Master Yi Build Guide

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Master Yi: Time 2 Dunk LOL!

written by ElDiabloGallo

Master Yi Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Double Strike
    Get Dunked.

    Alpha Strike
    Gonna Get Dunked.

    Beginning the Dunking Process.

    Wuju Style
    Getting Dunked.

    Dunking complete!

  • Introduction

    Some people they say: El oh el Master Bad is 4 n00bz and 4 dumb kids.
    Except only don't listen to them.
    They just don't know what do as Master Yi. I show you what do.
    I show you how 2 dunk LOL!

  • Masteries + Runes

    These are your runes that will cause mass dunkage:

    Greater Quintessence of Malicex3
    Greater Mark of Malicex9
    Greater Seal of Malicex9
    Greater Glyph of Malicex9

    With these runes you will get first blood easy and they will go: OMFG YI JUST DUNKED ME WTF!


    These are Dunkmaster's chosen Masteries. DO NOT QUESTION THEM!

    (Except only replace the end utility talent with the 1/2 Utility Mastery)

    External Image

  • Skilling Order

    (For I cannot make a skilling template, I will explain the skilling order as best as I can)

    In order to dunk, Yi must skill as such:

    Alpha Strike Is only for the chasing, Dunkmaster will skill this once at the level of 4 and leave it be until the end game.

    Meditate It took years of Meditation and focus for the Dunkmaster to learn to dunk so well, it is to no surprise the dunk Master will prioritize this skill second.

    (Dunk Guy tip: In the right hands, and at the earlier of levels, the Dunkmaster can make his opponents dunk themselves, with proper use! If the Dunkmaster is low on health, the Dunkmaster must only to bait his foe into diving his tower! The foolish foe will not realize that the Dunkmaster has become a Meditator, and they will die to the turret, as the foolish fool cannot hope to kill Dunkmaster through his massively boosted Armor and Resistance!)

    Wuju Style Dunkmaster ALWAYS chooses to max the Wuju Style firstly! This is the thing
    that ensures Dunkmaster obtains the First Blood, paired with his crits, and proper usage of
    the Summoner Spells! Also the Wuju Style gives the Dunkmaster more room for error in the early
    game, when he should only be last hitting the minions. (NEVER TO BE A GUY THAT AUTO ATTACKS

    Highlander THERE CAN BE ONLY BUT ONE (HIGHLANDER)! This is what makes YI the
    Dunkmaster. With it you will gank, with it you will retreat from lost fights, and with it you
    will dunk your foe! The ability of Highlander's cooldown will be RESET upon the attainment of
    an enemy kill! Yi has dunked once, if any fool remains, surely he will be dunked as well!

    (Assists give you only half the cooldown, in teamfights you must try to attain many kills and
    not assists, for you cannot continue the dunkage without a bounty of kills! Only ignore your pathetic teams' cries of KS! KS! I SO BAD AND MAD DAT HE KS!)


    Always to remember to not overlay the Highlander! If a kill is attained, and Highlander is still on Dunkmaster for another 6 seconds, DO NOT REUSE THE HIGHLANDER YET! WAIT FOR THE FIRST

    1 - E
    2 - W
    3 - E
    4 - Q
    5 - W
    6 - R
    7 - E
    8 - E
    9 - E
    10 - W
    11 - R
    12 - W
    13 - W
    14 - Q
    15 - Q
    16 - R
    17 - Q
    18 - Q

  • Items

    In order for make Yi a dunking guy, you must build on him the correct items. Follow this build K?

    The Dunkmaster starts with a Cloth Armor and Health Potionx5. These
    are for allow the Dunkmaster to stay in lane good and build first quintessential dunking item:
    Wriggle's Lantern


    Once you have acquired the Wriggle's Lantern, you must only to start building the Boots of Mobility.

    The Dunkmaster will decide to rush the boots depending on two of the factors:

    1) If Dunkmaster's lane is doing well, then Dunkmaster will Rush the [item=Boots of
    Mobility], for then he can gank the middle at dunkblazing speeds, and return to his lane most
    promptly! (Initiate the gank like the boss! Boots + Highlander from grass = OMFG ITS DUNKMASTER, WHOAT DOE!?!!)

    2) If the Dunkmaster's lane cannot hold it's own without the Dunkmaster, then the boots must
    not be rushed! For the 5 speed will do you NO good if Dunkmaster is not on the move!
    The Dunkmaster is content with the Boots of Speed if he must stay in his lane,
    until the following dunking item is complete: Phantom Dancer

    The Dunkmaster loves Phantom Dancer. In fact he loves them so much, he builds 2.
    The Dunkmaster does not build them in succession, because without some Attacking Damage the
    dunkmaster cannot make the best use of the Phantom Dancer.
    The building of the Phantom Dancer must go as follows:

    Zeal is the first. Zeal is best component, Zeal on its own gives Yi dunking power!
    Cloak of Agility is to be the second component. Dunkmaster is dependent on the crit!
    Dagger is to be the final component, if Dunkmaster cannot build the PD strait from Zeal and the Cape. Dagger is underwhelming on Dagger's own.

    Dunkmaster will begin to build his second Phantom Dancer only after the completion
    of the grandest Infinity Edge!!!!
    When building the most esteemed of all items, the Infinity Edge, you must to build
    it in this order:

    B. F. Sword The Dunkmaster is rather Damage starved, the 45 damage will help Yi
    dunk harder!
    Cloak of Agility DAT CRIT!!!!!!
    Pickaxe In some cases the Dunkmaster may choose to become a buyer of the Pickaxe
    before the Cape, at the current point in the game, Dunkmaster already has 52% crit from the
    masteries, runes and the most esteemed Phantom Dancer!

    After the finishing of Infinity Edge the Dunkmaster should choose to build his
    second, and final Phantom Dancer!
    Some choose to rush the second coming of the Phantom Dancer, but some also choose
    to build Zeal and leave it there, while the creation of the [item=Stark's Fervor].

    If you become a chooser of building the [item=Stark's Fervor], Dunkmaster strongly
    suggests that you buy the [item=Emblem of Valour]. At this current time our inventory is
    full, and Dunkmaster must wait for the accumulation of golds to further his build.


    Wriggle's Lantern Boots of Mobility Phantom Dancer Infinity Edge Phantom Dancer[item=Stark's Fervor]

  • Summoner Abilities

    The Dunkmaster must always to take Exhaust NO EXCEPTIONS EVEN!!!!

    The Dunkmaster accepts the following spells based on what his summoner does:

    Ghost The Dunkmaster can pursue even the faster now! None shall escape the
    Dunkmaster! Use it to also escape a lost fight if you can.

    Ignite to ensure the first of bloods more so! Is also much useful if the enemy
    team has a supporter!

    Flash Because every other non-dunker and their fat mom takes it! Y NOT YOU?!

    Teleport The Dunkmaster is OK with the Teleport. Use it for much map control, to
    save your lane or to push down an unguarded tower!

  • Farming

    To farm as the Dunkmaster is the easiest of tasks. For the early stages of the game, the
    Dunkmaster must be patient, and bide his time. You must only to last hit nearly dead minions,
    to attain maximum golds.

    Against dumb-head lane opponents, who harass much and are much too aggressive, being cornered
    at your turret can lead to the attainment of even more kills, with minimal work! In this
    situation, remember only to save your Meditate spell for when the not-smart-guy dives
    Dunkmaster! Use your health potions to maintain the health! Not Meditate!

    At middle game, Yi has began to take the form of a dunker. To farm, you must simply to: LOL

    When mobile, Dunkmaster favors summoners who send him into the forest to farm minions. the
    kills are easy and the gold is many! (over the times)
    Attain the Buff of Redness as often as possible!

  • Working in the team

    The most important part of assuming the role of Dunkmaster is to dunk. Whenever a foe is slain
    by your hand, or at your assist, it is CRUCIAL to type '/all Get Dunked.' (IT IS IMPORTANT TO
    NOTE TO DO THIS WHEN SAFE, NEVER TO DO IF AN ENEMY LURKS!!). This informs the foe that they
    have been dunked, the more aware they are made of this fact, the more they cannot accept their
    own dunkedness! Over the times, the feeblest of summoners will succumb to the Dunk, and become
    stupid with anger! You have rendered a foe incapable of giving full attention to the battle,
    and have effectively turned the tide in your favor, even if you are already the dominant of
    the teams!

    It is important to note to never speak beyond the stating of 'Get Dunked.' after the attainment of a kill or the assist.
    Do not acknowledge the sad attempt by those who have been dunked to counter-dunk the Dunkmaster!
    Enemy won't stop the talk? Say nothing, this is what we want.
    You die and foolish fools tell you that you are the Dunked, say not a thing.

    In the team fights, it is important for Dunkmaster to bide his time until the fray has begun.
    After the initial exchange of blows, the Dunkmaster will leap like a freak from his place of
    hiding, and begin his dunking spree! It is crucial that the Dunkmaster ignores heavily armored opponents at the first initiation! It is the job of the Dunkmaster to pray on the weak and dunkless, cowering behind their allies! Once the culling of the weak is complete, Dunkmaster may choose to do one of 3 things:

    1) The Dunkmaster is barely scathed, the Dunkmaster now assaults his heavily armored opponent,
    and with the help of his team, prevails!

    2) The Dunkmaster is moderately injured, the Dunkmaster continues his dunking spree. If the
    Dunkmaster becomes focused, the Dunkmaster will Meditate to absorb as many blows as
    possible, hoping his team can save him by slaying the assailants! If the Dunkmaster remains
    left alone, he will continue his dunking spree, ensuring a whole team victory!

    3) The Dunkmaster is gravely wounded. Dunkmaster must make a tactical retreat to the forest, or to get as far away from the battle as possible. If the battle persists, Dunkmaster will now Meditate, and continue to slay nearby jungle creeps or minions, gaining life through his life-thievery. If done quickly enough, the Dunkmaster may have enough health to return to the battle and hopefully end it in his favor. If the fight is nearing its conclusion, for
    better or worse, the Dunkmaster will return home, and spend his well earned golds on more Dunkability!

  • Pros / Cons

    Dunks n00bs
    Much damage
    Causes bads to rage and whine about Dunkmaster!
    Tank with Meditate!
    High Mobility

    Much softness, can not take many hits without Meditate
    Is very countered by disables!

  • Summary


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