Talon Build Guide

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Talon: Target me More Pl0x

written by Splode

Talon Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Nice damage increase to pair with your skillset. Although I auto attack less than a lot of Talon's might, this doesn't hurt.

    Noxian Diplomacy
    Solid damage increase and nice effect. When they are limping away from your bombardent of snares, this will prevent a juke.

    Your bread and butter ability. Use this to farm, harass, peel off friends and the list goes on. A great skill that gives Talon lane presence.

    Can be paired with Noxian Diplomacy for instant burst. Can be used with flash to double teleport to get to targets that might think they are safe. Useful as an escape on friendly minions when a gank is incoming your way.

    Shadow Assault
    Offense and defense wrapped up in one spell. Quick cooldown with this build.

  • Introduction

    Hello all. This is my first guide with Lol. I decided to create this after reading some of the other guides and personally having some slight changes from the mass consensus. This is a tanky DPS guide that takes advantage of Talon's escapes to be a solid threat, while at the same time minimizing deaths.

    I am by no means pro of all pros. I currently have a 1453 solo queue rank and I am slowly battling my way up, but realistically that is probably close to my skill level. I have played 17 games with Talon at this point with 1 loss. This guide is mainly intended on Soloing top and Mid....ironically my only loss coming from duoing bottom lane. (Duoing bottom is completely fine) Hopefully this build will work for you as well as it has for me. Here is my most recent match history with Talon.

    External Image

  • Masteries + Runes

    External Image

    15/15/0 Mastery

    Greater Mark of Desolation x9
    Greater Seal of Resilience x9 Replaceable with Dodge Yellows
    Greater Glyph of Warding x9
    Quintessence of Vigor x3

    All of talons attacks are based off of AD. The armor penetration from both masteries and runes goes a long way on Talon. In order to keep talon as a strong lane presence and have some team fight survivability, I go into defense and add magic resist, armor, and health regen quints. Health regen mixed with a Dorans blade to start allows me to be incredibly hard to force from a lane.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Exhaust Flash
    Ignite Could be used as an alternative to exhaust, but I do not recommend it.
    Flash allows you more control over your ulty and a nice escape or initiation. You can flash + Talon's E to cover long distances. You can combine Exhaust with Talon's snare and a Frozen Mallet for a lot of movement control

  • Items Core

    Doran's Blade Mercury's Treads Youmuu's Ghostblade Frozen Mallet Banshee's Veil

  • Skilling Order

    W E W Q Q R

    Max your W first, followed by your Q, and lastly your E. Put points into your Ulty when you can

  • Laning

    Start with a Doran's Blade and head to the appropriate lane. I usually go top solo, but mid or duoing bottom works. Put 1 point into your W, and harass/farm with it. It is mana efficient and fairly strong with only a few points into it, early game. Since I don't get mana from masteries or runes, I get a Philosopher's Stone and Boots of Speed on my first back. Pickup a ward as well if you can to help spot ganks. At this point you will have both a strong lane presence and quite a bit of regen to keep you in the lane.

    When you have your full skillset, you can put out huge harass with Talon's fairly quick cooldowns. His ult can be used to farm, escape or to put out some burst damage. Hit Q before you hit E to prep the attack when you teleport/silence. Once you land your silence, use W and back off before the silence wears off. This will put out a nice amount of burst with little ability to retaliate.

    From here I build a The Brutalizer, which is then eventually upgraded to a Youmuu's Ghostblade This item has everything Talon could desire and helps him both escape and chase. From there I build a Frozen Mallet but a Trinity Force is a completely acceptable alternative with the way his activatable Q works. I prefer the mallet for the higher hp, more reliable snare and the fact that I dont need more than enough mana thanks to the Philosopher's Stone as well as not needing the AP increase.

    Around this point of the game, the laning phase will be over and team fights will be more dominate. I find I need more tankiness as I am a target in fights, and I think Talon has a lot of utility if you can actually be in the fray tanking advantage of decently low cooldowns...snaring enemies of your team, silencing would-be aggressor, etc. I therefore build a Banshee's Veil as the last item of my core build.

    I decide on my final items depending on what I think is more needed. If I am not getting pressured, targeted and so forth, I will build more straight dps such as a The Bloodthirster. So far, I usually have a fair amount of kills and this is not the case, as I am often the focus target. In this case, an Atma's Impaler or other more direct tanky item is purchased.

  • Summary

    I find a decently tanky talon to work best for me, and I think he can be a valuable asset to the team in this form. You can get in the fray when you need to, keep snares up on targets either escaping or chasing your squishies, silence attackers when you see them going for a kill, or silence a target to prevent an escape. I tend to play a very defensively/peel version of Talon, and jump in to do additional damage when windows of opportunity arise.

    His ult can put out a nice chunk of aoe damage and it has a very quick cooldown. He is hard to chase with a ghostblade, invis from his ult, flash, exhaust and a quick cooldown aoe snare. It is very easy to kite melee by just staying at range and letting them chase you while refreshing snares until they are dead. I understand the arguments between TF over Frozen mallet or going more offensive, but this has worked best for me. I hope you have some success as well! As this is my first guide, I will be working on it over time and feel free to leave some comments.

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