking crap items like Amplifying Tome !! No i sai it again: Do take fucking Doran's at begin! God damn it.

    Here you see your stats with all the items, runes and masteries:

    Freakin Stats god damn it klick me!!!


    Well if you realy want to own with Kat you have to take mid.
    At mid you can conzentrate on creep farming and its easier to kill your enemie cause on 1vs1 Kat is just OP.
    At beginn when you skilled Q it will be kind of hard to last hit cause your Q does not that much dmg. It takes a few games with Kat to get the right feeling when you have to use Q on early game to lasthit but you will manage that!

    Dude.. dont be greedy!!!! You have to farm until lvl 5. That is the Kat rule no.1!!!
    Dont try to kill someone before lvl 5 except the retarded enemi gets greedy and act noobish... then you kill them of corse!
    Why lvl 5 Zomp? Dude! With lvl 5 your Q deals enough dmg to harras them hardly and you can easy kill them.
    Thats it!

    Okay now your lvl 6 and you got RrrRRRRRrrrRRRRRrrRrRrrRRR... sry.
    Hausausausau i love Katarina!


    Yeah thats what you read when you just dont know how to act in teamfights and just jump into the crowd like a fuckin monkey on heroin.

    You are the last one who jump into a teamfight!!!
    You have to let your team go into the shit and w8 until the fucking noobish enemys wasted their cc spells!
    THEN you jump into it and rip their asses!
    Thats my friend, is how a nice Kat act in teamfights.

    1. w8 and let them waste cc spells
    2. W+E+R
    3. finish them with spamming E and R ( if you kill some enemys and the cd is gone )
    4. enjoy comments like "fucking OP champ"

    and thats the point where the fucking noobish flamer of your team are quiet!


    Okay here a list of champs you own easily at mid:

    Akali = No problem if you harras her in early game all the time so she cant get famred
    Anivia = lol Anivia? xD ty enemy team for the freekill
    Annie = same thing, she can do a fuck against your Q spamming
    Cassiopea = easy
    Fiddl = easy
    Karthus = easy if he is not a pro
    Malz = same as karthus
    Nidalle = no prob.
    Ryze = gg easy
    Sivir = easy
    Teemo = Freekill for us yeah!
    Vaigar = holy fuck...easy as hell you own him hard!
    Vladimir = ...muahaha u spam Q Vlad? well let me spam W+Q and you just QQ
    Zilean = omg i dont care if you use R, I just kill you again in a second

    Well well well... now champs who can easy fuck You at mid:


    Care of this fucking Champs! most of them semse to be easy cause less HP but they spam spells or deals to much dps and if you are unlucky you cant escape. ( eze and ashe for example ) they ruin my nerves.

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