Mordekaiser Build Guide

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Mordekaiser--The Tank Carrier

written by Oinkeh

Mordekaiser Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Iron Man

    Mace of Spades
    Attack depends on AD and AP. Pretty strong if 1v1ing

    [spell=Creeping Death]
    Good for saving your allies from dying because of the mr and armor.

    Siphon of Destruction
    Very good because you can harass lots with it and it keeps your shield up.

    Children of the Grave
    Focus enemy carries with this and the game is won--even if you're the last man standing, which you shouldn't be because you're the tank, so go in for your team!

  • Introduction

    I've played LoL for over 2 years now, and after trying out all the champions, I have come to the conclusion that Mordekaiser is the best. He's the only character I've played that can:

    Negate dmg.
    Lane forever.
    Harass forever.
    Farm like crazy.
    Ace the whole team.
    Tank the whole team.
    Support dying allies.
    Hit like a truck early game with spell pen runes, mastery, and boots.
    Create a clone from a fallen enemy TO HELP IN TEAM FIGHTS-- 6v4 Yes please!

  • Summoner Spellls

    Teleport and Ignite

    Many people take ghost with morde for chasing and escaping. While that is good, teleport is better. Here's why:

    -Teleport forces you to improve map awareness, because it lets you save team mates on a different lane.
    -Better map awareness means you don't play badly so that negates having to use ghost to run from enemies.
    -Teleport lets you defend other turrets that need defending. Really good if you and your lane partner just died and respawn.
    -Teleport to wards for whatever reason.
    -Teleport OUT of a fight if you are heavily out numbered. I.E. Run to a bush and tele out. People usually assume you're going to keep running after you get to the bush, and will often miss you and come back when it's too late.
    -Teleport into a friendly creep and take the enemies from behind if they've overextended.

    You get the idea.

    Ignite--teleport may be optional for you, but ignite is a must.

    -It gives your ult a better chance to succeed.
    -An extra boost if all your spells are on cooldown.
    -With offensive mastery gives you +10 ap--a small but helpful boost.
    -Good against people who try to flash out to escape. Lol.
    -If you have good timing, you can just ignite and run knowing you'll kill them with it.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Stack Scaling armor and MR runes. And magic pen for blue. Quints go gold per 10.
    Greater Glyph of Shieldingx9 Defensive
    Greater Seal of Defensex9 Defensive
    Greater Mark of Insightx9 Offensive
    Greater Quintessence of Avarice X3

    I get gold per 10 quints any the extra gold helps. Especially if your team is underfed.

  • Items

    These 5 are a must. They are your core build. If you're good about farming you should get it by 25 minutes. If your team is good at pushing, 75% the game is pretty much won.
    Warmog's Armor Hp and regen
    [item=Force of Nature] MR, Regen and move speed.
    Sorcerer's Shoes or Mercury's Treads Merc threads if they have 3+ AP champs/3+ CCers.
    Thornmail For Armor and killer passive.
    Abyssal Scepter For Mr, AP, and passive that kills enemy's MR (helps your team too, so it's solid

    My 6th item--if the enemy barely hurts you after you have the core items ^
    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]
    When they have a balanced team of ap and ad, and a tank. This is an awesome hp shredder in battles because of its passive.

    It gives a bit of armor, a decent amount of AD, which can be used to boost your Mace (Q). And attack speed.

    Why this item is so important:
    If you're accidently caught alone in a map full of mias and 4-5 of them come to jump you--or if you're in a team fight. What do you do when all your spells are on cooldown?

    The Answer:
    You auto attack, and BECAUSE of this item, you gain a bit of AD, that's good. AND you get attack speed for faster auto attack, and the passive, which kills off 4% of their hp is really good for shredding them down faster.


    If there are more AP and they hurt?
    Wit's End

    This is like Madred's but it gives you MRevery time you attack (stacks 4 times), same amount of attack speed (40% +) and it shreds 42 hp each hit--should be 42 if your magic pen is nuts. Your Magic defense will nullify their nuke spells, and your health regen will heal you when they're all on spell cd. Lols, guess what they have to do when they're on cool down--that's right, they have to autoattack too. And since they're mages auto attack is weak, and thornmail hurts them back too. Add that up with wit's end's 42 dmg passive? No contest at all. :)

    Other Options Depending on Enemy's Team Composition:

    Hextech Gunblade
    You have a boost on ap and ad, (really good for your Mace) and you get lifesteal and spellvamp. While this is good to get spell vamp, you rely on your spells, which have a pretty long cooldown time, and you'd drain like 200-300 hp. Okay, but as a tank, you'll be running in and staying in for the majority of the team fight to get the enemies to focus you. Which means you'd want to do the most damage possible while your spells are on cool down.

    Life steal helps, but if enemies also have life steal, what are you going to do if they get more life out of attacking you? Thornmail only does damage to a certain extent. If enemies stack a lot of life steal, it is negated. You'd want to do the most damage possible, and with 3.2k hp with hp regen, life steal doesn't really matter since you're so heavily armored and magic resistant, so that is why I usually go for madred's or wit's end.


    Quoted Text:

    So you take Madreds over 3 of the most highly recommended items for Morde? Also, if you know that Q output is buffed by Atk and AP, why not incorporate hybrid items like the Hextech Gunblade? You're certainly welcomed to your own opinion and play-style but this is like knowing the benefits of wearing a seat belt but fully refusing to do so.

    While I understand that Hextech gunblade is not a bad item, you have to understand that this Mordekaiser's objective is to tank and do as much damage as possible. It boosts q and gives you spellvamp. Okay. But we're talking about late game here. Late game if your team have not pushed enough, enemy has a chance to come back. An enemy ad carry with a lot of life steal and decent defense is not going to get hurt from your autoattacks. Your auto attacks are what you rely on when your spells are down. Your gains from lifesteal are minimal vs someone with lifesteal and attack speed. Madred's gives you a bit of armor and attack dmg, and its passive will do more damage than if you had gunblade and autoattacked.

    Late game team fights determines who gets to push, and finish. You want to be strong on defense as you are on offense.

    If you're focused on building gunblade, go full ap morde, it takes better advantage of spell vamp.

    You don't need lifesteal because you have hp regen, so if you're close to dying--say 25% and you've done your job as a tank right, your team mates should be barely hurt, which means they'll come in to save you. Never forget that this is a team game.

    Zhonya's Hourglass This is for extra ap and Armor if they're ad heavy and does not stack magic resistance. Its passive helps you in team fights if you're about to die. Activating it gives you time to regen hp and kill off a few seconds of debuff.

    Sunfire Cape
    If you want more hp and armor, this is another choice. Also because of its passive, but personally I'd stay away from this one.

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter
    I rarely buy this, but it's a good item for extra hp, slowing (if you ult someone they get really slow)
    I guess it's a good chasing item.

    Lich Bane
    A bit of MR, ap, and the passive boosts your attack--Using it with Mace hurts a lot, but personally, it's a waste of mana.

    Guardian Angel
    The core build should be enough, but if not this item can change the game in your favor if it's prolonged--like when your team decides not to push and run around ganking and losing turrets here and there.

    Aegis of the Legion
    If your team is REALLY BAD about getting magic resist and armor and INSISTS on being glass cannons, this could help in team fights. Because it is an aura item. It gives the enemy's another reason to target you even though you're a tank.

    For Starting items get
    Regrowth Pendant and [item=Red Potion]. Move potion to slot 1 for easier activation (I like pressing 1 instead of 2).

    You're getting Regrowth because you want to rush Warmogs.

    About 10 minutes in you should have enough to afford one more and a pair of boots.

    Regrowth Pendant Regrowth Pendant Boots of Speed

    Get some more pots too.

    If you can afford another, get one more Regrowth Pendant

    So with this, you'll be able to lane and harass forever.

    You might be asking why anyone would get 3, but doing this lets you lane forever--especially with pots, and harass like crazy if you haven't been doing so already. You don't actually have to get ap because of all the spell pen you have (about 30% and +9.4 magic pen--I believe).

    With more money,

    Get Giant's Belt and eventually build Warmog's Armor

    Now, you'll have the 2 regrowth pendants left over--perfect for finishing up the Fon, but what you're really going to do now is press [tab] if you haven't already been doing so.

    Look at the enemy's items and stats.

    Have they been getting lots of ap or stacking mana like baddies? If it's the latter, then you're in luck; grab Sorcerer's Shoes--only if they don't have a bunch of CC (I consider 3+ a lot--if 2, then it's your call)

    And THEN get around to farming [item=Force of Nature] up. If you've laned for too long, it's not a bad thing, because you're farming warmogs at the same time. All good.

    If you have over 2k, then get Abyssal Scepter and then get to finishing FoN. Both are good, but you only need 1.74k to finish fon, and 2.2k for the scepter.


    If your team mates have been feeding the enemy's AD carry, then instead of finishing fon or grabbing the scepter, grab Thornmail (2k if you have it). If not get Chain Vest for the time being and then finish TM ASAP.

    The orders for the items are up to you, but that's how I normally build; build to counter the enemy

    When you have those 5 items built, the last one is entirely up to you depending on your team, the enemy and yourself.

    Access the situation and adapt; that is how you win!

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