Caitlyn Build Guide

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Hitman? Hitgirl!

written by lufo88

Caitlyn Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Ok, guys! I want to write a simple guide for Caitlyn. In my honest opinion she is the most balanced champion in LOL. High range, but she has not real CC and limited escape abilities.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Caitlyn masteries is simple:

    2 point in [mastery=Offensive Mastery] for farming. One point in Sorcery, because you do not need cooldown (you are a right clicker and 3% of cooldown is useless).
    Point in Meditation? Yes, please. Greed is useless (6 gold every minute!), and normally in team other people need the blue buff (Warwick, yours allies casters) or the red buff (Warwick, pg like tryndamere). Plus you can't do any buff in solo, because you are very counterable. So pick this point and you can use the abilities a little more in early game.

    Runes is also simple.
    9 x Greater Mark of Desolation: if you don't understand why, please, uninstall the game.
    9 x Greater Seal of Clarity: same above.
    9 x Greater Glyph of Shielding: you need some magic resistance, because normally there isn't an AD champion can target you (basically you are the champion with more range than others, Kog' maw with W active and Tristana at level 18 have much range than you), so you need a bit magic defense. Another option is Greater Glyph of Alacrity, but you must very professional in lane.
    3 x Greater Quintessence of Strength: for easy farming in early/mid game and deal a lot of damage in early game to other champions.

    Remember you need farm! Kill a lot of minion or you can't buy the equip you need.

  • Abilities

    A great passive, do not forget to use as last hit on minion or damage an enemy champion.

    Piltover Peacemaker
    Do not use to damage enemy champion in early game, because his ridicolus time casting allow the enemy champ to avoid it. Use to farming fast as possible.

    Yordle Snap Trap
    Place a trap near enemy tower, enemy champ caught by it, than you can use your Q. Magic damage plus Physical damage and your enemy cry a lot!

    90 Caliber Net
    Escaping abilities. You can use to save you, or to save an ally. Remember you can use to pass trough some wall.

    Ace in the Hole
    You can escape, but not survive. You can use this abilities in two way:
    To last hit champion with low life, but remember other enemy champion can intercept this ability.
    As first damage before a team fight. It seems a bit stupid, but the team fight begin with an enemy that has 1/4 less health. :-)

  • Skilling Order

    You should start with W, because you can place trap before the minion spawn and dominate a little more the lane (mid or duo lane). Pick E at level 4 and use it only for escape or follow another champ (very rare). After max Q, then W and last E. Of course R must pick at level 6, 11 and 16 :-).

  • Summoner Abilities

    Exhaust: this spell has less range than your auto-attack, but if you can use it normally other champ is die.
    Flash: No comment needed.

    If you are solo-lane top replace Exhaust with Teleport.

  • Items

    You must start with Doran's Blade. Other item is a bad choice. Do not pick Vampiric Scepter, it does not give survability because you do not deal an high damage.
    At first trip back you must buy a second Doran's Blade and Boots of Speed. If you have enough money buy Berserker's Greaves.
    So at first trip back you have these item:

    Then begin the mid game, when your buy the core damage item.
    At the second trip back you must complete your boots Berserker's Greaves, then buy the B. F. Sword. Remember, a Caitlyn without a B. F. Sword is an useless caitlyn!
    Then is your choice to buy a Zeal or complete Infinity Edge.

    Core is:

    The sixth object is your choice:
    You can turn Zeal into Phantom Dancer (best choice)
    Buy a The Bloodthirster or Last Whisper if they stacking armor
    For survability Banshee's Veil.

    Normally I complete Phantom Dancer and then pick Banshee's Veil, because in every game there are at least two enemy with stun/suppress/immobilize. Then I sell a Doran's Blade and pick Last Whisper, because in late game there are many enemies with 150+ armor. At least sell the second Doran's Blade and buy The Bloodthirster, for more damage and survability, or a second Phantom Dancer, so your crit chance are 87% (two Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge and your three masteries point). In very-very-very late game (plus than one hour) you can sell your boots and pick the last object ( Phantom Dancer or The Bloodthirster, depend you buy before).

    Normally at 45 minute build is:

    And about 1400g.
    Do not sell doran blade if you don't buy The Bloodthirster or Phantom Dancer, you lost too many survability.

    Do not forget to buy Health Potion that permit you to stay in lane and
    Sight Ward or Vision Ward to avoid gank! Many people do not buy, and many people feeding the enemy!

  • Useless item

    The Black Cleaver: If you buy it, you can't buy item like Infinity Edge or Phantom Dancer and you lost a very big amount of damage. Same for armor reduction, Last Whisper is better.
    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]: you need physical damage, not magic. Ok, 4% of maximum healt is good, but is better you buy armor pen or pure physical damage.
    Frozen Mallet: 700 health seems good, but you need also anti-cc item ( Banshee's Veil). Slow seems interesting, but is better an ally champ did it for you.
    Wit's End: I see a Caitlyn with this object. I overkill her. You deal 42 magic damage, but a B. F. Sword is better, and you have also 500g.
    Sword of the Divine: Cait need AS, but high priority is damage and critical chance. Better choice is a ! If you buy this object and there is a Caitlyn that follow this guide you overfeed her!

  • Situational Item

    Quicksilver Sash: You can buy it, but meaning the enemy have only CC and no damage.
    Hexdrinker: if enemies do not have CC, you can take it.
    Guardian Angel: The enemy team do not have CC, but they focus you because your tank is stupid or your team do not protect you. So, you must buy it.
    [item=Stark's Fervor]: If there are at least two heavy AD (such as Tryndamere or Xin Zao) and they do not pick it, buy it and not .

  • Game

    Early game: you go mid or in a duo lane. In duo lane, the best is a support like Sona or Soraka, they support your attack, or an off-tank like Garen or Xin zao, because you can overfeed. Do not go in lane with pg that take a lot of last hit like Tryndamere, Singed or Mordekaiser. Caitlyn need a lot of last hit! You need to complete your core asap!

    Normally you dominate the lane in early game. In mid lane be aware of champion like Lux or Brand because they can damage you in safe way (cast the spell and run away).

    In team fight is simple: follow your tank! Always behind him! If you go away from him you die! You can target enemy offtank or DPS melee or the other carry is she/he is stupid! Not focus tank obviously.

    If an enemy buy Thornmail then avoid him and an ally that deal magic damage kill him for you :-). If all enemies buy Thornmail, you have been screwed! :-(

    Simple? Yes, you are a carry, you deal damage and nothing else.

  • Update

    v1.1.3 No change in Caitlyn in last patch.

    V1.1.2 Change order of section

    V1.1.1 Correct some error and little change in section "Game".

    V1.1.0 Create section "Situazional item", add [item_icon=Stark's Fervor] to it and correct some error.

    v1.0.0 Release!

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